EST race report Wittgenborn for the 4th round 2023

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Wittgenborn EST

Race report Wittgenborn

After the end of the summer break, the two- and four-stroke sounds of the EST finally started again. The penultimate race was in Hessen at the Vogelsbergring. Most of the favorites in the classes were determined. But the pursuers still had every chance of getting 100 points by the end of the season. The conditions for the competitions were ideal. The weather was raging on Friday night, so that ideal racing conditions prevailed in time for qualifying. And the times were incredibly fast. The best time of the day was: 51.232 in the K6 driven by Galeasso.

Four stroke sounds of the EST

The results of the weekend sorted by class:

K1 – Rookies by Scooter Attack

The first race of the day ended very early for second-placed Herrmann. Immediately after the pre-start, he had to push his scooter back into the pits due to a technical defect and was unable to start. Urban on pole had a clear run. However, he could not take the race casually. Vanore on two took aim at him. For third place, there was an exciting duel between Bechert and Kienzle. In lap 3, the race had to be red-flagged for a short time after Braun fell. And so it got exciting again at the restart, because the lead that had been built up was gone. At the top, the old positioning immediately returned. Urban ahead of Vanore and Bechert.

In the second race, Herrmann was able to start again after an engine swap. But after a short time it was called a technical failure again. Urban at the top had almost no competition. Vanore couldn't quite keep up in terms of speed. Kienzle came in 3rd place. And drew the field of three lap after lap on the way to the checkered flag. In the end, Urban won the daily ranking of the Rookies by Scooter-Attack with two faultless races.

Daily classification class 1 – Pitbike by Scooter-Attack

  1. #90 Marcus Urban 50pts
  2. #54 Federico Fanore 40 pts
  3. #88 Frank Bechert 29 pts.

Class 2 – by Deutscher Bauservice

Danish power at the SuperSport. Pedersen in first place followed by Ebeling and Sperling. Pedersen was able to pull out a lead. Ebeling looked best until the end to finish second. At times it went back and forth between the field of three. However, Ebeling received a time penalty for overtaking on lap 1 when yellow and therefore had to give up second place to Thönnissen. Sparrow came in 12rd place.

Pedersen was able to take the lead in the second race as well. But Thönnissen wanted to have a say in winning and was able to take the lead. As in the first race, the field of pursuers was close together. Drath and Sperling lurked behind Pedersen. In the field of four, every mistake was punished mercilessly. In any case, Pedersen put a lot of pressure on Thönnissen. He held up well. In the end, Pedersen was able to cleverly outbrake Thönnissen and thus take first place

Daily classification class 2 - SuperSport by Deutscher Bauservice

  1. #551 Emil Pedersen 50 pts.
  2. #43 Philipp Thönnissen 36 pts.
  3. #265 Patrick Ebeling 33 pts.

Class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

In the Experts, Schnelle started the first race the best. Lukas was second, followed by Kovac. Everything looked good for a Schnelle win. The lead was right and the speed was great too. However, on lap 2, Schnelle fell directly in the long start-finish corner and had to end the race prematurely. Lukas at the top, followed by Kovac and Schmitt came in 5rd place. Nothing changed in this positioning until the finish line. Lukas drove a deserved victory in front of Kovac.

In the last race it got really uncertain again. The rain forecast said rain in the tenth round. Close your eyes and hope to drive 15 laps without a drop. Due to the absence of Schnelle, the path was clear for Lukas. At least 4th place and he can make the sack in the championship and become an early champion in the Expert. And that's how Lukas started. Away in front with top speed. Kovac struggled behind, but couldn't get within striking distance. 3rd place, like in the first race, went to Schmitt. Lukas crashed on lap 7 and gave the lead to Kovac. Schmitt was also able to move up to 2nd place. The pilots chased each other. But it didn't go the full distance. Punctually after 75% race distance and 12 laps it started to dribble. Before the asphalt could turn into soft soap, the race control ended the race and declared Kovac the early winner ahead of Schmitt and Lukas.

Day class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

  1. #45 Denis Kovac 45 pts
  2. #111 Andreas Lukas 41 pts.
  3. #33 Carsten Schmitt 36 pts.

Class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

The first three starters at the BigBore's promised two great races. Ong in the lead against pursuers Monaya and Lukas. Ong had to do everything to keep Monaya in check behind him. Lukas couldn't quite keep up with the pace of the two. Monaya showed a lot of calmness and arranged Ong. ´With excess speed we passed him on the inside on the long start-finish. Ong then had to be careful not to be overtaken by Lukas as well.

The second race led Monaya from the start. Ong in 2nd place in chase mode, who was in turn chased by Lukas. Round after round the image manifested itself. Monaya was able to increase the distance bit by bit. The same applied to the gap between second and third place. 

Day rating class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

  1. #12 Stephane Monaya 50 pts
  2. #169 Yannik Ong 40 pts
  3. #738 Andreas Lukas 32 pts.

Class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

There was a little surprise right at the start with the pit bikes. Gras had to give up his lead to F. Schweitzer on the first lap. J. Schweitzer came third, closely followed by Fritzsch. A great four-way battle. All pilots were only separated by a tire width and so a change of position could happen at any time. F. Schweitzer closed well, keeping grass behind him. F. Schweitzer was the first to cross the finish line ahead of Gras and Fritzsch.

In the second race, F. Schweitzer led the field. Gras and J. Schweitzer on two and three. In round 6, Gras could catch F. Schweitzer. And so the leading trio of Gras, F. Schweitzer and J. Schweitzer drove lap after lap towards the checkered flag. In the end, F. Schweitzer won ahead of Gras and J. Schweitzer.

Day rating class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

  1. #186 Florian Schweitzer 50 pts.
  2. #221 Henning Grass 40 pts.
  3. #54 Julian Schweitzer 29 pts.

Grade 6 - GP Open

By far the fullest field was this race in class 6. The guest starters from Italy showed special class and made it quite difficult for the traditional field around Schweitzer & Co. And that's how the race went. Galeasso at the top, under pressure from Schweitzer. He found himself in an Italian sandwich with Bertini and Galeasso. A great three-way battle that culminated in the many lappings. Schweitzer was able to take advantage of the opportunity in the tight network of bends and passed Galeasso in an ice-cold manner. It was already looking like a victory for Schweitzer when Galeasso tried everything again on the last lap. His ambition was to be rewarded shortly before the end and he was still able to grab Schweitzer. Third place went to Bertini.

The second race got off to a fantastic start for Galeasso. He was able to open up a small gap to second place early on on grass. He had to assert himself against Bertini the whole time. He pushed corner after corner and should be rewarded quickly. Gras had to let him go. F. Schweitzer and Bresciani fought for fourth place. In the end, Galeasso had to really fight against his Italian compatriot to avoid being conceded when he was lapped. But he did everything right, stayed cool and clinched the day's win in class 2.

Day ranking class 6 - GP-Open

  1. #6 Ezio Galeasso 50pts
  2. #20 Michael Bertini 36 pts
  3. #86 Florian Schweitzer 33 pts.

Grade 7 - Beginners

A wide-ranging starting field, also for beginners. A great development for the class and a good opportunity to gain racing experience in the big EST circus. Altmeppen in 1st place. He was by far the fastest in training. Frauenhoff was second, ahead of Eikenbusch. The race was littered with failures and falls. Altmeppen only got a little of all of this. He had to keep his nerve when lapping. For Frauenhoff, on the other hand, things did not go well. He had to park the scooter after the fall. The podium looked like this: Altmeppen ahead of Eikenbusch and Mirche.

Daily classification Class 7 - Beginners

  1. #494 Niklas Altmeppen 25 pts.
  2. #70 Nils Eikenbusch 20 pts.
  3. #51 Felix Mirche 16 pts.

Class 8 Endurance & 9 Endurance Split

In the long-distance, a record popularity was recorded among drivers. A total of 26 teams competed in the 3-hour challenge. In the K8, the SA Tuning team marked the top. Bueno`s could not keep up with the lap times. The lead grew – lap by lap. In class 9 with several vehicles, on the other hand, there was an exciting three-way battle. Xpear, Mieze 2 and Braam fought hard for the podium. After 1/3 of the race distance, the distance between the opponents was just 12 seconds. The Xpear Factory Team was able to claim the lead at this time. After 2/3 of the race distance, the rating looked much clearer. Xpear Factory Team was able to get a decent gap of 2 laps on the Mieze 2 team. Braam was third. it got tighter again. Place 3 and 4 went back and forth between Mieze and Racefoxx Pitbike ED. In the K5, SA Tuning was replaced by JD Performance. Bueno's was in third place. 8 minutes before the end there was a crucial technical defect. Mieze 3 lying in 10nd place had to push into the pit lane. The team was able to continue the race, but could not do anything against Xpear. And also in K2 it got the second JD-Performance was just behind Bueno's before the vehicle went on strike. And which means very briefly, that showed the finish line. 2 tenth distance after 8 hours of racing, that was a real heartbeat race.

Daily classification class 8 endurance

  1. #82 Bueno's 189 laps
  2. #191 JD Performance 189 laps
  3. #199 SA tuning 188 laps

Day classification class 9 Endurance Split

#222 Xpear Factory Team 200 laps

#54 Kitty 2 195 laps

#6 Braam 194 laps