Scooter Center Open Day Classic Day

Scooter Center Open Day / Classic Day 2010

Classic Day # 3 at SCOOTER CENTER lured Vespa & Lambretta- Driver to Bergheim-Glessen.

Many thanks to the many visitors to our Open Day for Vespa & Lambretta customers.
Many thanks also to all private parts sellers: there are some bargains that have wandered over the wallpapering tables!

In the best weather: great sunshine and pleasant temperatures, the petrol talks over grilled sausage and Kölsch were even better.

The highest performance has a Vespa with a Malossi 210 converted to water cooling and a DevilInside head 34,8 PS scored!

We are already looking forward to Classic Day # 4!


Vespa meeting Austria

The largest Vespa meeting in Austria


At the weekend the largest Vespa meeting in Austria took place - Austrovespa 2010.

The SCOOTER - CENTER team made their way to beautiful Styria on Thursday morning, because the program was supposed to start on Friday noon and we had about 1.000 km with our SCOOTER CENTER - Team to cope with. After good 13 hours drive we were content on the first evening with parking the trailer on the event site and were welcomed by the VFG Scooteria Leibnitz warmly welcomed with the obligatory welcome beer.

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Big Vespa meeting in Düsseldorf from July 16 to 18, 2010.
The SCOOTER CENTER is on site with the dynamometer!

The Vespa meeting takes place on:
Schützenplatz in Düsseldorf-Eller, Heidelberger Str. 4.
The easiest way to get there is via the BAB 46 exit Eller (26, in the cross
Düsseldorf Süd) - towards the city center. Information signs are available.

The most important Highlights:

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proportionalThe year is coming to an end and we are facing a new decade. That SCOOTER CENTER Team thanks its customers for their loyalty. Thanks also to you, 2009 is another successful year for the SCOOTER CENTER become.

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