PLC Corse seat tank Vespa PK, silent rubbers Vespa PX / T5

PLC Corse bench tank Vespa PK

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Vespa PK bench tank

In the ESC and the other European racing series, more and more Vespa PK models are being converted into racing scooters. Next to the Flip tails for the PK series, suitable for the Piaggio or the wider ones Quattrini Vespa Smallframe Motor housing, is also used by PLC Bench tank for the PK offered. As with the Bench tanks of the V50 / Primavera modelswill also be the Bench tank for the Vespa PK screwed to the frame at 2 points. The scope of delivery includes a suitably cut seat cushion and a Fast Flow fuel tap. Visually, the tank adapts very well to the contour of the frame and, designed for racing use, is also kept quite flat. Vespa PK bench tank PLC Corse bench tank Vespa PK

Silent rubbers Vespa PX200 & T5

Another innovation are the somewhat harder silent rubbers for the Vespa PX200 and Vespa T5 engines. Meanwhile, the Largeframe Motors with manageable effort via 40PS. The PLC silent rubbers are very suitable for bringing this performance to the road without the rear end running into capers. In interaction with our wider silent rubber for the rear shock absorber mount, are the hard silent rubbers from PLC Corse a real plus in driving safety. Silent rubbers Vespa PX200 & T5

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But that wasn't all of PLC news. In the coming days we will receive more new articles from Italy. We'll keep you up to date. PLC Corse Racing Parts the Scooter Center PLC Corse Shop plc corse shop Vespa Racing Vespa Tuning PLC Corse


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