IDSM 2009 11th and 12th round at the Sachsenring


003IDSM 2009
11th and 12th round on the Sachsenring

After a long break in the IDSM, the next races took place at the Sachsenring last weekend.

Like last year, this event was again well organized by the AMC Sachsenring, and the sun also played with it at 22 ° C!

On Saturday, after the technical acceptance, the first thing to do was to coordinate the fast course in free practice. Since there is a pure racetrack surface on the track, I opted for the harder Sava MC31 tires, which is also very good with the BGM tire warmers worked.
In the two qualifying sessions, I was able to get 22th on the grid out of 7 drivers.

The first race for us was held on Saturday evening.
For me it got really hectic shortly before the start because 3 minutes before the start my kick starter blocked in the gearing and I could no longer get my runner to run. So quickly take off the vario cover, screw up the other pinion with a hammer and screw the cover back on. (Thanks again to my friend Anita, who really helped out) I got to the warm-up lap at the very last second!
I really messed up the start immediately afterwards, but was able to collect myself and then drove a nice race with Ralf Wulf (drove in the 180ccm class). At the end of the race, I got a good 6th place.
In the evening, the defective Kickstarter was repaired and a cozy barbecue, and after 1-2 beers we went to bed "punctually" at midnight!

On Sunday, after the warm-up, it was the turn of the second run. This time I had no problems with the Kickstarter and the start was better. Unfortunately I lost touch with the group in front of me early on due to two slowdowns, so I drove a rather calm race. The 7th place in the 2nd run was completely OK for me

Then it was time to pack up and drive 550km home, and with a traffic jam we were back home at 7,5am after a 11 hour drive.

The last two runs of the IDSM and the final party will take place on October 24.10.2009th, XNUMX on the go-kart track in Schönerlinde.

Thomas Heck

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