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New Polini 210 for 60mm stroke

In the middle of the year, Polini presented the new 207cc aluminum cylinder for the Vespa PX 210 as the successor to the legendary 200 gray cast iron cylinder.

After the first test bench runs and tests with different cylinder heads, the new Polini was consistently convincing.

However, when we measured the valve timing, we noticed that the cylinder was only partially ...


SCK TWIN Sprinter at the Nitrolympics at the Hockenheimring

Scooter Center Sprinter at the Nitrolympics at Hockenheim
First of all: The work on the twin has paid off: 11,937sec and 168,35 km / h, wow! That is only 0,037 seconds (!!!) behind the world record
Just in time for the Nitrolympix at the Hockenheimring on 16./17. August we were able to get our two-cylinder ready. The first time, only roughly coordinated, on the street ...

Crankshaft BGM -Pro- 54mm stroke for Vespa Smallframe

Expected to be available from 25.04.08/XNUMX/XNUMX.
Crankshaft BGM -Pro- for Vespa Smallframe ART # 1611013.
Price including spacer and 4 longer studs € 145, - *

forged crank webs
54mm stroke
Forged and polished connecting rods, 105mm
lower connecting rod 20mm
Bearing seat Lima side 20mm
incl. 8mm spacer (to compensate for the connecting rod length)
made in Europe

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* incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping costs

Hammmerzombie - new series - 7110007

We have decided to put on another series of this ingenious exhaust system.

[inspic = 98, left, fullscreen, thumb] [inspic = 96, left, fullscreen, thumb]
[inspic = 95, left, fullscreen, thumb] [inspic = 97, leftclear, fullscreen, thumb]
[inspic = 99, leftclear, fullscreen, thumb]

SCK Twin Sprinter

Scooter Center Twin Sprinter double cylinder motor scooter

Scooter Center Twin - double cylinder scooter Sprinter
So that our twin can bring its power to the road, we had to think again about a motor housing that can withstand the torque of more than 50Nm.

Here are a few pictures in advance, but the case is unfortunately not yet completely finished.

First of all, massive frames made of ...

Crankshaft BGM Evolution II, 55mm stroke BGM038025

The time has come!

We can offer you the new BGM Evo crankshaft with a 55mm stroke.
Over 10 prototypes had to endure tests on the test bench and on the road until we were satisfied with the result.

the forged Kawasaki connecting rod with a length of 110mm combines low weight with high stability. The length improves the ...


Water pump BGM Pro

A must for sprinters. The external water pump. At over 14.000 rpm, the mechanical water pumps are too fragile and also cost valuable performance.
Water pump BGM Pro, CNC machined, massive pump body and paddle wheel. Connection 12V. Pump output approx. 8l / min. Hose connections 15mm.
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Bleeder screw for brake calipers

[inspic = 59, left, fullscreen, thumb] Simply brilliant! By opening the screw by half a turn, the brake line can be bled in seconds. The constant opening and closing between pumping processes is no longer necessary. This means that one person can bleed the brake system. The annual brake fluid change only takes a few minutes.

[inspic = 60, left, fullscreen, thumb] [inspic = 78, leftclear, fullscreen, thumb]

The spring-loaded ball and the O-ring sealed thread guarantee an absolutely clean ...


Tire warmers

[inspic = 55, left, fullscreen, thumb] tire warmer bgm "Pro"

Tire warmers are a constant in motor racing.
Whether Formula 1 or Moto GP - no one can get warmed up
Do without tires.

The warm tires have immediate grip, but can on the circuit
later braked and go deeper into the corners.

The dreaded "wheelspin" is avoided on the Quatermile
and the tire bites into the asphalt.

Silicone coated ...

Cylinder 85cm³ GY6-50: BGM9965

[inspic = 21, left, fullscreen, thumb] We can now offer you a new cylinder kit for your scooter.

Special features are the HC piston and the valves, which have been enlarged by 25%. The racing camshaft (BGM9966) was specially developed for this cylinder kit.

[inspic = 17, leftclear, fullscreen, thumb] valve BGM and standard

[inspic = 19, leftclear, fullscreen, thumb] on the right the HC piston, increases the compression to 11: 1, on the left a standard piston.

Exhaust see Piaggio Leader 200, Leovince vs. Polini

I once put the Leo Vince 4Road and the Polini Evo on my Runner VXR. What is striking about the Polini Evo is that the exhaust is very light. The damper mount is, to be careful, very simple. Unfortunately there is no throttle device that can be removed. Leo Vince 4Road - Polini Evolution

[inspic = 16, left, fullscreen, thumb] The Leo Vince 4Road comes in ...


Airsal 80ccm cylinder for 139sqm

Today I found some time to measure the compression ratio of the Airsal 80cc cylinder for 139 square meters. I was really amazed! With an original 50ccm cylinder head (Euro2, combustion chamber volume 4,8ccm), the Airsal has a compression ratio of fabulous 15,5: 1 (!!!). I was excited about the test run.

I was not disappointed: here the P4 run with the ...

Airsal 80ccm for GY6-50 / 139qm

Today we received a brand new cylinder for the GY6-50 / 139qm engines from Airsal.

At first glance, a well-made aluminum / Nicasil cylinder with a 50mm bore. Due to the special shape of the piston, the cylinder can be driven with the original cylinder head.

As soon as I have the time, I will determine the compression and the cylinder ...