During my visit to Robin Davy I took the time to get to know the city of Munich better, but it's not a complete trip without a Vespa ride!
So the good Mitschl Kelle lent me his Vespa T5 and organized a wonderful trip with Vespa Clubs from Munich, who met in front of the impressive architecture of the Königsplatz.

I ran lucky enough to have members from three of the most representative clubs in Munich and more broadly Germany participating in the round:

With a long tradition since the 50s and resumed in 2013, the Vespa Club Munich deals exclusively with Vespas that correspond to the classic origin of the first hour. 

The Vespa Cowboys Germany was founded in 2013 and already had 2018 connected countries in 14 with a great sense of community. Even Colombia, my home country, has its chapter Vespa Cowboys Colombia.

And with the performance of historical Vespa acrobatics: the Vespa classic car friends Munich which both Robin Davy and Kelle belong to and whose show I was lucky enough to see at the Vespa World Days in Celle 2017.

And in case you're wondering what it's like to ride with the members of the Vespa Oldtimerfreunde München who are part of the acrobatics team...

As always, it's a dream to share my hobby with such nice people and see their wonderful scooters, plus I'm very honored because it's not very common for clubs to organize rides together.

Thanks guys and see you next time!!!


Combine the Classic Days with a visit to the Scooter Center

This first weekend in August takes place just around the corner from Scooter Center a big classic car festival is taking place. The focus is actually on classic automobiles. For the 70th birthday of the Vespa there is a special this year. Great opportunity yours Purchasing in Scooter Center in Bergheim Glessen with a visit to the Vespa exhibition and the Vespa meeting there!

70 years of Vespa Schlß Dyck - visit the Scooter Center Vespa shop

70 years of Vespa Special

The 70th birthday of the Vespa is celebrated at the Classic Days at Schloss Dyck in Gevenbroich. The big anniversary on the topic of "70 years of VESPA" should not be missing on this classic weekend.

Special exhibition, scooter meeting and Vespa acrobatics

With a special exhibition, the organizers want to try to present an almost complete presentation of the VESPA history, and there will also be a scooter meeting.

Don't miss the acrobatics show when you visit VESPA Oldtimer Friends Munich.

With their Vespa acrobatics show the people of Munich offer a fascinating show. The driving demonstrations can be seen daily shortly before the special runs on the circuit.

Scooter Center Classic Day

That too Scooter Center organizes at least one a year Classic Day. Here you can find the video from the last event:

Info Classic Days Schloß Dyck:


Start of the season for scooter drivers
All over Germany in the last few days the obligatory “roll-on” took place.
“Rolling on” is the traditional start of the scooter scene for the scooter season.
The SCOOTER CENTER celebrates the start of the season together with the Open house on May 22, 2011.
This year the Openday will take place in aid of the disaster victims in Japan. There is more information here and in Facebook.



Scooter in Hamburg
For example, here is the video about rolling in Hamburg. It's amazing how many participants took part in the scooter parade on the streets of Hamburg with Vespa and Lambretta.

[youtube] ehfrfohGiEM [/ youtube]


Vespa and Lambretta in Munich
Rollers in Munich. Great route with a panorama of the Alps: With a Vespa from the center of Munich to Andechs am Ammersee.

[youtube] Q2NrlPLz_yQ [/ youtube]

Scooter scene in Augsburg
Rollers in Augsburg. Big scooter scene with the legendary RollerKö and former Vespa production facility:

[youtube] 8FccSLHIFDM [/ youtube]


Motor scooter in Cologne
The rolling in Cologne, home of SCOOTER CENTER:

[youtube] 1jWoRAg84FA [/ youtube]


Vespa spare parts and accessories are available from Vespa shop from SCOOTER CENTER. Do you already know our new ones Scooter helmets?


Season opening in Munich

-Sponsored by SCOOTER CENTER-

Am Sunday April 18, 2010 the season opening takes place - the traditional roll-on of the Munich Vespa and Lambretta community.

The starting point is the classic car meeting at the Spring Festival on Theresienwiese.

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Vespa Lambretta Customshow Munich 2009

Yes my - it was nice!

The SCOOTER CENTER Team was at the custom show in Munich.
Great event. Super scooter. The booth was always jam-packed.
Thanks and big compliments to the organizers Jan Brand / and the Jetsons Lambretta Club.

We had a lot of nice and interesting conversations.
During the day on the show and in the evening until the early morning, with one or the other beer, on the nighter!

See you at the Customshow in Antwerp and at the World Vespa Days in Zell am See!

All of them, not yet Reminder t-shirt this legendary event can still do that with us for only 20,00 euros to order: +02238(30)74-30

Winner of the Customshow 2009:

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Scooter Customshow Munich 2009

It’s about to start!
We drive 600km to the custom show in Munich.

Here we are not just our new ones Vespa catalog present but also have a few premieres at the start.
Wash your fingers nicely - tomorrow is extremely part petting ;-):

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