Nürburgring 2008 Cologne course scooter race at the Nürburgring

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Scooter races on the Nürburgring - Historic scooters on the Grand Prix track!

That was on May 3rd and 4th, 2008 Scooter Center team once again at the racing highlight of the year for historic scooters - the 18th Cologne course of the MSC-Porz.

This traditionally takes place at the beginning of May on the Grand Prix track of the Nürburgring. After the technical inspection and driver briefing on Saturday
Team 667 from Düsseldorf showed a video in their box that was recorded in 2006. Really a great film - thrilling and funny, a little history and a lot of racing flair.
Interested parties can order the film here: http://team667.sideclick.de/main.html

Sunday morning we went to the racetrack for the first training session - the fastest drivers quickly emerged and the Scooter-Center team was able to put 3 drivers on the front row.

At 14.30 p.m. the call for the scooter class came!
Christian Schneider (Scooter Center) and our 2 English drivers (Team Scooter Center / per porting),
Harry Barlow and Andy Beadnell stood side by side in front of the rest of the field of 55 scooter riders.

After a rapid start, the material-devastating battle on the Grand Prix track began - in every speed class every place was lost
fought. After 10 rounds the winner was certain: Our tuning legend Harry Barlow from the team Scooter Center / Pro Porting won ahead of Jonas Junge
from Kürten and Andy Beadnell.

A fantastic racing weekend with unbelievably good weather, many old acquaintances and new friends - a complete success for us!
Definitely again next year!



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