Lottery for a lambretta- the sheet metal work

lambretta restoration

Raffle for a Lambretta 125 2nd seriesJetsons Lambretta Club 25th SilverSpecial Anniversary August 14-16.8.2015, XNUMX in Paderborn This year ...Jan 9

Win Lambretta - the restoration

The Jetsons Lambretta Club is giving away on the occasion of its 25th Silver Special Anniversary a Lambretta on August 14-16.8.2015, XNUMX in Paderborn.

Win a Lambretta

Lots available at events

You can win lots for the Lambreta at events like the Scootershow in cologne or the Scooter Meltdown in Kalkar.

The Scooterists Meltdown in Kalkar is approaching with great strides.

We have started preparing for ours Scooter Center and bgm Stand started and we are already looking forward to the joint stand with the Jetsons and the 25th Silver Special live and in color.

The technology will yes as already described here, with our bgm sharing brought to an adequate level for the 21st century. So that the whole thing comes in a handsome guise, the Jetzsons have used their network, which is finely spun across Germany, and a beautiful one Lambretta restoration started.

We have replaced all original parts that had to be replaced with Casa Lambretta parts. Lambretta parts In the best quality, which can usually only be distinguished from the original by the Casa Lambretta lettering.

But look for yourself:

Paint cleaning

First, the paint that was on the original paint was removed with acetone. After the cracks were Wig welded, the bead was then reworked on the Kraftformer. The Jetsons had the sheet metal work done by a professional who specializes in Classic car restorations is a real expert. Michael from AUTOMAX in queues.



Before cleaning:


During paint cleaning:


After cleaning, unfortunately the thin decorative line fell victim to the acetone.


Sheet metal work fenders

When most of the paint was exposed, we turned to the sheet metal work. The fender had a number of cracks and kinks.jetsons-lambretta-restoration_05

Work with the hammer

Michael from AUTOMAX at work with the hammer

Fender bead

After the cracks were Wig welded, the bead was then reworked on the Kraftformer.

jetsons-lambretta-restoration_10 jetsons-lambretta-restoration_09

Sheet metal work on the leg shield

The leg shield has been freed of all dents and dents on the English wheel

Corrosion protection

After the sheet metal work, the frame and the other sheet metal parts were treated with Owatrol

jetsons-lambretta-restoration_19 jetsons-lambretta-restoration_18

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