Air filter fleece insert Vespa

bgm PRO air filter fleece insert for air filter box Vespa Smallframe V50, 50N, PV, ET3

For the Vespa SmallframeModels with DellOrto SHB carburetor we have a high quality Filter fleece from bgm PRO developed. Made in Italia by Marchald.

The new bgm PRO air filter element replaces on all Vespa Smallframe-Motors with sheet metal air filter box use the original wire mesh and can be exchanged 1: 1 easily, quickly and safely.

bgm Vespa air filter fleece Vespa Smallframe & Motovespa - without wires!


  • Significantly better and finer filtering
  • Protects the engine as no fragments of the old wire mesh can be sucked in
  • Also ideal for performance-enhanced engines with increased air requirements
  • washable
  • Easy installation



1. The air filter box

The sheet metal air filter box of the Vespa is held together with two split pins. On the back of the air filter box, the ends of the split pins are bent over as a safety device.

Vespa sheet metal air filter box

2. Remove the split pins and collect the washers

Use suitable pliers to straighten the ends of the two split pins and pull out the split pins. Pay attention to the location of the washers.

Vespa air filter box fuse with cotter pin and washer

3. Remove the cover

The lid can now be easily removed and the original wire mesh, the air filter, becomes visible.

Vespa air filter box wire

4. W-Lan air filter? Our wireless solution

Simply pull the old wire mesh out of its compartment and clean the air filter box.

Due to aging and vibrations, the original wire air filter has a tendency to break the individual wires. These fragments are then loosely in the air filter box and can be sucked in by the engine.

Wireless air filter

5. Insert new bgm PRO fleece

After you have cleaned the box well and freed it from the dangerous wire residues, you can now insert the bgm air filter insert into the compartment of the air filter box. Position the fleece in such a way that there is sufficient protrusion for sealing in the direction of the air filter box cover.

When inserting the air filter insert, make sure that the black, coarse part of the filter mat points in the suction direction, i.e. downwards.

Air filter fleece insert Vespa

6. Close and mount the air filter

Then put the air filter cover back on and secure with the split pins.

When installing the split pins, make sure that a washer is positioned under the head and one under the ends.

Vespa air filter Smallframe

Wasp Smallframe Vehicles with sheet metal air filter box

Motovespa air filter element bgm PRO

Air filter insert BGM for Motovespa air filters

With many Motovespa Largeframe The identical air filter inserts are installed in the models.

Often the important component to protect the engine is missing or is no longer in a usable condition. That's why we have the Vespa for the Spanish license builds Largeframe Models one high quality air filter insert made.

bgm Vespa air filter fleece Vespa Smallframe & Motovespa - without wires!

Air filter fleece bgm PRO for Motovespa Largeframe

High quality filter fleece from Marchald (Italy), manufactured for bgm PRO.
Suitable for the direct intake engines (carburetor sits directly on the cylinder) of the Largeframe Motovespa engines.

  • 1: 1 replacement for the original wire mesh.
  • Significantly better and finer filtering with a higher air throughput at the same time.
  • Therefore also ideal for engines that have already been upgraded.
  • Washable.

Installation instructions air filter element Motovespa

Replacing the air filter element is very easy. After removing the right side panel, the view of the air filter box is immediately clear.

Motovespa air filter box Vespa

Open and remove the air filter box

The cover is attached with two M5 screws.

These can be loosened with a screwdriver size 5 to 6.

The Motovespa air filter

After removing the two screws, the cover can simply be lifted off.
Here, in our example, is the original one Motovespa air filter insert no longer available at first!

Attach the air filter insert

The air filter insert has no installation orientation and can simply be pushed onto the filter housing from above.

Close the air filter box

The remaining protrusion of the air filter insert seals against the air filter box cover when installed.

Fasten the cover of the air filter box again with the two screws, reassemble the side panel and the change is complete.


Air filter cleaner and oil

In order to achieve an even higher filter performance, the air filter insert with air filter oil can be used.
However, this is necessary due to the high quality filter material of the bgm PRO filter is not absolutely necessary.

Air filter oil and cleaner

-BGM RPO by Marchald- for Polini CP carburettors

New super compact bgm PRO air filter for CP carburettors

bgm PRO air filter Polini CP carburetor

BGM PRO Double Layer Filter made by Marchald for Polini CP carburettors

Extra short air filter especially for the popular CP carburetor range from Polini. Available in 2 compact sizes:

With a depth of just 30mm, perfect for Wasp Wideframe or lamella tree structuresn suitable.
The 55mm version is also a very nice option for Vespa smallframe.
Form specially made for BGM especially for the CP carburettor. The connecting rubber takes up the contour of the carburettor and is therefore absolutely safe against slipping.

The indicated intake funnel adapts perfectly to the carburetor. Hence very streamlined design. Together with the effective but very permeable filter material, it is probably the best solution for clean intake air without loss of performance.

Advantages of the Marchald Power Double Layer air filter

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • High filter performance and optimized air throughput thanks to high-quality double-layer high-tech foam
  • Elaborate sealing edge, absolutely airtight closure of the adapter, therefore no additional air
  • Moisture-resistant - the filter does not need to be replaced even if it is completely soaked
  • washable
  • Thanks to the extremely flat design, it can also be used very well in places with little space
  • Integrated intake funnel for the best flow to the carburetor

The specified length indicates by how many millimeters the carburetor / filter assembly is effectively extended.

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The Polini CP carburettors

The compact CP carburetor from Polini are very popular.


Whether as a replacement for the original carburetor one of the Smallframe-Models or to look for more power on the Vespa and Lambretta engines: The CP carburetor impresses with the compact design and significantly better setting options than the comparable SHB carburettors.

bgm PRO / Marchald cooperation

We sat down with Marchald, the professional in the field of air filter construction in Italy, and together we developed a perfect air filter for the CP carburettor according to our ideas:


Highest quality and great experience in air filter construction

The connecting rubber is made of the well-known rubber quality that Marchald has been using for years and is permanently resistant to chemical and mechanical loads.
So that the filter stays safely in its intended place, we have taken up the outer contour of the carburetor.
The air filter sits immovably in its place thanks to the two grooves incorporated in the connecting rubber and the clamp supplied.

The connecting rubber takes up the special and performance-increasing design of the CP carburettor with an adapted funnel.


Two air filter sizes available

There are two different versions so that the air filter can be used effectively in all areas.
Our length specification describes the dimension that is in front of the carburettor after the filter has been installed. So how much longer the entire carburetor / air filter assembly around the CP air filter will be.

The air filters generally fit all Polini CP carburettors from Ø17,5 to Ø24mm  and are available in two versions. Once in 30mm length and once in 50mm length.



For Vespa Smallframe: 50mm air filter

The 50mm variant fits very well into the Smallframeuse s. Even when the rear shock absorber is fully compressed, there is still enough space to the frame for the bgm air filter.

For Vespa Wideframe, Smallframe and Lambretta:

The 30mm variant works well on the Lambretta and especially in the cramped conditions of the Vespa Wideframeuse s.

With only 30mm is the filter short enough so as not to hit the carburetor flap and push it open.



In the Vespa SmallframeThere is a lot of space in the carburetor compartment with the 30mm long filter.

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