Scooter Center on the Scooterist Meltdown 2015

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Scooterist Meltdown DC Lambretta

Scooterists Meltdown - all inclusive!

And again the crew of "Spirit of 84" called, Mareike and Marcus, to the "Scooterist Meltdown“To the nuclear power wonderland in Kalkar.

Celebrated for the third time 1.200 scooterist, that the earth shook. The concept "199 € entry, including hotel room and drinks and food all inclusive“Certainly contributes exuberant mood throughout the weekend.

Numerous DJs from Great Britain and Germany filled the various dance floors with sound. So you could listen to classic all-night music or have fun in the "indie" room or in the SKA area.Preview

Scooter Center & bgm booth

Scooter Center Scooterists Meltdown 2015

We traveled to our stand on Saturday to present the audience with the latest bgm and scooter center developments. Numerous dealer stands from all over Europe had come to shorten the waiting time for the audience for the next nighter.

First appearance of the Jetsons anniversary Lambretta

Jetson's Lambretta Club Scooter Center Scooterists Meltdown 2015

Next to us stood the "Jetson SC" yours bgm Lambretta presented which will be raffled off at your meeting for the 25th anniversary of the club - in reconditioned original paint with subtle lettering in retro design a really cool scooter!
The special thing about this Lambretta is that only finest tuning parts from the current bgm program are installed. It starts with the "bgm Black Edition" shock absorber, bgm RT 195 kit, bgm CNC Superstrong clutch, bgm ignition and pole wheel etc. etc. etc.

The value of the built-in bgm parts is included over 3000 €. To win this Lambretta you need a bit of luck and, above all, lots that you can win for example on the Scooter Center Customshow can buy ->
You can of course find information about the project and the anniversary at the Jetsons LambrettaClub:

bgm SUPERSTRONG clutch as the main prize

BGM8011R46 (4)

At the award ceremony, there was one that we provided as the main prize bgm Lambretta CNC clutch to win - unfortunately we don't know which scooter won, only that the prize went to England because the winner swapped the 47 tooth version (BGM8011R47) for a 46 tooth version (BGM8011R46) at short notice.

International custom show

DC Lambretta

At the custom show that took place at the same time, there were some great Vespa and Lambrettas due to the large number of English people who had traveled. The "DC Lambretta“, Inspired by Ken Block's new company car. Exceptional also the Lambretta Series 2 with Vespa GTS 300 engine, some blatant engine conversions based on Vespa and cool Lambretta chopper with engraved and chrome-plated parts. Some scooters are also on the Scootershow to be admired in Cologne.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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