Unwinding the nozzle vesps

One day after our season end and Classic Day the Düsselvespen unwinding took place in Düsseldorf. Since the first joint exit was already really good, we didn't want to miss this date despite all the preparations for our event. Said and done. On Sunday morning at 9.30 a.m. we went with ours bgm Lambretta towards the “Forbidden City”. Thanks to our Lammy, the journey was faster than expected and we were even the first on site.

They met at Burgplatz, which is centrally located in Düsseldorf's old town. Here you then had the opportunity to have the first talks. The local press was also there and the passers-by and tourists were amazed to see so many classic switch scooters in downtown Düsseldorf.

The tour then started from Burgplatz into the Düsseldorf area. After about 50 km of tour, you stopped in a beer garden to end the day together.

Unwind September 2012

The Scooter Center Team says thank you and is already looking forward to the next tour of the Düsselvespen.

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