Frando brake Vespa GTS 300

Frando Vespa GTS brake available in new colors


Frando Vespa GTS brake for the front and back in different colors - now available in Scooter Center Frando shop !

FRANDO Vespa GTS brake | Brake caliper Vespa GTS from FRANDO 2/4 pistons

Frando high-end brake caliper for Vespa GT / GTS / GTV / GTL

Advantages and characteristics of the brake

  • CNC manufactured from high-strength aluminum
  • fits without modifications
  • no additional adapter required
  • available for front and rear
  • Rear brake caliper with 12 and 13 inch rims suitable
  • Brake pad material Dupont Super Alloy


What is FRANDO?

Frando was founded in 2007 and is a Taiwanese manufacturer of high quality brake components and very active and successful in international racing. The high-end brakes are used and offered on superbikes, among other things highest performance and quality.

The covering material used comes from Dupont and offers a massive but easy to dose Braking effect.

The optimum temperature range of the covering material is between 0 ° and + 350 ° C.
The Frando brake calipers fit without modifications on Vespa GT / GTS / GTV / GTL with or without ABS.



Vespa GTS 500

Vespa GTS 500

A Vespa GTS 500, that's what many GTS drivers dream of. An Italian engineer has given serious thought to this and visualized a 500 model of the GTS that Youtube Video is very successful. Every year there is speculation in the scene whether Piaggio will bring it this year.

Björn Dressler from Berlin Piaggio has now come first. Björn brings his conversions with his project “La Mutata” up to 44HP and 492ccm legally on the road.

Before you even pull out your wallet: this conversion is not even done!
It takes about 4 months and costs a little more than most people carry around in their wallet: it starts at 15.000 euros.

Marc from Scooteria introduces you to the “La Mutata” project, a converted Vespa GTS 500, in his latest video .

La Mutata Vespa GTS

Converting a Vespa Gts to one 500cc Piaggio engine with German road approval and at least 39 PS!

Italian for “The Mutated” - enables driving performance with a Vespa GTS that is beyond those of a 300 series.
All built-in components such as the chassis and brakes are tailored to the higher torque and the significantly increased peak performance.
An absolute highlight for all Vespa tuning fans!
Soon there will also be a driving test with the Vespa Gts 500 - preferably the one Scooteria Channel subscribe and don't miss a thing!

Technical data GTS Tuning conversion

  • Motor variants:
    459cm³ with 29kw / 39PS at 7250rpm and 43Nm at 5500rpm
    493cm³ with 30kw / 41PS at 7250 rpm and 46Nm at 5250 rpm
    493cm³ with 32kw ​​/ 44PS at 7750 rpm and 47,5 Nm at 5500 rpm
  • maximum speed:
    148 km / h (decelerated)
  • Landing gear:
    120 / 70-13 front and 130 / 70-13 rear
    Front suspension by arrangement, e.g. to match Vespa GTS shock absorber bgm PRO with TÜV
    Rear suspension La Mutata adjustable
  • Brake:
    Front Brembo P2 on 255 brake disc
    Rear Brembo P2 on 240 brake disc


VESPA GTS 500cc tuning "La Mutata" Part 1



bgm PRO variator for Piaggio Quasar engines, e.g. Vespa GTS

The bgm PRO V2 variator for Vespa GTS in the test

Our bgm PRO Vario for the Vespa GTS models very popular. In this beautiful video Marc von tests Scooteria the bgm PRO V2 variator on his Vespa GTS.

“A cheap and effective tuning measure for all Vespa Gts 300 drivers. I compare it with the performance of the series variator of the Vespa Gts 300 in the city, on the country road and the motorway. "Marc, Scooteria

Conclusion of the test

  • Sportier: faster and higher in the speed range
  • Much higher speeds
  • Greatly improved acceleration
  • Much more aggressive driving performance
  • Without annoying noises
  • +5 km / h top speed 125 km / h according to GPS with 13 "rims without disc
Buy the bgm PRO Vario-Kit here


Video variator test

BGM Pro V2 Sport Variomatic Test Vespa Gts 300


BGM2311V2 variator

BGM2311V2 variator

How do I install the bgm PRO variator on a Vespa GTS?

Installation of the bgm PRO V2 variator in the Vespa Gts 300 hpe Supertech. Marc from Scooteria is at Cafe Racer 69 and Micha from the Cafe Racer 69 team explains very sympathetically and in detail in 25 minutes what needs to be considered when installing a Vario.

There are also tips, such as using the bgm Vario on your new GTS to use the old one GTS vario cover can drive, which many find more beautiful.

Buy the bgm PRO Vario-Kit here

Variomatic test

You are not sure yet? In this video Marc tests the variator in detail and shows the effect of the bgm PRO Sportvario in a driving test.

Video installation instructions Varioamtik Vespa GTS bgm PRO

BGM Pro Variomatic Vespa Gts 300 - installation


Vespa & Lambretta Thailand Bangkok
Vespa & Lambretta Thailand Bangkok

Deliver Mission with Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS in Bangkok

Travel report Thailand, Bangkok 2018


It's January 2021 the lockdown has just been extended and tightened. The presence in the shop is restricted by the obligation to work from home. And we miss a lot of what makes our lifestyle fun. No runs, no nighters, no weekenders, no races and also no barley juice sextets with friends in the workshop. Cazzo! Sometimes it feels like there's nothing left but Covid.


The other day we were discussing our travel activities for the during our Skype lunch break Scooter Center. We have already done quite a bit and mostly it ended up sweaty and dirty or with a well-groomed hangover on long journeys back in the van on the highway.

One of the ultimate highlights of all trips was the visit to Bangkok in 2018. We have already been to India and Vietnam and have looked at dealers, producers and visited LML several times. The plan for Bangkok was similar. There are plenty of dealers and we wanted to do cold acquisition with classic handle cleaning. And also get a better feel for the scene there, about which we admittedly knew little. With the little bit that we knew, it was somehow clear to us that the basic tenor of the western hemisphere “all copycats there” could not be right. To anticipate it and to spare one or the other a long break from reading: Seldom met such passionate scooterists who are so far ahead and live the whole thing!


Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage

Our first stop after landing was a visit to Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage. An incredibly cool workshop with frame and fork straightening benches on an incredibly high level. We had to give up our attempt to get there on our own, unsuccessfully. Even a taxi driver could only call us at Buddy Seat help. He then came to us to pick us up. And what a start! Hardly two hours in the city and we are escorted by a Lambretta TV 200. Not a bad start to the seven day business trip. The language barrier was unfortunately very high and the Lambretta talk was successfully conducted with hands and feet.

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Lambretta Thailand Cafe

Before we start to get bored in epic breadth:

That was our second stop Lambretta Thailand Cafe, in which the Lambretta Thailand store of our very good friend Show is located. He speaks perfect English and took care of us for the rest of our stay, giving us insights that we would have gained without him. Thank you, Show !!! At least for Philipp - maybe even for Ulf - he made a business trip a more than perfect vacation.

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Deliver scooter parts in Bangkok with Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS

In addition to our daytime entertainment at the dealers to be visited showed us Show pretty cool places. Places that showed us how passionate and obsessed the Thais are with Vespa and Lambretta. One day we were even allowed to come along Show and Lert Deliver scooter parts on Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS in Bangkok.

Delivery mission

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Scooter collector

The collectors we were allowed to visit cannot go unmentioned. That was really big cinema that we were offered there. And we are always amazed when we look at the pictures.

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Ratchada Night Market

Another highlight and a definite recommendation for every Bangkok visitor is the Ratchada Night Market. A place with a couple of little Lambretta shops, lots of vintage car shops, vintage things and clothes. Cafes, bars, including an old American gas station (dismantled, moved over and reassembled in the US) and loads of other things to see, eat and drink.

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GO TO SCOOTER meeting in Bangkok

Our dream for after Corona: To the next GO TO SCOOTER meeting in Bangkok:

Goto Scooter V6 2019 ตลาดนัด รถไฟ ศรีนครินทร์ - Ohho โต ล้อ 10 "




All fotos

Here you can find all pictures of the trip.

Modern Vespa dealer


Big Daddy Moto Club


Mr Balon

M autopart

Lambretta and Vespa dealers

Ouch Vespa

Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage

Downtown Machines

Lambretta Resto

Lambretta Crafts


Lambretta Thailand Shop & Cafe


Lambretta Delivery Missions, Streetlife & Collectors

Delivery mission 1

Delivery mission 2



Ratchada Night Market

The Camp Vintage Flea Market