Woodlost Cannonball Classic Scooter Run title picture

Woodlost Cannonball Classic Scooter Run was held through the weekend of 26 -29 May in southern Sweden.
It was organized by Lambretta Club Malmo and we had a total of 71 participants divided into 30 teams.

Instead of just pure speed the concept this time for the Woodlost Cannonball was about gaining points. The participants had to navigate smart, performance nice in manned checkpoints and deliver right answers at unmanned checkpoints.
Congratulations to the team “What's Normal Then?!” with Isa and Erk Westberg, Morgan Strandberg and Jörgen Larsson who after two days of driving and performing was the team who went home with victory, glory and the challenge prize.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed this weekend and a big thank you to Scooter Center for your support.

Olaf Fransson
President Lambretta Club Malmo

Photos by @lambrettapics

We had the honor of sponsoring the Scooter Liada Rally 2022 event and Javier Peres tells us here a little about what such an incredible experience was.


thank you javier for sharing with us!!

Organizers of the iconic Scooter Liada Rally in Asturias (Northern Spain) brought the popular event back with a bang after a two year absence. The rally was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to pandemic restrictions, with the last one taking place in 2019.

Asturias went retro and headed back to the 60's last Saturday, August 20th, as it played host to the long awaited 10th anniversary Scooter Liada Rally. Scooter enthusiasts of all ages converged at the Plaza Europa in the town center at 11am. From there, they rode out towards Muros del Nalón where they stopped for a drink and a live concert and then headed for lunch in a small village called Pillarno at 3pm. Around 5pm, a raffle took place anf the luckiest ones were awarded with gifts and prizes.


Back in 2019, around 75 scooters took part in a ride around the beautiful landscapes of this part of Asturias. To celebrate its 10th anniversary organizers managed to bring over 90 Vespas and Lambrettas. Enthusiasts traveled to Piedras Blancas from all over Spain to share their passion with fellow riders. The atmosphere was fantastic as the people who attended were such a great bunch, it was definitely a pleasant Vespa and Lambretta meeting. A great band, cool DJs, all always in a good mood and happy. It was great to be there at this family reunion of the LSC
(Liada's Scooter Club)

Hopefully the long wait will come to an end on September 18th and we can finally open our doors again for the Scooter Center Open Open Day. We are really looking forward to seeing you again after this boring time without you.

The event on Facebook:

Facebook event

Guests, visitors and exhibitors


Evo Retrofit

Hated & bashed by die-hard 2-stroke fans. Those who were allowed to try it out are mostly enthusiastic!
With us on Open Day you have the opportunity to try it out and then form your own opinion:

Evo retrofit electric scooter

The évo conversion kit for the Smallframe Vespa is the first electrical conversion kit with TÜV. Available in a complete kit for many models. The conversion is reversible, the frame is not destroyed, plug & play! The team is currently working on a version for the Largeframe-Models. Be curious what they show us, what an electrified Vespa puts on the test bench and test a converted Vespa yourself! Info requested in advance?


Animation Animation

Tuscany feeling in Scooter Center: M&R Vespa bags, used Vespas and paintings

The exclusive M&R bag is the perfect addition to any Vespa and offers plenty of storage space for this and that. It hugs the shape of the Vespa shield - both outside and inside. It is attached using integrated hooks and can be removed with a handle so that you can take it with you and use it as a shoulder bag. It was designed by the Italian designer Mauro Mulas for many Vespa models in collaboration with an experienced saddler who handcrafts the bags in his workshop in the middle of Tuscany with attention to detail.

In addition to these great bags from Tuscany, you will also find various used Vespa models from Italy to buy at this stand.
A friend of the two exhibits her paintings. Another highlight of our OpenDay!




Crazy Monkey Development

The Crazy Monkey. Rocks is the URL of Crazy Monkey Development! Here, too, the name says it all and we are happy that the crazy monkey is sending his R² & D² team out to the Open Day. This is what the colorful animal world from Gentle Goat to Raging Rhino to Whale presents to us!

McCloudt's Originals

"Because it works!" That is the motto of McCloudts Originals, who present their product range for the care and preparation of vehicles of all kinds at our Open Day. We are happy!

Private parts market

Our SUPERKOLLE was the first to secure a place in the parts market. The warehouse also filled up during the Corona period and we are curious to see which precious items will be presented to us.

In business for decades and luckily still not professional! Rene (on the right in the picture) from and with! The offered shirts, prints, stickers are usually only produced in small quantities and offered for sale on runs. Whether in a backpack or sidecar, there is always room for a small selection and no annoying van disturbs the harmonious picture on 'em Run. Usually as merrily tipsy as his customers, Rene, together with the Clubkombina filthy&sly behind them, has been bringing consistent fashion and no trends to the body for years. With us also still working on the turntables for real scooteristit sounds!

Powolotti 2 stroke tuning

And Austria is also sending envoys to the Open Day. We look forward to Michael Powolotti. Among other things, head of Powolotti 2-stroke tuning!

Great LUI

The first international acceptance for the Open Day came from Italy. Tom comes with his Super LUI and presents the project to us. With its motor housing you can plant the inner values ​​of the Li family in your LUI. The picture is at Scooter Center Cup emerged at the Nürburgring. Tom won the regularity rating in the rain with Michelin S1 tires. Dreadful!

Roller shop demonstrator

Our anticipation for the Open Day keeps growing! There are more and more registrations for the private parts market, dealer stands and other great visitors! Among other things, the cover stars of the roller shop catalogs. The red one was built 35 years ago by Angelo Zirri, sold to the scooter shop in 1989 and was and is simply a dream. Marvel at live & in color on September 18th.

Markus Mayer - Vespa Gentleman Giro

We are totally happy to be able to support Markus with his Vespa Gentleman Giro - Vespa Tour for Kids with Cancer. For our Open Day he will be there for the good cause. And on the weekend before the Open Day we are out and about with Markus at the VESPA ALP DAYS Zell am See.
We look forward to you, here or there!

…this is the beginning. More highlights are added here every few days.

SC parts market

It will be big! In the long time without Classic & Open Days, a lot has accumulated. In addition to bargains, remaining stock, B-goods, samples, a large and colorful range from the last India container awaits collectors and hunters:

India home of LML and SIL.

Private parts market

Anyone can sell on the private parts market (without fees, of course). Registration is all that is required. So now tidy up your workshop, basement and garage and make others happy with your parts.

Registration for the private or commercial parts market

Registration is no longer possible - we are fully booked!


• Groovy Scooterist Sound and by and with René
• Free test bench use on our P4
• hot snack
• Cool on and off the counter
• Gasoline talks and scene news

An afternoon with friends at friends!

Location: Scooter Center
Kurt Schumacher Str. 1 in 50129 Bergheim-Glessen.

We will inform you in good time about changing measures of the Hygiene Protection Act.

We look forward to seeing you,

Your Scooter Center Team

Scooter Center Classic Day 2019

Scooter Center Classic Day '19 - August 31, 2019

According to our successful start to the season, we now invite you to our legendary Classic Day on. We look forward to another great day with many friends!

The best entertainment and catering is provided and the Scooter Center The test bench is ready for your scooter.

Scooter Center Rollers to the parts market May 18, 2019

Parts market

Use the opportunity: bargains, remaining stock, returns, B-goods and remaining stock sales in Scooter Center Store. In addition, there is again a large private parts market where you can also sell yourself. Clear your workshop, basement and garage now and sell your best parts on the scooter parts market. The parts status is of course free of charge for you again!


Location: Scooter Center Uppercase