Cylinder -POLINI aluminum 152ccm (Ø60mm) Evolution membrane (54mm stroke) - Vespa PV125, ET3 125, PK125 - crankshaft P2100070 is required

Big Evo racing cylinder POLINI Alu 152ccm / Evolution membrane Vespa Smallframe

The new Polini BIG EVO! Here we have the classic one 133 Polini racing cylinder presented. If that's not enough for you, there is now one Polini BIG EVO for the Vespa Smallframe. This modern racing cylinder means full 152cc for the original series engine housing the Vespa Smallframe-Models such as V50, 50N, PV, ET3, PK etc. So you don't need an extra motor housing!

30HP + tuning set for original engines

With a Ø60mm bore and 54mm stroke, as well as very ambitious control angles straight out of the box, the Polini is a serious opponent for the racetrack.
Based on the very successful Polini EVO 133, Polini has put together a great package that is designed for performance above the 30HP was created!

Polini Big Evo 152 Vespa

Data of the Vespa Polini tuning kit

  • Bore: Ø60mm
  • Hub: 54mm
  • Displacement: 152cc
  • Crush dimension: 1 ± 0,1mm
  • Connecting rod length: 105mm
  • Verdichtungsverhältnis: 14,2: 1
  • Piston running play: 0,07 - 0,08mm
  • Outlet shape: two-part
  • Outlet angle: 194 °
  • Overcurrent angle: 130 °
  • Preignition: 20 °
  • Spindle dimension left crankcase: Ø89,5 x 22,4mm
  • Spindle dimension right crankcase: Ø89,5 x 15,8mm


The Polini kit contains the complete intake tract, consisting of:

large membrane inlet, intake manifold and connecting rubber. The 6-flap membrane is equipped with 0.4mm thick plate material. The intake manifold is intended for use with a Ø34mm carburetor cross section (carburetor connection width of the rubber is Ø44-45mm). Modifications in the area of ​​the frame cutout for the carburetor may be necessary.


The Polini tuning set for Vespa relies on the well-known Asso piston of the Polini Aprilia AF1 kits, like the ones from FALC Racing is used in its 153cc cylinder (we can offer the very high-quality Ø60mm Wössner piston from Overrev very much).


Any shaft with a stroke of 54mm and a connecting rod length of 105mm can be used as the crankshaft.
The connecting rod length not only benefits the better connecting rod ratio, but also reduces the necessary housing adjustments for the overcurrent channels to a minimum.


The motor housing must be spindled with a 54mm stroke for the required crankshaft.


In addition to the conventional screw connection, the cylinder head is screwed onto the continuous (longer, enclosed) cylinder stud bolts with 4 screws.


Recommended accessories / setup:

  • Crankshaft: P2100070 or comparable (54 / 105mm)
  • Exhaust system: P2000416 or similar
  • Ignition: P1710554 or similar
  • Dynamic ignition timing (with ignition P1710554): 4,8mm in front of the upper one
  • Piston dead center at 4500 rpm
  • Spark plug: NGK BR9EG or comparable


Very interesting alternative for normal engine cases to the often unavailable FALC Racing cylinder. If you are looking for performance in the range well above 25PS, you will find it here!


Installation instructions Polini racing cylinder


Fits on the following Vespa Smallframe:

Egig Performance Vespa Tuning

Egig Performance Vespa Tuning Shop

We have many popular Vespa tuning parts in our shop from Egig performance. Here we introduce you to the manufacturer and the highlights in our program.

Erich, aka Egig

Egig, based in the scooter paradise of South Tyrol, was created by Passion for screwing. Egig is driven by the fascination in the combination of the latest 2-stroke technology, packaged in the old tin. Owner Erich, alias Egig, has been screwing things since he was 11 years old (!!) Smallframe Vespa scooters and has perfected this from year to year on its own racing and road scooters and impressively demonstrated it.

The Company Egig performance was created many years later when he noticed that the tuning items available on the market were no longer satisfactory in terms of quality or performance. This has resulted in a fine portfolio High-end Vespa tuning products around the Smallframe. The innovative tuning parts from this Egig product range are continuously perfected, further developed and expanded.


product Highlights


Sport exhaust EGIG PERFORMANCE 'Super Banana Sport' for Vespa Smallframe PV125 / ET3

Sport exhaust EGIG PERFORMANCE 'Super Banana Sport' for Vespa Smallframe PV125 / ET3

The EGIG PERFORMANCE SUPERBANANA Exhaust systems are perfect for inconspicuous but powerful SmallframeEngines. They score with high performance, good drivability and a wide speed range.

The Superbanana from EGIG PERFORMACE is a resonance exhaust, based on the look of a conventional banana exhaust, as already used by Piaggio in the popular SS50 / 90 and ET3 models. The Superbanana is designed to provide powerful engines from 125cc with an exhaust that is inconspicuous both visually and acoustically, but acts on the level of a classic resonance exhaust.

Details about the superbanana


Inside there is a silencer that reduces the volume to the smallest possible level without causing a loss of performance or heat build-up. The difference in noise development compared to an original or other classic 'banana' is only a few more DB and that with + 50% or more performance increase, depending on the engine type.


  • For cylinders with a modern layout (e.g. Quattrini, Polini Evo, W-Force, Egig170)
  • One-piece or multi-piece outlets
  • Overcurrent angle: 126 ° -128 °
  • Outlet angle: 185 ° -192 °
  • Pre-discharge angle: 29-32 °
  • Elbow Ø32mm
  • Suitable for luggage compartments
  • Tires up to 3.50 wide
  • Stud spacing 54-62mm *
  • not suitable for Vespa PK (with cutting out of the side plate assembly also possible on PK models)

* If the Superbanana is installed on 54mm, the M8 collar nut with 10mm wrench size enclosed with the exhaust must be used on the inside of the manifold.

The Superbanana exhaust systems are designed as the final expansion stage for fast street engines. You therefore also need the right environment to deliver the appropriate performance. If the engine is still in production (or has been built rather conservatively despite the 133cc cylinder), the exhaust can only intervene to a limited extent. Here we would rather recommend a BGM Touring or BGM Sport Banana, as they can support the engine much better in such an environment.
However, if the conditions are right (cylinder, intake revision, carburetor size, etc.), the Superbanana currently offers the highest performance increase that can be achieved with an inconspicuous exhaust system.

In order to meet different requirements here, there are two different types, the Sport and Touring versions... read more


Clutch -EGIG PERFORMANCE- One Finger Clutch 5-discs - Vespa V50, PK ...

Clutch -EGIG PERFORMANCE- One Finger Clutch 5-plates - Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK50 S, PK80 S, PK125 S, PK50 XL, PK125 XL, ETS, PK50 HP, PK50 SS

Sports clutch EGIG PERFORMANCE - One Finger Clutch - smooth clutch for Smallframe Motors up to 30HP

In contrast to a 3 or 4-plate clutch, the number of springs can be reduced with the 5-plate clutch. This results in a clutch that is very easy to operate.
In connection with a PK XL2 cover (or alternatively a Crimaz coupling separator) you pull the coupling with one finger. With 6 feathers with the little finger.

Details about the one finger clutch
  • 5 cork discs
  • 4 steel washers
  • mounted pressure plate
  • Also fits in an original primary without a repkit
  • only for repkits screwed from behind (with repkits screwed from the outside, the screw heads may be on the inner basket)
  • Oil 400-500ml SAE 30
  • no spacers necessary
  • The pads of the Xl2 / HP 4 discs can also be used or Fabbri 4s carbon discs

... read more

Exhaust -EGIG PERFORMANCE Mamba Vespa ET3, PV125

Exhaust -EGIG PERFORMANCE Mamba Ø = 32mm (54-60mm spacing between studs), screwed rear silencer (Ø70mm) - Vespa ET3, PV125

Racing exhaust -EGIG PERFORMANCE- Mamba - midrange exhaust for powerful road tuning for Vespa Smallframe

Classic resonance exhaust that produces a very nice performance range with high performance and revving in the appropriate environment of a revised engine.

The Mamba racing exhaust from EGIG PERFORMANCE from South Tyrol is a great midrange system that is located between Python and Cobra.

Details about the mamba

The very well processed resonance exhaust system is designed for engines between 100-144ccm.
It works very well on powerful cylinders such as the Quattrini M1L60 or Polini Evo. The exhaust rewards the right control angle of the cylinder with a broad power plateau and a rich torque. Power consumption from approx. 6000 rpm, power peak around 8000 rpm which, however, is kept above 1500 rpm.

  • Exhaust material: steel, unpainted (painting or galvanic treatment recommended for rust protection
  • Silencer: aluminum, Ø70mm
  • Distance between stud bolts outlet: 54-60mm
  • Elbow diameter: Ø32mm
  • comparable to e.g. L&S Franz, LTH Midrange, VSP Road
  • Recommended steering angle: 127 ° / 184-188 °
  • Suitable for vehicles with a luggage compartment: no

... read more

170cc cylinder -EGIG PERFORMANCE ET3, PV125

Egig 170cc Vespa cylinder

Preview - here in our blog soon more information, pictures, tests, performance curve of the 170cc cylinder from EGIG PERFORMANCE

Order Egig performance.

Motor housing including shifting cable adapter (from KR Automation) -LML SF125- usable for V50, V90, PV125, ET3, PK S, PK XL, Motovespa PK75 (intake 3-hole, circuit two cables)

KR Automation motor housing 'PK XL2' with modern circuit technology suitable for old Vespa Smallframe with two cables!

The engine housings of the Indian LML Sensation 125 are 99% identical to those of the Vespa PK125 XL2. New Piaggio engine cases have not been available from Italy for years. The LML motor housings are therefore a very good and qualitative alternative.

Vespa Smallframe Motor housing KR Automation for Vespa V50, 50 Special, SS50, SR50, SS90, V90, 90 Racer, V100, PV125, ET3, PK S, PK XL (all models with two shift cables)

Can be driven with 50 - 112ccm cylinders and with 125-133ccm

This motor housing can with this bgm crankshaft can also be driven with small cylinders (50-122ccm):

Crankshaft 50cc to 112cc


  • Housing type: PK125 XL2
  • Crankshaft type: PK 125XL2 / PK125 ETS (24 / 25mm cone)
  • Bearing seat alternator side: Ø: 38mm (PX needle bearing)
  • Circuit type: XL2
  • Shift cable type: 2 flexible cables (such as V50, PV, ET3 etc.)
  • Inlet: Long rotary valve surface (42mm)
  • Intake manifold: 3-hole
  • Overcurrent design: original like V50, PK, PV
  • Elestart possible: No.

This LML SF125 engine housing corresponds technically to the engine housing of the Vespa PK 125 XL2. It features the last and state of the art of this engine generation. It uses precise and modern circuit technology and has a sophisticated gear cable adapter for use in vehicles with two shift cables (manufactured in Germany by KR Automation). This works without play and uses a robust chain for the deflection on the shift gate.


Top engine with modern XL2 technology:

  • Backlash-free, needle-bearing shift gate
  • Shift fork with shaft seal ring that can be changed from the outside
  • Stable crankshaft needle bearings from PK ETS
  • Long rotary valve sealing surface> Tuning
  • Tuning cylinder without spindles possible


PK XL engine for Vespa Smallframe buy here

KR Automation

Vespa KR-Automation tuning products

Felix Richter's KR Automation company was founded in March 2010 and mainly dealt with robot automation, hence the name.
Vespa racing and Vespas in general have been playing a major role since 2003. All products go through long tests before being sold. At KR Automation, no product matures with the customer. Felix is ​​known for his Vespa “El Sidney” and his “Lambretta Barracuda”, the we have already presented here to have.

Motor housing including shifting cable adapter (from KR Automation) -LML SF125- usable for V50, V90, PV125, ET3, PK S, PK XL, Motovespa PK75 (intake 3-hole, circuit two cables)



The engine housing has the stable crankshaft needle bearing of the PK ETS models. This means that the ultra-stable “ETS” type crankshaft can be used. This has a crankshaft stub diameter of a whopping Ø25mm.
If the housing is to be used with 50-112ccm cylinders, we also offer a corresponding crankshaft with 43mm stroke (125cc = 51mm stroke).

The intake manifold has the modern 3-hole mounting method. Here we offer corresponding intake manifolds with 3-hole attachment and at the same time the correct manifold course for the V50 / PV / ET3 frames.

Components that differ from a conventional one Smallframemotor with two shift cables (V50, PV, ET3):

  • XL2 shift fork
  • Crankshaft with Ø25mm alternator-side crankshaft stub, type "ETS"
  • Intake manifold with 3-hole attachment

Vespa PK XL 2 circuit conversion kit


The SE125 enclosures have a long rotary valve sealing surface (42mm). As a result, the inlet can be enlarged very much, making them ideal for high-performance tuning based on rotary valves.


The cylinder base bore is 61,5mm, therefore suitable for all standard and common tuning cylinders (not Falc, Quattrini SP09 etc.). So it doesn't have to be spindled.


The housing is delivered without bearings, without nuts, without cylinder studs but with all silent blocks / silent rubbers. In addition, the shift cable adapter for two shift cables is already assembled.

PK XL engine for Vespa Smallframe buy here

Suitable for the following models:

  • Vespa50 (V5A1T, 1963)
  • Vespa50 L (V5A1T)
  • Vespa50N (V5A1T)
  • Vespa PK 50 (V5X1T)
  • Vespa PK 50 N (V5X5T)
  • Vespa PK 50 S (V5X2T)
  • Vespa PK 50 S Lusso (V5X2T)
  • Vespa PK 50 SS (V5S1T)
  • Vespa PK 50 XL (V5X3T)
  • Vespa PK 50 XL Rush (V5X4T)
  • Vespa PK 50 XL2 (V5N1T)
  • Vespa PK 50 XL2 (V5X3T)
  • Vespa PK 50 XL2 HP (V5N2T)
  • Vespa PK 50 XLS (V5S2T)
  • Vespa50S (V5A1T, 1964)
  • Vespa50 Special (V5A2T)
  • Vespa50 Special (V5B1T)
  • Vespa50 Special (V5B3T)
  • Vespa50 Special Elestart (V5A3T)
  • Vespa50 Special Elestart (V5B2T)
  • Vespa50 Special Elestart (V5B4T)
  • Vespa50 Sprinter (V5SS2T, -1975)
  • Vespa50 SR (V5SS2T, 1975-)
  • Vespa PK 80 S (V8X5T)
  • Vespa90 (V9A1T)
  • Vespa90 Super Sprint (V9SS1T, SS90)
  • Vespa125 ET3 (VMB1T)
  • Vespa125 Nuova (VMA1T)
  • Vespa PK 125 (VMX1T)
  • Vespa P 125 ETS (VMS1T)
  • Vespa PK 125 S (VMX5T)
  • Vespa125 Primavera (VMA2T)


Vespa Smallframe with more power

Around SmallframeThe potential of engines has increased significantly in recent years and appears to be growing steadily.

Power and torque values ​​of clearly over 35PS / 30Nm are found more and more frequently. As a result, other components are of course also stressed significantly more.

Vespa Sallframe Power

Primary springs need to be stronger

An important and highly stressed link between the crankshaft and the transmission is that Clutch and the primary drive. ThatThe weakest link in this chain are the feathers the shock absorption.

Reinforced bgm PRO springs for Vespa Smallframe Primarily buy here

All of the torque is transferred to the rear wheel through them. They ensure uniform power transmission to the gearbox and dampen the uneven running of the crank mechanism between the dead centers. Heavy crankshafts, centrifugal masses that are becoming lighter and lighter and heavy load changes not only in racing, shorten the difficult life of the original springs.

New reinforced springs from bgm PRO

Suitable for the BGM PRO primary repair kits BGM0190, BGM0192, MMW Hartz4/ 5 and of course the original primary repair kits, we have added reinforced springs to our range for you.

BGM0190F 002


More power with the new bgm PRO springs

Compared to a Piaggio spring, the BGM spring offers more spring force and, thanks to the selection of the spring wire, more travel.



Due to the greater possible travel and the increased spring rate, the gearbox and primary drive are protected from tooth breaking load peaks even under harsh operating conditions.

Since you cannot simply increase the dimensions significantly to increase the durability, due to the installation conditions, we have paid attention to good material and workmanship for the spring. Oteva is an extremely resistant spring steel that is used for high dynamic loads and is characterized, among other things, by its durability even under the influence of high temperatures with simultaneous high mechanical stress. To further increase the durability of the spring, the surface is shot-peened.


Spring BGM PRO BGM0190F for primary Vespa Samllframe

  • increased commute
  • increased spring force
  • original installation dimensions
  • Material selection and processing for increased durability
  • suitable in many primary drives


Reinforced bgm PRO springs for Vespa Smallframe Primarily buy here


Vespa light switch

Light switch conversion bgm AC conversion to electronic ignition - Vespa V50 Special

Suitable for ours Cable harness for retrofitting For a low-maintenance, electronic 12V ignition for Vespas, we can now offer you the right Vespa light switch that combines all the necessary functions:

Vespa light switch


Safer with brighter lights, indicators and high beam

With a Bilux headlights A full high beam function is therefore available to you. With that, the Advantages of the 12V conversion take full advantage even when driving at night.

  • Turn signals right and left
  • High and low beam for a bilux bulb or optionally headlights on / off when using a socket bulb
  • Horn (AC)
  • Engine off / kill switch


Easy installation

The cable colors match our conversion wiring harness.


  • YELLOW, to the rear light and the city driving light if the headlight used offers this connection option
  • GREEN, excitation voltage from the motor to the kill switch
  • ORANGE, from the flasher relay to the flasher switch
  • WHITE, from switch to horn (AC)
  • BROWN, to the headlights, low beam
  • RED, from the voltage regulator to the switch
  • VIOLET, to the headlights, high beams
  • BLACK, from switch to handlebar, vehicle ground


  • ROSA, from the switch to the turn signal on the right
  • BLUE, from the switch to the turn signal on the left


Conversion of your Vespa V50 to 12V electronic ignition

What you need to convert your Vespa:




Primary repair kit and clutch basket bgm Pro Vespa Smallframe

In performance-enhanced people Smallframe In engines, the soft cover plates of the primary shock absorber are a weak point. Under higher loads, the springs tend to press against the plate and after a while the spring finds its way into freedom, i.e. the way into the gearbox - not good.

With the bgm Pro primary repair kit you can prevent this defect. The base plate and clutch basket made in Germany from 42CrMo4 keep even the harder springs in check.

Vespa Smallframe Primary repair kit

The "small primary repair kit" BGM0192 you can use it with the normal clutch basket. The cover plate is suitable for V50 / XL1 and XL2 couplings.


Vespa Smallframe Primary repair kit with clutch basket

The "great primary repair kit" BGM0190 colors additionally with a reinforced clutch basket. The basket and the cover plate are also made of 42CrMo4 and the surfaces are additionally hardened in order to achieve even greater wear resistance.

bgm Superstrong clutch 007

So that you can easily do the Primary gears on the crankshaft, the clutch basket has a suitable recess at one point.

You can also do one here XL2 coupling use. The clutch basket is adapted accordingly.

K1 EHK_2 002

You can use both primary repair kits with the normal standard or reinforced springs.

The Feathers RED we recommend for engines up to approx. 25HP. If your unit should produce significantly more power or if the engine is to be used in racing, then you can also use the hard, YELLOW feathers fall back on.

If you want to use the reinforced springs, you will have to modify the large primary gear slightly. The pocket in which the spring works must be expanded to 12,5mm.

bgm rep kit

The screws on both primary repair kits should come with threadlocking used….

bgm rep kit (3)

... and tightened with 10Nm.

bgm rep kit (4)

The great primary repair kit together make up….

K1 EHK_2 006

familiar with the Superstrong clutch a permanently reliable unit and is a problem-free companion.

BGM0190 clutch basket with primary repair kit -BGM PRO-

  • 42CrMo4, nitrided
  • Made in Germany
  • reinforced basket and cover plate
  • Recess for replacing the small primary pinion
  • usable on any primary
  • can be installed with reinforced and standard springs
  • can be used for XL2 couplings

BGM0192 Primary repair kit -BGM PRO CNC reinforced

  • 42CrMo4, hardened cover plate
  • Made in Germany
  • for standard clutch basket
  • usable on any primary
  • can be installed with standard and reinforced springs
  • can be used for XL2 couplings

New Vespa clutch for Smallframe

After the success of the BGM Superstrong Vespa clutch for the Vespa Largeframes, we also have a solution for the Vespa Smallframes developed. Now in Scooter Center Vespa shop available

As with the Vespa clutch for the large engines, the Components made in Germany.

Brief overview:

  • Made in Germany
  • higher transmission power due to more surface
  • longer service life due to more material
  • Even contact pressure thanks to 16 bgm PRO XL clutch springs
  • perfect coordination option
  • Mobile with Vespa PK XL1 and PK XL2 cover
  • stable coupling hub with internal thread for standard pullers
  • extremely resilient, also for engines with 30HP +
  • Plug & Play coupling is delivered ready for installation
  • Spacer available

Superstrong - Extremely high performance

The clutch hub as well as the cover and thrust washer are made 42CrMo4 manufactured. The force is from bgm Racing red clutch plates transfer. The design of the clutch linings in the Vespa PK-XL / Vespa V50 version offers more space to transmit the torque. In this context, more material naturally also means a longer service life.
Vespa clutch bgm Superstrong for Vespa Smallframe

16 springs for even contact pressure

When it comes to springs, we use tried and tested methods. sixteen bgm Pro XL springs ensure even contact pressure.

Vespa clutch bgm Superstrong for Vespa Smallframe

Due to the number of springs and the arrangement on the largest possible extent, a very even pressure behavior is achieved. This effectively prevents the two pressure disks from tilting or locking.

Thanks to the perfect coordination of spring stiffness and number, paired with the stiff design of the pressure plates, the clutch can be operated easily even with a PK-XL1 clutch cover.
The contact pressure of the bgm Pro XL springs and the coefficient of friction of the Racing red pads have a Test in our X-Mas duel already withstood the 30PS.

vespaVespa clutch bgm Superstrong Smallframe

Highly stable & well thought-out coupling hub

The clutch hub is designed for a primary with a shock absorber and has an M28x1 internal thread for pulling off. (The extractors of the Vespa fan wheels with electronic ignition fit there.) Thanks to the internal thread, the area around the cone could be made much more massive. The more stable design without the senseless weakening by an unnecessary keyway makes the hub the first choice for every load. We recommend our for assembly Coupling nut and threadlocking. To dismantle the clutch or to change the linings in the engine, our bgm multitool BGM8819 should be used.

Vespa clutch bgm Superstrong for Vespa Smallframe

Plug & Play Ready-to-install delivery

We offer you the bgm Superstrong for the Vespa clutch for Smallframe Fully assembled with 4-disc bgm Racing red clutch linings and 1 mm steel discs.

Vespa clutch bgm Superstrong for Vespa Smallframe

For PK XL1 & XL2 clutch cover

The pressure plate is for holding a PK-XL2 pressure plate designed and can therefore be used on a PK-XL1 or on a PK-XL2 clutch cover.

Optional spacers available

Depending on the combination of engine housing, auxiliary shaft and clutch cover, it may be necessary to place the clutch cover underneath. For this we offer you a matching spacer set.

Matching Vespa models

(PK-XL1 or PK-XL2 clutch cover required)

  • Vespa 50 PK XL2 (V5N1T)
  • Vespa 50 PK XL2 HP (V5N2T)
  • Vespa 50 PK SS (V5S1T)
  • Vespa 50 PK XLS (V5S2T)
  • Vespa 50 PK (V5X1T)
  • Vespa 50 PK S (V5X2T)
  • Vespa 50 PK S Lusso (V5X2T)
  • Vespa 50 PK XL (V5X5T)
  • Vespa 50 PK XL Rush (V5X4T)
  • Vespa 50 PK N (V5X5T)
  • Vespa 50 PK XL2 (V5X3T)
  • Vespa 80 PK S (V8X5T)
  • Vespa 125 PK (VMX1T)
  • Vespa 125 PK S (VMX5T)
  • Vespa 50L (V5A1T)
  • Vespa 50N (V5A1T)
  • Vespa 50 (V5A1T - 1963)
  • Vespa 50 S (V5A1T - 1964)
  • Vespa 50 Special (V5A2T)
  • Vespa 50 Special Elestart (V5A3T)
  • Vespa 50 Special (V5B1T)
  • Vespa 50 Special Elestart (V5B2T)
  • Vespa 50 Special (V5B3T)
  • Vespa 50 Special Elestart (V5B4T)
  • Vespa 50 SR (V5SS2T - 1975-)
  • Vespa 90 (V9A1T)
  • Vespa 125 Nuova (VMA1T)
  • Vespa 125 Primavera (VMA2T)
  • Vespa 125 ET3 (VMB1T)

We currently have a special offer for selected Parmakit LC Smallframe Tuning cylinder. Parmakit, the legendary tuning company from Italy, is known for its racing cylinders. Convince yourself:

Cylinder -PARMAKIT 130ccm LC, 25mm direct intake- Vespa PV125, ET3 125, PK125

Cylinder -PARMAKIT 130ccm LC, 30mm direct intake- Vespa PV125, ET3 125, PK125

Cylinder -PARMAKIT 130ccm central, 30mm direct intake- Vespa PV125, ET3 125, PK125

Cylinder -PARMAKIT 144ccm W-Force, 105mm connecting rod, central- Vespa PV125, ET3 125, PK125

Cylinder -PARMAKIT 144ccm W-Force - Vespa PV125, ET3 125, PK125

Cylinder -PARMAKIT 135ccm W-Force- Vespa PV125, ET3 125, PK125

Of course, we also have the right accessories in our range:

Water pump -BGM PRO- Universal, 12V, flow rate 8l / min -

Cooler version 1

Cooler version 2

Cooler version 3

Radiator hose -TOYOX- 12 x 18mm

Radiator hose -TOYOX- 15 x 22mm

Radiator hose -TOYOX- 19 x 26 mm

Today is the new one Polini 133cc Racing has been delivered.

Info and video about the new Polini racing cylinder for the Vespa Smallframe you can find on our Facebook site.