SCK team at Austrovespa 2010

Vespa meeting Austria

The largest Vespa meeting in Austria


At the weekend the largest Vespa meeting in Austria took place - Austrovespa 2010.

The SCOOTER - CENTER team made their way to beautiful Styria on Thursday morning, because the program was supposed to start on Friday noon and we had about 1.000 km with our SCOOTER CENTER - Team to cope with. After good 13 hours drive we were content on the first evening with parking the trailer on the event site and were welcomed by the VFG Scooteria Leibnitz warmly welcomed with the obligatory welcome beer.

With beer and wine we continued with the hearty dinner. So getting up the next morning was quite difficult, but as our bosses always like to say: “If you can celebrate, you can also work”. So it was time to get up early and the SCOOTER CENTER Set up the stand, the first interested customers came quickly and the event weekend really started. We had a lot to do: advising, selling and providing information. They were particularly well received Vespa seat, the Vespa bags and our caps, which we made especially for the Austrovespa. You don't have an Austrovespa cap yet? The cap will soon be available in the online shop.

[youtube] 7c_1RpJBRCU [/ youtube]

The team around Scooteria Leibnitz put on an amazing supporting program:

  • custom show
  • large roller parade with approx. 600 participants
  • Bodypainting
  • Helicopter sightseeing flights
  • Fun games
  • Wheelie machine
  • Performance test bench
  • Delicious food, for example suckling pig straight from the grill
  • Live music
  • Tombola (main prize for a new design Vespa)
  • big fireworks

It's hard to believe that entry was completely free for this great program.

Despite the modest weather and heavy showers, almost 1.000 Vespa scooters (895 to be precise) and over 1.200 visitors came to the Vespa meeting. “Vespa meeting” means 99% of the scooters were Scooters and that in a colorfully mixed and wide range of models. They were a lot nicer too 4-stroke Vesps arrived.

The dreaded will start again next year Cannonball Vespa Race the VFG Scooteria Leibnitz and in 2012 there will be the next one Austrovespa - of course also supported by the SCOOTER CENTER.

We are looking forward to it - many thanks to the organizers, especially Heimo & Thomas but also to the many other helpers!
And greetings to Barbara from Hotel Guidassoni.

Your SCK team

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