Wittgenborn EST

Race report Wittgenborn

After the end of the summer break, the two- and four-stroke sounds of the EST finally started again. The penultimate race was in Hessen at the Vogelsbergring. Most of the favorites in the classes were determined. But the pursuers still had every chance of getting 100 points by the end of the season. The conditions for the competitions were ideal. The weather was raging on Friday night, so that ideal racing conditions prevailed in time for qualifying. And the times were incredibly fast. The best time of the day was: 51.232 in the K6 driven by Galeasso.

Four stroke sounds of the EST

The results of the weekend sorted by class:

K1 – Rookies by Scooter Attack

The first race of the day ended very early for second-placed Herrmann. Immediately after the pre-start, he had to push his scooter back into the pits due to a technical defect and was unable to start. Urban on pole had a clear run. However, he could not take the race casually. Vanore on two took aim at him. For third place, there was an exciting duel between Bechert and Kienzle. In lap 3, the race had to be red-flagged for a short time after Braun fell. And so it got exciting again at the restart, because the lead that had been built up was gone. At the top, the old positioning immediately returned. Urban ahead of Vanore and Bechert.

In the second race, Herrmann was able to start again after an engine swap. But after a short time it was called a technical failure again. Urban at the top had almost no competition. Vanore couldn't quite keep up in terms of speed. Kienzle came in 3rd place. And drew the field of three lap after lap on the way to the checkered flag. In the end, Urban won the daily ranking of the Rookies by Scooter-Attack with two faultless races.

Daily classification class 1 – Pitbike by Scooter-Attack

  1. #90 Marcus Urban 50pts
  2. #54 Federico Fanore 40 pts
  3. #88 Frank Bechert 29 pts.

Class 2 – by Deutscher Bauservice

Danish power at the SuperSport. Pedersen in first place followed by Ebeling and Sperling. Pedersen was able to pull out a lead. Ebeling looked best until the end to finish second. At times it went back and forth between the field of three. However, Ebeling received a time penalty for overtaking on lap 1 when yellow and therefore had to give up second place to Thönnissen. Sparrow came in 12rd place.

Pedersen was able to take the lead in the second race as well. But Thönnissen wanted to have a say in winning and was able to take the lead. As in the first race, the field of pursuers was close together. Drath and Sperling lurked behind Pedersen. In the field of four, every mistake was punished mercilessly. In any case, Pedersen put a lot of pressure on Thönnissen. He held up well. In the end, Pedersen was able to cleverly outbrake Thönnissen and thus take first place

Daily classification class 2 - SuperSport by Deutscher Bauservice

  1. #551 Emil Pedersen 50 pts.
  2. #43 Philipp Thönnissen 36 pts.
  3. #265 Patrick Ebeling 33 pts.

Class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

In the Experts, Schnelle started the first race the best. Lukas was second, followed by Kovac. Everything looked good for a Schnelle win. The lead was right and the speed was great too. However, on lap 2, Schnelle fell directly in the long start-finish corner and had to end the race prematurely. Lukas at the top, followed by Kovac and Schmitt came in 5rd place. Nothing changed in this positioning until the finish line. Lukas drove a deserved victory in front of Kovac.

In the last race it got really uncertain again. The rain forecast said rain in the tenth round. Close your eyes and hope to drive 15 laps without a drop. Due to the absence of Schnelle, the path was clear for Lukas. At least 4th place and he can make the sack in the championship and become an early champion in the Expert. And that's how Lukas started. Away in front with top speed. Kovac struggled behind, but couldn't get within striking distance. 3rd place, like in the first race, went to Schmitt. Lukas crashed on lap 7 and gave the lead to Kovac. Schmitt was also able to move up to 2nd place. The pilots chased each other. But it didn't go the full distance. Punctually after 75% race distance and 12 laps it started to dribble. Before the asphalt could turn into soft soap, the race control ended the race and declared Kovac the early winner ahead of Schmitt and Lukas.

Day class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

  1. #45 Denis Kovac 45 pts
  2. #111 Andreas Lukas 41 pts.
  3. #33 Carsten Schmitt 36 pts.

Class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

The first three starters at the BigBore's promised two great races. Ong in the lead against pursuers Monaya and Lukas. Ong had to do everything to keep Monaya in check behind him. Lukas couldn't quite keep up with the pace of the two. Monaya showed a lot of calmness and arranged Ong. ´With excess speed we passed him on the inside on the long start-finish. Ong then had to be careful not to be overtaken by Lukas as well.

The second race led Monaya from the start. Ong in 2nd place in chase mode, who was in turn chased by Lukas. Round after round the image manifested itself. Monaya was able to increase the distance bit by bit. The same applied to the gap between second and third place. 

Day rating class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

  1. #12 Stephane Monaya 50 pts
  2. #169 Yannik Ong 40 pts
  3. #738 Andreas Lukas 32 pts.

Class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

There was a little surprise right at the start with the pit bikes. Gras had to give up his lead to F. Schweitzer on the first lap. J. Schweitzer came third, closely followed by Fritzsch. A great four-way battle. All pilots were only separated by a tire width and so a change of position could happen at any time. F. Schweitzer closed well, keeping grass behind him. F. Schweitzer was the first to cross the finish line ahead of Gras and Fritzsch.

In the second race, F. Schweitzer led the field. Gras and J. Schweitzer on two and three. In round 6, Gras could catch F. Schweitzer. And so the leading trio of Gras, F. Schweitzer and J. Schweitzer drove lap after lap towards the checkered flag. In the end, F. Schweitzer won ahead of Gras and J. Schweitzer.

Day rating class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

  1. #186 Florian Schweitzer 50 pts.
  2. #221 Henning Grass 40 pts.
  3. #54 Julian Schweitzer 29 pts.

Grade 6 - GP Open

By far the fullest field was this race in class 6. The guest starters from Italy showed special class and made it quite difficult for the traditional field around Schweitzer & Co. And that's how the race went. Galeasso at the top, under pressure from Schweitzer. He found himself in an Italian sandwich with Bertini and Galeasso. A great three-way battle that culminated in the many lappings. Schweitzer was able to take advantage of the opportunity in the tight network of bends and passed Galeasso in an ice-cold manner. It was already looking like a victory for Schweitzer when Galeasso tried everything again on the last lap. His ambition was to be rewarded shortly before the end and he was still able to grab Schweitzer. Third place went to Bertini.

The second race got off to a fantastic start for Galeasso. He was able to open up a small gap to second place early on on grass. He had to assert himself against Bertini the whole time. He pushed corner after corner and should be rewarded quickly. Gras had to let him go. F. Schweitzer and Bresciani fought for fourth place. In the end, Galeasso had to really fight against his Italian compatriot to avoid being conceded when he was lapped. But he did everything right, stayed cool and clinched the day's win in class 2.

Day ranking class 6 - GP-Open

  1. #6 Ezio Galeasso 50pts
  2. #20 Michael Bertini 36 pts
  3. #86 Florian Schweitzer 33 pts.

Grade 7 - Beginners

A wide-ranging starting field, also for beginners. A great development for the class and a good opportunity to gain racing experience in the big EST circus. Altmeppen in 1st place. He was by far the fastest in training. Frauenhoff was second, ahead of Eikenbusch. The race was littered with failures and falls. Altmeppen only got a little of all of this. He had to keep his nerve when lapping. For Frauenhoff, on the other hand, things did not go well. He had to park the scooter after the fall. The podium looked like this: Altmeppen ahead of Eikenbusch and Mirche.

Daily classification Class 7 - Beginners

  1. #494 Niklas Altmeppen 25 pts.
  2. #70 Nils Eikenbusch 20 pts.
  3. #51 Felix Mirche 16 pts.

Class 8 Endurance & 9 Endurance Split

In the long-distance, a record popularity was recorded among drivers. A total of 26 teams competed in the 3-hour challenge. In the K8, the SA Tuning team marked the top. Bueno`s could not keep up with the lap times. The lead grew – lap by lap. In class 9 with several vehicles, on the other hand, there was an exciting three-way battle. Xpear, Mieze 2 and Braam fought hard for the podium. After 1/3 of the race distance, the distance between the opponents was just 12 seconds. The Xpear Factory Team was able to claim the lead at this time. After 2/3 of the race distance, the rating looked much clearer. Xpear Factory Team was able to get a decent gap of 2 laps on the Mieze 2 team. Braam was third. it got tighter again. Place 3 and 4 went back and forth between Mieze and Racefoxx Pitbike ED. In the K5, SA Tuning was replaced by JD Performance. Bueno's was in third place. 8 minutes before the end there was a crucial technical defect. Mieze 3 lying in 10nd place had to push into the pit lane. The team was able to continue the race, but could not do anything against Xpear. And also in K2 it got the second JD-Performance was just behind Bueno's before the vehicle went on strike. And which means very briefly, that showed the finish line. 2 tenth distance after 8 hours of racing, that was a real heartbeat race.

Daily classification class 8 endurance

  1. #82 Bueno's 189 laps
  2. #191 JD Performance 189 laps
  3. #199 SA tuning 188 laps

Day classification class 9 Endurance Split

#222 Xpear Factory Team 200 laps

#54 Kitty 2 195 laps

#6 Braam 194 laps


On Saturday, October 08.10th, the EST season finale was heralded in Jüterbog. In most classes, the champions of this year's European Scooter Trophy and the European PitBike Trophy were already certain, but behind them there were still important points at stake for the other places in the table. Despite the day event, the field of drivers was well filled and before the big party could start in the evening, the way was clear for a great motorsport Saturday in the EST racing circuit.

The results of the event by class:

Class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack:

Hüske's fastest in his class also dominated the field in the first sprint race. Behind them came Piekatz. Jorgensen was able to collect Müller at the start. However, Jorgensen couldn't keep up the pace from the start and later ended up in 5th place. Winterscheidt was able to work its way up to 3rd place. Hüskes at the front turned a lonely race with a large gap to Piekatz and Hüskes could not hinder the laps on the way to victory. Piekatz took a good second place ahead of Winterscheidt.

Things didn't look good for Hüskes for the second race. Already in the warm-up he had technical problems and was only able to get onto his grid position with a delay. It was confirmed as soon as it started. Hüskes was passed through the field. Piekatz took first place with it, followed directly by Jorgensen. Winterscheidt and Kienzle in third and fourth place. Piekatz was under a lot of pressure from Jorgensen and had to give everything not to lose the lead. But soon it became clear that he could not stop Jorgensen. This grabbed Piekatz. In the chasing role, Piekatz was able to build up pressure again and went on the counteroffensive. Jorgensen held against it. It was also exciting behind it. Winterscheidt and Kienzle fought a great duel. Piekatz fell shortly before the end and robbed himself of valuable points for the day's victory. In the end he even had to give up completely, so Jorgensen won ahead of Winterscheidt and Kienzle.

Day class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack

  1. #20 Marcel Winterscheidt 36 pts.
  2. #991 Jacob Jorgensen 34 pts
  3. #47 Sascha Hüskes 30 pts.

Class 2 - SuperSport

Triebs, who was already champion in Juvaincourt, also showed in Jüterbog why he is at the top of the SuperSport this year. Great performance, calm driving style and a lot of speed were also his godfather in Jüterbog. The Dane Diabelez tried to keep up. Triebs, however, was able to keep him at a sufficient distance. Behind them a three-way battle raged between Merling, Drath and Apostel. Here was for everyone, everything in it. Keep your cool and don't make mistakes. Merling's Scooter dropped after half-time. Drath and Apostel knew how to take advantage of this and were able to overtake. Drath, released from the three-way battle, was able to pull away from his pursuers. However, Diabelez was already too far away to attack again. Nothing burned at the front and Triebs won the first race.

Triebs thundered away from everyone in the second race as well. Diabelez had technical problems at the start and was passed through the field once. Depta on two and directly in a duel with Drath. This didn't hesitate and overtook Depta as well as Apostel. Things didn't go well for Drath during the race. The scooter lacked power. He lost more and more places. This enabled Apostle to take second place. Compared to the first race, Sperling improved significantly and moved up to third place. And he noticed that there was still more to it, so the challenge to the apostles was clear. Apostle and Sparrow fought.

Sperling had the faster scooter, but Apostel cleverly closed it. That went to the substance at Sperling. In the background, Just and Depta had fought their way up to the two. Just took advantage of Sperling's inattentiveness for a second and overtook him. Even apostles should still believe in it. Just did it very well and was able to concede it too. Triebs didn’t notice any of this at the top. This brought in his second win of the day.

Daily classification class 2 - SuperSport

  1. #313 Marcel Triebs 50 pts.
  2. #42 Bastian Just 29 pts.
  3. #32 Gabriel Apostle 29 pts

Class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

As always, the Expert race was spectacular. Ong had secured pole position in front of Lukas and the champion Andersen. Andersen got off to a great start and immediately took second place. Lukas on three and Schnell on four. Andersen was also able to pass Ong on lap two. However, he didn't let him go away, but tried to keep at it. Two scooter lengths behind, Ong waited for Andersen to make a mistake. Lukas retired early from the fight for the podium after a fall. With luck he was able to get back into the race ahead of the large group of pursuers. In third place, Schnelle asserted itself. In the constellation it was round after round. None of the opponents made mistakes and so Andersen was able to win ahead of Ong and Schnelle.


In the second race, Andersen drove straight to the front of the field. Ong behind kept his eyes on the Dane and didn't let him pull away. Lukas also wanted to get involved and made a three-way fight out of the duel and so it went into a strenuous internal fight for laps. You could feel that Ong could get more out of the scooter but getting past Andersen was extremely difficult for him. However, Ong was able to seize his chance and brake from the inside, leaving Ong in the lead ahead of Andersen and Lukas. But Andersen didn't let that sit and took the lead back. In the end he was rewarded for a great performance with two wins. Second place went to Ong ahead of Lukas.

Day class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

  1. #336 Stefan Andersen 50pts
  2. #169 Yannik Ong 40 pts
  3. #111 Andreas Lukas 29 pts.

Class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

Hüser just sprinted away from the field. At the lonely top he raced to a flawless victory. Bickell dropped out with a technical defect. Second was Kazillas.

Second race, second victory for Hüser. The direct competitor Kazillas had no chance and took second place like in the first race.

Day rating class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

  1. #81 Christian Hüser 50 pts.
  2. #191 Georgios Kazillas 40 pts.
  3. #21 Sven Bickell 16 pts.

Class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

Ullrich in 1st place had to give up his ambitions to win early in the race. Technical problems brought him a big backlog. So Ullrich had no chance to get in the top three. Wittwer was able to take the lead directly and build up a large lead over Wolf. It was a hot battle for third place between Nabbefeld and Hartmann. In the end, Nabbefeld had the upper hand. Wittwer took the first win ahead of Wolf.

In the second race, Ullrich was able to get involved again as usual. This also went straight to the top of the class. Wittwer in second place had little to do against Ullrich. Wolf drove in third place. In the end, Wittwer was happy about the day's victory.

Day rating class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

  1. #112 Jonas Wittwer 45 pts.
  2. #99 Paul Ullrich 36 pts.
  3. #58 Sebastian Wolf 36 pts.

Grade 6 - GP Open

Gras started the race from 1st place, followed by Florian Schweitzer. Both fought hard for first place. Gras was initially able to keep Schweitzer in check. Schweitzer got faster bit by bit and waited for his chance. And he should be rewarded. At a good moment, Schweitzer overtakes Gras. Julian Schweitzer in 3rd place could not quite keep up during the race. He let the duo go, who fought to the finish line until the end. Schweitzer remained steadfast and won in front of Gras.

In the second race, Gras Schweitzer didn't want to admit defeat. Compared to the first race, Gras was able to extend the lead to such an extent that Schweitzer was no longer within striking distance. And so both clearly pulled away from the field of pursuers. Florian Schweitzer took the place, but he could no longer pose a threat to the duo.

Day ranking class 6 - GP-Open

  1. #222 Henning Grass 45 pts.
  2. #86 Florian Schweitzer 45 pts.
  3. #306 Julian Ziegler 29 pts.

Grade 7 - Beginners

The start of the beginners was interrupted by several falls. As a result, the race was stopped. At the restart, Illic took the lead, followed by Weiland. Gaidecka had to pass right away due to a technical defect. Maas and Kalms followed in 3rd and 4th place. Illic quickly built up a lead over Weiland. Maas was able to increase his speed during the race and put Weiland under pressure. This could not defend himself against Maas and had to let him pass. At the end it got tight again for Weiland as Kalms caught up more and more. However, before he could overtake Weiland, the race was over. Ilic was happy about his sovereign victory in front of Maas and Weiland.

Daily classification Class 7 - Beginners

  1. #186 Danny Illic 25 pts
  2. #34 Sascha Maas 20 pts.
  3. #333 Tilo Weiland 16 pts.

Class 8 Endurance & 9 Endurance Split

In the shortened long-distance race, 16 teams duel at the start this time. The 1-day event traditionally covered the race distance of 1,5 hours. So the direction was to step on the gas and not tactically. And the 1,5 hour race was also turbulent and clear. At the latest after a short, heavy shower, the field was totally muddled at the end. At the end of the day, everyone was happy that the ambulance was able to stay in its waiting position despite various falls.  

Daily classification class 8 endurance

  1. #101 Twisted Knee24
  2. #196 Street Lights / R&D / Lukas Racing Team
  3. #265 RND Racing Team

Day classification class 9 Endurance Split

    1. #196 Xpear Factory
    2. #99 Blue Cougar
    3. #217 RaceFoxx Pit Bike Endurance
  1. ViSdP

    Andre Black
    (1st chairman EST eV)

European Scooter Trophy

The racing series was a guest from July 02-03.07.2022, XNUMX European Scooter Trophy and European Pit Bike Trophy at the Harz Ring. The third run was about significantly influencing the previous championship standings with a view to the second half of the 2022 season. The starting fields were also well filled at the Harz Ring and the conditions for an exciting weekend were perfect.

Race Class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack

With 30 starters the most crowded class from the start. Hüskes was able to win the start ahead of Winterscheidt. Hermann had to give up pole from qualifying and found himself in 4th place. Buschsieweke worked his way up to 3rd place in round 2. Hermann kept getting passed and couldn't keep up with the speed from qualifying. The trio of Hüskes, Winterscheidt and Buschsieweke pulled away from the rest of the field. Hüskes could not tear himself away from the field of pursuers. Buschsieweke and Winterscheidt fought fair and hard. Buschsieweke was almost over. Winterscheidt cleverly closed it. Due to the early lapping, Buschsieweke had to slightly give up his attacking position. Still, he stuck with it. For this, Winterscheidt increasingly approached Hüskes. In the end, what Winterscheidt wanted was too much. He fell. Buschsieweke should also fall victim to being lapped again. When trying to lap in the infield, he was unfortunately forced to fall because the person to be overtaken drove into his lane. In the end, Hüskes won easily because he kept his cool. Buschsieweke came in second. In third place came Ebeling, who benefited from the falls of the other riders.

Mess at the start of the second race. Various participants did not arrive in time for the start time and had to clear the field from behind. Hüskes also won the start by far in the second race. Winterscheidt on two. Buschsieweke on three. Quite early on, Buschsieweke was caught by Ebeling, who took third place. Ebeling put more and more pressure on Winterscheidt and reduced the gap between the two opponents. From lap 8, Winterscheidt was able to maximize the lead again. At the top nothing seemed to be burning for Hüskes. He just had to lap safely. And he did, securing his second win in the second race. He was followed by Ebeling in front of Winterscheid. 

Daily ranking 3st run Harz-Ring 2022 Class 1 Rookies by Scooter-Attack:

  1. #47 Sascha Hüskes 50 pts.
  2. #265 Patrick Ebeling 32 pts.
  3. #120 Andre Buschsieweke 31 pts.

Race Class 2 - SuperSport by Deutscher Bauservice

The start winner in the first race was Apostel. Triebs found himself in third behind Diabelez. Triebs didn't want to settle for that, however, and went into attack mode. With success he was able to work his way up to second place behind Laugesen. Laugesen was significantly faster from lap 4 and was able to overtake Triebs. This opened the attack on Apostle. Shortly before exiting the pits, Laugesen was able to pass inside with a great driving maneuver and excess speed. Laugesen quickly built up distance to Apostel and Triebs. Triebs noticed that there was still something going on against Apostel and gradually fought his way into an attacking position. In the S, Triebs showed courage and nibbled apostles. So the first race was set. Laugesen wins ahead of Triebs and Apostel

At the start of the second race Triebs took the lead in the field. Laugesen was close behind him at the rim. Laugesen had a bit more speed and it looked like it was just a game for time until he overtook Triebs. In the meantime, Apostel had to retire due to a technical defect. Third place was hotly contested: Merla, Diabelez and Larsen fought doggedly and scored important points. First Depta had the edge, but was then conceded by Larsen. Diabelez was also able to slow down Depta after the start and finish. Triebs held off Laugesen lap after lap. It looked best for him at start-finish. In the end, the magic meter was missing. Absolute top performance of both pilots. On the penultimate lap, Laugesen was able to take the decisive trick and brake Triebs fairly on the inside of the curve. Triebs then under-braked a bit and Laugesen had the win in their pockets. Still, a great performance from both drivers. Third place went to Diabelez, who in the meantime also grabbed Larsen.

Daily ranking 3st run Harz-Ring 2022 class 2 SuperSport:

  1. #74 Jeppe Laugesen 50 pts.
  2. #313 Marcel Triebs 40 pts.
  3. #167 Niklas Diabelz 29 pts.

Race class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

Dream start from the master of expert Andersen. He went straight to the front and dominated the field. Rapid didn't have a chance to stay tuned. He had to deal directly with Kovac, who wanted more than 3rd place. Schnell drove a good race and fought hard against an increasingly faster Kovac. Both drivers had to take a lot of risks. In the penultimate lap we went on to the wild fight for position. Kovac clawed fast. He immediately counterattacked and did it very well and was able to secure second place in the last lap.

In the second race, Andersen also started better than the entire field. Kovac was able to grab second place. He tried to keep up with Andersen. Behind was Schnell in front of Schmitt. Unfortunately, Kovac had to retire early with a technical problem, so there was no longer any serious danger for Andersen at the top. Although Schnell gave everything he had, but he could no longer become dangerous to him. Third place in the second race goes to Schmitt.

Daily ranking 3st run Harz-Ring 2022 class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

  1. #335 Stefan Andersen 50pts
  2. #19 Dustin Swift 40pts
  3. #111 Andreas Lukas 26 pts.

Race class 4: Supramatic

In class 4 there was little competition at the start. Zehe won the first race ahead of Gronow. Both opponents forego a start in the second run.

Daily classification 3rd run Harz-Ring 2022 Class 4 - Supramatic

  1. #335 Stefan Andersen 50pts
  2. #19 Dustin Swift 40pts
  3. #111 Andreas Lukas 26 pts.

Race Class 5 Pitbike Stock by Scooter-Attack

In the pit bikes, Schweizer pulled away from the start. The driver, who is also leading in the championship, was able to distinguish himself repeatedly with very good speed and a great performance. Wittwer gave everything in second place. But Schweitzer's machine went off like lightning. Nevertheless, Wittwer fought to keep the gap from increasing. Rademacher and Wolf fought for third place. He had engine problems for a short time and therefore had to restart his vehicle and lost a lot of time in order to still be able to take part in the fight for third place. Rademacher was all the happier about third place.

In the second PitBike race, Schweizer took the lead again after the start. Wittwer and Fritzsch behind in pursuit of points. Schweizer drove his own race, completely safe. Wittwer only had to keep up the pace to survive against Fritzsch. Wolf and Rademacher took fourth place. The chasing field around Jostkleigrewe, Nabbefeld, Zanker and Hartmann offered exciting two or four battles. However, Jostkleigrewe had to retire due to a technical defect after successfully asserting himself in the field. In the end, Schweizer remained in the usual position ahead of Wittwer and Fritzsch.

Daily ranking 3st run Harz-Ring 2022 class 5 - Pitbike Stock

  1. #54 Julian Schweizer 50 pts.
  2. #112 Jonas Wittwer 40 pts.
  3. #217 Nikita Radermacher 27 pts.

Race class 6 - GP-Open

The absolute top driver in terms of driving style and lap times comes from Spain this weekend. Bartheld started as a guest starter in the GP Open and outclassed the entire field. The driving style is an absolute feast for the eyes. And so it was not surprising that Bartheld led the K6. Grass was second, followed by Krzyszto. Bartheld drove the victory confidently to the finish in front of grass. Krzystzto came in third.

The second race began just as the first ended. At least for Bartheld at the top. This shot again over the circuit of the Harz and gave the pursuers Gras and Schweizer little chance. Gras had to fight a lot harder in the second race against an equally strong Swiss, who was aiming for second place. Schweizer tried several times after the start and finish to pass with excess speed. Grass always closed cleverly. In the end it stayed in order. Bartheld won ahead of Gras and Schweizer

Daily ranking 3st run Harz-Ring 2022 class 6 - GP Open

  1. #13 Allesandro Bartheld 50 pts.
  2. #222 Henning Grass 40 pts.
  3. #86 Florian Schweitzer 29 pts.

Race Class 7 - Beginner

Gaidecka at the front set himself apart from the rest of the field. Weiland on two still had the best chances. But behind them was a great three-way battle between Kruger on the PitBike and Kalms and Wojciechowski. Little Kruger fought great on the pit bike and got the upper hand on the scooters. Wojciechowski was able to pass Kalm halfway through the race. In the end, Gaidecka won safely ahead of Weiland and Kruger.

Daily classification 3rd run Harz-Ring 2022 class 7 - beginner

  1. #268 Michael Gaidecka 25 pts.
  2. #333 Tilo Weiland 20 pts.
  3. # 132 Jonas Kruger 16 pts

Race Class 8 & 9 - Endurance & Endurance Split

A total of 18 teams registered for the three-hour long distance. It was a great race with many exciting lap battles. The top field Xpear, Racefoxx, hairdressers by AKA, Streetlights and AK Racing RND were all close together within two laps until the halfway point in the race. As the game progressed, XPear got stronger and was able to get a safe lead for all eventualities. The RACEFOXX team achieved a very good second place. It was much more exciting in the Endurance class, the first three teams were very close together and only one stop would have produced a different decision. The winning team came from Barbers by AKA Racing.

Daily classification 3rd run Harz-Ring 2022 Class 8 - Endurance

  1. #262 Barbers by AKA Racing 177 laps
  2. #196 Streetlights RD Lukas RT 175 laps
  3. #233 AK Racing RND Racing 175 laps

Daily classification 3rd run Harz-Ring 2022 Class 9 - Endurance

  1. #86 XPearFactory 180 laps
  2. #217 RACEFOXX Pitbike Endurance 176 laps
  3. #888 Team Bumblebee 159 laps

All race results as well as the championship standings are below https://www.europeanscootertrophy.de/ergebnisse/ accessible.



Andre Black

(1st chairman EST eV)

EST scooter race Scooterracing Wittgenborn 2021

Race report for the 2nd round of EST 2021 on the Vogelbergsring on August 21-22.08.2021, XNUMX

Finally again the European Scooter Trophy scooter race - motor scooters - motorsport at its finest! That Scooter Center is happy to support these great EST events. After the start on the Harz-Ring, after the summer break it was time to hunt for points Vogelbergsring in Wittgenborn. The call for the 2nd run was terrific. Full starting fields in the classes promised a great racing weekend. The development in Class 7 - Beginners was particularly gratifying. After a somewhat hesitant start, the popularity in Wittgenborn with 19 starters exceeded all expectations. The class 6 GP-Open was also the second largest class in Wittgenborn with 25 starters. All in all, we were able to close 150 participants be recorded in all classes. Therefore, the schedule was exhausted until the last minute. The conditions on Saturday were perfect. The freshly tarred asphalt offered the best conditions with a sunny 25 degrees.

Photos from the race:


The results of the race weekend by class:

Class 1 - Rookies SA:

With 39 starters the absolute top class of the line-up. After the schedule had provided for two classes, it was possible to switch to one class after qualification, as not all scooters ran smoothly. Norman Neufang and Sascha Hüskes drove away from the field in qualifying. A gap of more than half a second to the rest of the field showed the differences in performance.

Hüskes won the start of the first race. Neufang behind. Janz lost most of the ground at the start. However, Hüskes missed his chance for a clear victory after crashing at start-finish. The top duo had a lot to do to fight their way through the full starting field. In the end, Neufang had to admit defeat, who in the end was the beaming winner of the first race. Kevin Kugel landed in third place with a clear gap, followed by Fränkle and Heidemann.

Excitement at the start of the second race. Three starters were too late at the pre-start and had to start the second race from behind. The winner was Neufang ahead of Hüskes. Both were able to set themselves apart from the field. Behind it, a three-way battle raged between wire, sphere and Buschsieweke. Janz, who had to start from behind, started a good race to catch up. The top trio with Neufang, Hüskes and Draht had to work hard not to make any mistakes when lapping them. The competitors were just waiting for your chance to overtake your opponent. Neufang stayed cool and showed no nerves and took victory in the second race. 2nd place went to Drath and Hüskes followed in 3rd place.

Day classification class 1 - Rookies SA

  1. # 281 standards Neufang 45 pts.
  2. # 93 Dustin-Miles Drath 45 pts.
  3. # 23 Kevin Kugel 29 pts.

Class 2 - SuperSport

In SupertSport, Sperling wanted to know. As always well prepared, he set the best time in his class in Wittgenborn. He relegated Triebs to second place with a gap of two tenths. Everything was just behind.

The start of the race went according to plan for the top. In midfield, Moutschka and Richter collided early in turn 2, but were able to get up again and continue. Sperling drove an absolutely unrivaled race. A great speed, a cool head and a significantly slower chasing field catapulted him to victory. However, the further podium places were not so unrivaled. Triebs, Thönnern and everything gave each other nothing. Tire on tire, the three drove a great race. In the end, Triebs prevailed over Thönnern and Schiller.

It shouldn't have that easy for Sperling in the second race. A good start secured the top position. Everything was groomed and attacked immediately. A great duel led through the next rounds. Behind that, too, there was tension again about the third podium place. This time it was Triebs, Thönnern and Schiller who gave everything. In the end, Triebs was left behind and had to retire. At the front, Sperling kept his nerve and also won the second race, ahead of Alles und Thönnern.

Day classification class 2 - SuperSport

  1. # 13 Sascha Sperling 50 pts.
  2. # 43 Philipp Thönernen 32 pts.
  3. # 411 Christian Schiller 26 pts.

Class 3 - Expert SA

Marc Harder once again showed his excellent condition and set the fastest time in the qualification on the new asphalt. Ong lurked. The two races were a pure nerve and weather battle and the excitement couldn't be beat. Absolute fantastic duels and excitement until the end was offered to the spectators.

Free to start for the first race. And already in the first corner the battle of nerves started. Harder at the top made no move to let Lukas come by. While he was waiting for the tip, he had to fend off the first attack from the third Andersen. A brief interruption of the nerve battle was inserted after Boceda fell. The driver and scooter were unhappy on the route and had to be briefly looked after. At the restart, the field was led by Harder, ahead of Lukas, Andersen and Ong. And now it was getting wild. Andersen started the best and sat in front of Lukas and Harder. All three immediately in attack mode. Harder immediately attacked Lukas. He stayed cool and turned Harder off. Boceda fell again and had to put his podium claims behind. Lukas also fought on the last groove and fell. The way was clear for Harder. This immediately focused Andersen and clung to his rear tire. Fantastic inner fights followed curve by curve. You could hear the spectators breathing, the race was so exciting. Harder was a lot faster, but Andersen repeatedly let him down. Great motorsport. Fair and respectful. In the long left before 180 degrees, Andersen had finally settled down. Inside it was over for him. Unnoticed by the duel, Ong had positioned himself and was waiting for his chance. Schnell with a fall was able to continue, but was passed through. Andersen was motivated to the tips of his hair, did not give up and increased the pressure to the limit. He had made it when accelerating to start-finish. He cheekily overtook Harder and was able to recapture first place. Harder tried everything to attack again. That was too much of a good thing and so Harder fell 1 lap before the end. Lukas was also very unlucky and fell right in front of the start and finish line and was passed on. After Andersen, Ong crossed the finish line. Beerhus had a laughing eye and was able to take third place.

After the nerve battle in the first race, the weather battle followed in the second race. The announced rain approached 20 minutes before the race. The weather forecasts were ambiguous and the race management announced the race as a wet race in advance. So the choice of tires was up to the drivers. The last laps of the SuperSport, which drove before the expert class, were nerve-wracking. The gates were opened 12 minutes before the race and a monsoon-like rain soaked the track into a pure water slide. Hustle and bustle in all boxes. Change the tires and go straight to the pre-start. It then started with two warm-up laps. Harder in advance. Andersen, who got off to a good start and passed the others in second place, crashed on lap 2. The new top trio here Harder, Lukas and Ong. It's amazing how fast the field plowed through the rain. Ong braked Lukas and went to two. Lukas then fell with problems in the rain. Schmitt fell too, but everyone went on. Harder at the top fell and was passed through to fourth place. That was the chance for Yannik Ong, who was leading ahead of Boceda and Schnelle. Schnell grabbed the Italian and went to second place. This was followed by several falls from Schnell and second place was quickly gone. In addition to the rain, lightning and thunder were now approaching and it was only a matter of time before the race had to be stopped. Lukas in second place went down and found himself in a duel with Andersen and Harder. Harder grabbed Andersen. After another crash by Boceda, Beerhus was in second place and Schnelle in third. An insane race. Harder and Lukas fell again. At the front, Ong drove lonely and confidently. After lightning and thunder were almost directly over the track, the race management decided to stop the race. A crazy race came to an end after 1 laps and more than 4% of the race distance. The radiant and at the same time wet winner was Ong, ahead of Beerhus and Schnelle.

Day class 3 - Expert SA

  1. # 169 Yannik Ong 45 pts.
  2. # 76 Julian Beerhus 36 pts.
  3. # 135 Stefan Andersen 33 pts.

Class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

A total of 4 drivers started for class 4. With Moutschka there was also an old hand back at the start.

Moutschka dominated both races. Second place in the first race went to Lövenich and third place to Stefan. In the second race, behind Moutschka Kazilas, who retired early in the first race, followed Tobias.

Day rating class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

  1. # 53 Max Moutschka 50 pts.
  2. # 261 Stefan Tobias 32 pts.
  3. # 191 Georgios Kazilas 20 pts.

Class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

At the top for the best starting position in the PitBikes there was a four-way battle. Jonas Wittwer had repeatedly set the best lap and took pole position with a 4. Ullrich and Brzeski followed behind.

In the race, Wittwer went straight to the front from the start. His pursuers had no chance. Ullrich had to forego the start in the first race. Brzeski still had the best speed, but couldn't keep up with Wittwer's pace. Ullrich and Forster fought in 3rd and 4th place for the last place on the podium. Ullrich kept his nerve and was able to keep Förster at bay in the end. In the front, Wittwer didn't let anything burn in front of Brzeski and drove confidently to first place.

There was a lot more excitement in the second race. Wittwer had it much more difficult and was able to win the start for himself. However, Ullrich was there and immediately put pressure on Wittwer. He felt something was going on. Förster prevailed against Brzeski and finished third. Nikita Rademacher was also able to present herself much better in the second race and speculated on a mistake by the two competitors Förster and Brzeski. Wittwer had to give everything to keep Ullrich behind. In the approach to the curve Ullrich Wittwer braked heavily and took the lead in class 5. That was also the preliminary decision in the second race. Wittwer could no longer be dangerous to Ullrich. Shortly before the end, Brzeski was rewarded and passed Förster.

Day rating class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

  1. # 112 Jonas Wittwer 45 pts.
  2. # 60 Paul Ullrich 38 pts.
  3. # 469 Nils Brzeski 36 pts.

Grade 6 - GP Open

Full house in the GP class promised a great race. Bresciani and Girolomini from Italy pinned Volk in their place for the best starting positions Bresciani came on pole, followed by Volk, Girolomini and Gras.

The Italian driver Bresciani slept through the start of the first race. He was handed 7 places behind. That promised a lot of excitement for the next 15 laps. Gras thus took the lead in front of Girolomini. Both drivers fought a great duel. V. Stevens, who started the race from second place, had to retire after a fall during the race.

The second race started according to the same pattern as in the first race. Bresciani missed the start again and was overtaken by Gras. Steven was unable to attack again after retiring in the first race. Bresciani immediately countered after a messed up start and was able to collect grass quickly. In the constellation, the field then crossed the finish line.

Day ranking class 6 - GP-Open

  1. #16


Grade 7 - Beginners

This time the beginners showed that the newcomers to motorsport could also fight properly. With 19 starters, the class was very well attended and a colorful starter field drove to the starting grid on time

At the head of the field it was always back and forth between the two pit bikers Bang and Siegmann. Who really gave each other nothing. The first scooter driver, Krawitz, finished third until the end of the race. Until shortly before the end, Siegmann was ahead. However, Bang felt that he would still get his chance and was rewarded in the end with a courageous maneuver and won the race.

Day rating class 7 - Beginners

  1. # 197 Florian Bang 25 pts.
  2. # 317 Jannik Siegmann 20 pts.
  3. ## 593 Alexander Krawitz 16 pts.

Class 8 Endurance & 9 Endurance Split

The long distance was an absolute magnet for drivers. 30 teams started punctually at 15:30 p.m. for their 3-hour challenge. Happy scene at the start. With a lot of luck, a helper got away unharmed when pushing the bike after the helper accidentally checked the driver from Team Chaos off the scooter. After the start, Learn2Slide was able to take the lead. This was followed by a strong three-way battle between Parts2slide, Pitom and SuperMoto S Factory Friends. Streetlights was particularly strong in class 8. Learn2slide continuously expanded its lead until the end of the race. Parts2slides and Supermoto S Factory Friends watched each other. It got crazy again shortly before the end. The race director already had the checkered flag in hand to wave the first place winner to victory. Two turns before the end, the bike suddenly started to stutter. The driver just turned into the start and finish line, but then parked his bike in the tire wall. What happened next has never happened before. The driver was about to sprint into the pit lane when he was walking in the middle of the track and noticed that I can just slide across the start and finish line. There was almost another collision between the driver and other two-wheelers on the route. The last 40m the bike was pushed over the finish line in a sprint and the lucky winner of the 3h race was certain: Learn2slide.

Daily classification class 8 endurance

  1. #82
  2. # 168 Pumba Racing II
  3. # 10 Pumba Racing I

Day classification class 9 Endurance Split

  1. # 37 Learn2slides
  2. # 52 Parts2slides
  3. # 154 Supermoto S Factory Friends

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EST Scooter Racing Finals

Race report on the final race of EST 2020 in Jüterbog

European Scooter Trophy: The scooter and pit bike scene was looking forward to the final race in Jüterbog with great excitement. Despite the short season caused by the corona, the tension was extremely high. In the big classes it was about everything and the championships had not yet been decided. And, as in the previous races, the response was enormous. Over 100 drivers registered for the race in Jüterbog. With that, EST has had a record season. The rookies class in particular was bursting at the seams again. And so we are already looking forward to 2021. More than 10 drivers want to get into Supersport and thus pave the way for the next generation of rookies. These will be great fights in 2021. But before that happens, the third race in Jüterbog had to be mastered.

Great finish after a difficult start due to Corona

We congratulate all participants and especially the winners on a great race event, many thanks to Andre and the EST team for the organization!

Update of the start of the EuropeanScooterTrophy 2020 season

Italian racing drivers are also enthusiastic

One of the special moments this weekend was the participation of 4 Italian drivers. The F&F motori team from Italy started with 4 drivers. Just madness. 1750km for a 1-day event. The guys are awesome and were duly welcomed and celebrated in the EST.

The corona concept developed by the Harz-Ring and Wittgenborn was also used again in Jüterbog and so we were all able to carry out our last run together despite the difficult environmental conditions. Jüterbog was the perfect location for the last race. A route length of 1,3km, a huge field of drivers and the existing runway for set-up runs made optimal conditions possible. Even the weather was on the EST side again, so the event could be run in dry conditions.


Photos ESC Racing Finale:


Here are the results of the individual classes:

Grade 7 - Beginner

We were able to inspire 7 drivers for the beginner class. Here, however, the championship was decided in advance, as Moosmann was the only championship driver.

The starting grid looked like this:

  1. # 12 Jonathan Krahn 1: 23.277
  2. # 290 Kevin Geissler 1: 23.352
  3. # 22 Tobias Moosmann 1: 23.689

Moosmann was able to claim the start and drove Krahn and Münch away. Münch grabbed Krahn early and drove up to two. Krahn crossed the finish line in third place.

The picture from the first race was repeated in the second race. Krawitz and Geissler were able to keep up at the beginning, but then had to admit defeat to Krahn.

Final result K7 beginner

  1. # 50 Tobias Moosmann 50 pts.
  2. # 5 Collin Münch 40 pts.
  3. # 12 Jonathan Krahn 32 pts.

The first master of the newly created beginner class was Tobias Moosmann with 100 points.


Class 1 - rookies

With a view to the championship, the most exciting duel between Just and Depta was. Just got faster and faster as the season progressed and put Depta and guest starter Thönnern under real pressure.

  1. # 43 Philipp Thönissen 1: 10.352
  2. # 1 Merlin Depta 1: 10.906
  3. # 42 Bastian Just 1: 12.316

The rookies' first race was a real four-way battle. Thönennis in front. Was able to keep a little distance from Depta. Behind wheel to wheel Just and Johanshon. Triebs really wanted to get involved and grabbed Johanson first and then Just. Just persisted and didn't want Triebs to pull away. Meanwhile, Depta increased the number of strokes and hunted down Thönnern, who could not surrender to the pressure on lap 12. In the end, Depta crossed the finish line ahead of Thönnern, Just, Triebs and Johanshon.

In the second race, Thönissen failed to start. He did not get the performance tamed and was passed on in 4th place. Just benefited from this and moved up to first place. Depta followed him. Quebbemann on three was initially able to keep up, but then had to admit defeat to Thönnern and Triebs. Thönennis grabbed Depta and drove back to second place, with the aim of regaining the top spot. Thönennis crashed and was then unable to keep up with the speed until he was finally eliminated on lap 1 after an accident with Just. For Depta, the second race did not go optimally either. After falling from ninth place, he had to work his way up again. The laughing winner that day was Marcel Triebs. This remained accident-free and drove confidently to the top in the wild change of position. Johanshon was able to successfully finish the second race in second place ahead of the surprising third Schiller.

Final result K1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack

  1. # 313 Marcel Triebs 38 pts.
  2. # 1 Merlin Depta 36 pts.
  3. # 189 Mike Johanshon 31 pts.

Final result championship 2020 - K1 Rookies by Scooter-Attack

K2 SuperSport + K4 BigBore & Supramatic

The championship was all about everything. In particular, the duel between D'Alessandro and Schmitt created tension. But even Elli should still be on the list after his great performance in Wittgenborn. For the starting line-up, however, an unusual picture emerged at first. The Italian drivers with their scooters were dominant here. Carsten Schmitt came in fourth, just a thousandth of a second behind Bertini.

  1. # 1111 Stefano Basile 1: 07.781
  2. # 721 Filippo Boceda 1: 08.220
  3. # 28 Michael Bertini 1: 08.388

Basile and Adonor got off to the best start. Basile kept the lead and Adorno moved up from 5th to 2nd. Behind it, Boceda. Schmitt landed in 5th place, but attacked again immediately and wanted to show that he would not give himself up to the Italian drivers without a fight. Schmitt attacked Boceda and was able to move up to 3rd place. Bertini and Boceda switched positions back and forth. In attack mode, D'Alessandro approached who drove up from 9th to 4th and also had the best chances in the direction of Schmitt. However, he wanted too much and had to push the scooter off the track after falling. Schmitt could not break away from Boceda. This regained 3rd place. Schmitt without D'Alessandro behind him was able to score important points for the championship. The finish line for K2 was: Boceda, Schmitt followed by Richter.

The finish line K4 was: Adorno, Basile followed by Bertini.

The second race started with even more aggressiveness. Adorno leads the way, Basile behind and Schmitt ready to attack. Basile was the first to grab Adorno and Schmitt was also able to take second place early on Adorno. Then it got hectic. Bertini suddenly got involved too. For Basile, however, it was over early after a part broke at full speed and fluid leaked and he then fell. Bodeca also fell. When both drivers got up again, Richter fell into the tire wall at the same point. Thank goodness nothing worse had happened. Richter could go on. The race was over for the Italians. The biggest beneficiary of the fall, however, was D'Alessandro, who briefly moved up to second place, but then had to admit defeat to Adorno and Schmitt.

The finish line K2 was: Schmitt, D'Alessandro followed by Hasemann.

The finish line K4 was: Bertini, Adorno followed by Zehe.

Final result K2 SuperSport

  1. # 33 Carsten Schmitt 45 pts.
  2. # 96 Philip Hasemann 29 pts.
  3. # 98 René Richter 26 pts.

Final result K4 Supramativ / BigBore

  1. # 7 Diego Ardorno 45 pts.
  2. # 28 Michael Bertini 41 pts.
  3. # 24 Henry Toe 29 pts.

Final result championship 2020 - K2 SuperSport


Final result championship 2020 - K4 Supramatic & BigBore


K5 PitBike-Pole + K6 GP-Open

The championships in both classes were as good as decided. Brzeski and Jorewitz clearly led. Nevertheless, the two drivers had to arrive first. And Reese showed early on that Brzeski cannot rest.

The starting grid:

  1. # 101 Dennis Jorewitz 1: 09.663
  2. # 122 Joe Schack 1: 10.673
  3. # 469 Nils Brzeski 1: 12.564

The top duo showed their fabulous performance early on. Jorewitz raced away from the field and never let anything burn. An opponent has yet to be found here. Schack, who was slowed down significantly with additional weights, was still significantly faster than Brzeski. Brzeski, Reese and Förster fought great duels, which also repeatedly led to changes of position. In the end, Brzeski was ahead by a nose and asserted himself in third place.

The second race could have been copied for Jorewitz and Schack. Lonely top the two in your classes. However, Schack was taken out of the ranking because he drove without additional weights and therefore did not meet the minimum weight of 155kg according to the regulations. Förster was cashed in by Lang quite early. Reese was behind, got faster and faster and in the end relegated Brzeski to fourth place. As a result, he secured the win of the day.

Bottom line K5 pit bike stick

  1. # 555 Jens Reese 45 pts.
  2. # 469 Nils Brzeski 45 pts.
  3. # 14 Cedric Förster 29 pts.

Final result K6 GP-Open

  1. # 101 Dennis Jorewitz 50 pts.
  2. # 70 Benjamin Lang 40 pts.
  3. # 41 Adrian Bähr 32 pts.


Final result championship 2020 - K5 Pitbike-Stock



Final result championship 2020 - K6 GP-open


K3 expert

The duel of the day was called between Lukas and Schröder. Both opponents were separated by only 2 points and so it was time for both of them to attack early in order not to miss any important championship point.

The qualification for the race showed a clear winner. Andreas Lukas. The scooter went so from the front that Pohl could only look with a 1 second gap in second place. The dominance of performance at the top of the Expert class has seldom been so great. Schröder was clearly left behind here.

  1. # 96 Andreas Lukas 1: 05.478
  2. # 169 Yannik Ong 1: 06.357
  3. # 3 Kevin Pohl 1: 06.808

Lukas was also able to win the first race at the start. As in training, the scooter went steeply. Pohl behind couldn't keep up and had to let Ong pass early. But then it should be too much of a good thing for Luke. He fell, was able to continue, but then had to park the scooter in the lane and look. This was an important preliminary decision in the championship. The first race would not have been Schröder's either. He was stuck behind Brüggeshemke for a long time and lost valuable time on the top. Schnell drove to 3rd place in the meantime after Hüser retired due to a fall at good speed. Ong at the top was able to keep Pohl sufficiently at a distance with 5 seconds and achieved a sovereign victory in front of Pohl and Schnelle.

For Schröder it was only a matter of arriving in the second race, then the championship would be his. Logically, Lukas had something against it. And so it was astonishing that both riders were characterized by crashes and did not fight for the lead at all. Ong says: "Thank you" and was able to take his second victory. As in the first race, Pohl was the laughing second and also drove his second podium place home. Third came M. Harder, who couldn't keep up at top speed. However, it was still able to benefit from the failures. So the championship aspirants carried out their title fight in the lower midfield. With 2th place, Lukas just kept his nose ahead of Schröder.

Final result K3 Expert by Scooter-Attack

  1. # 169 Yannik Ong 50 pts.
  2. # 3 Kevin Pohl 40 pts.
  3. # 58 Marc Harder 26 pts.

Final result championship 2020 - K3 Expert by Scooter-Attack


K8 1,5h endurance race + K9 Race of the Champion

The long-distance race was expanded to include a desired class of drivers at short notice. Many wanted to start again with their solo machines and so the Race of the Champion class for solo drivers was introduced at short notice. With 19 starts it was also very well filled at the Le Mans start. Ong, Lukas and Schmitt secured the top places in the qualification.

The team from Italy led the endurance race. The hot pursuer was the team around Andreas Lukas with M. Schröder as a passenger. Very early on, they attacked the Italians, who initially remained steadfast. Schmitt followed behind, who couldn't quite keep up with the speed. Due to the colorful mix of the field of drivers, battles for position were the order of the day and some of them soon lost track of their positions. Only a fall of Siemer from EMS Coast Tuners put an end to the hustle and bustle for a short time. This hit the barriers violently and barely missed the marshals. After a forced break of 15 minutes, the race could be continued again. Siemer was once again lucky in the misfortune and was able to do without a hospital stay.

The restart was the time of Luke. His team now finally set itself apart from the rest of the field. Things also went better for Schmitt after the restart. Shortly behind in 4th place, he was back in 2nd place. Bähr followed as a solo driver in front of the F + F motori team.

End result K8 long haul

  1. # 96 Andreas Lukas 25 pts.
  2. # 721 F + F motori 20 pts.
  3. # 1 Merlin Depta 16 pts.

End result K9 long haul

  1. # 33 Carsten Schmitt 25 pts.
  2. # 73 Achim Bähr 20 pts.
  3. # 35 PitBike Allstars 16 pts.


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