Hose 3.00 10

Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe inner tube 3.00 x 10 bgm PRO

We have chosen a very high buty content for the new bgm PRO inner tubes in favor of better quality and higher safety and therefore a separate tube size for tires up to 3.00-10 and 90 / 90-10 = Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe. Other inner tubes with a lower butyl content have more flexibility due to a higher rubber content. They serve a wider range of possible tire sizes (up to 130 / 90-10), but as a major disadvantage, poorer air tightness and puncture resistance must be accepted.

Our bgm PRO hoses are manufactured to our specifications especially for the needs of Vespa and Lambretta scooters. The butyl content is over 55%, which makes them extremely airtight and absolutely reliable. The high butyl content makes the hose more expensive to produce, but the result justifies the expense! Nevertheless, we offer this high-quality hose at a great price:
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Fitting instructions Fitting inner tube & tire

TIP: Our bgm PRO scooter inner tubes can be used in many vehicles with 10-inch tubular tires. When mounting, insert the tires at the bead with mounting paste and dust the inside of the tire with talcum powder. The mounting paste ensures the correct end position of the tire while the talc minimizes the friction of the inner tube. This maximizes the safety and life of the inner tube. Instructions for fitting Vespa tires

Tutorial How to assemble the bgm CLASSIC tires for Vespa


Brake anchor plate Little Kong Crazy Monkey Development

CMD Little Kong Brake Anchor Plate Vespa Smallframe

Little Kong is the modern, modular brake anchor plate from Crazy Monkey Development for Wasp smallframe engines. This beautiful brake anchor plate is available for the Vespa models Vespa PV / V50 and Vespa PK. Wolfgang from CMD has developed an extremely flat brake anchor plate with the Little Kong, which also fits on engines with an underlaid clutch cover. Another feature is that it is easy to switch between PV and PK brake drums by simply replacing the brake shoe mount. The modular design of this noble part makes it possible!

  • Material: High-strength aluminum (EN AW-7075), tool steel
  • Scope of delivery: Brake anchor plate, brake shoe holder, brake cam holder, circlip


TIP! Professional solution for series and racing engines and very nice part!

Fits on: Wasp Smallframe V50, PV, ET3, PK Material: High-strength aluminum, tool steel
Modular brake anchor plate for Vespa smallframe engines of the type Vespa PV? /? V50 as well as PK. The extremely flat design allows the brake anchor plate to be used without modification on engines with an underlaid clutch cover. It is easy to switch between PV and PK brake drums by replacing the brake shoe holder.

Vespa V50 shock absorber adapter CMD Joe Possum

ThereWolfgang aka Crazy Monkey Development was again very creative: the result is a beautiful Vespa V50 shock absorber adapter with the name” Joe Possum ". The adapter for the rear shock absorber also fits the classic Vespa Smallframe models like V50, 50N, PV125, ET3 ...

Why do you need a shock absorber adapter?

When you drive a powerful racing exhaust on a Vespa Smallframe (What is a Vespa? Smallframe? ), it is usually the case that the voluminous manifold of the reso exhaust system grinds on the shock absorber. This beautiful adapter, milled out of solid aluminum, shifts the rear shock mount from the rear shock absorber in an adjustment range from 25mm to 45mm to the rear and up to 5mm to the outside.

With this room for maneuver you create enough space for powerful resonance exhaust systems whose manifolds would otherwise touch the shock absorber!

Buy Joe Possum from CMD here

Solution: CMD Joe Possum for laying the shock absorber

CMD Joe Possum- Vespa Smallframe

Actually, much too beautiful to disappear under the frame. The noble adapter not only looks great, it also contains an integrated support on the frame and an optional second attachment point. Thus it is at least as stable as the original mounting.

  • Standard height approx. + 9mm, for use with standard silent block.
  • Adapter made of medium strength aluminum EN AW-6082
  • including fixing material: pan-head screw M8 as well as washers and lock washers
Buy Joe Possum from CMD here

Vespa shock absorber and tires

A powerful engine should of course be accompanied by a high-performance chassis, thanks to Joe Possum there is now room for it! How about our bgm PRO shock absorber for Vespa Smallframe. You can also get it in a cheap set front and rear!

Shock absorber set -BGM PRO SC COMPETITION- Vespa V50

To make sure that the power gets safely on the road, we recommend ours bgm PRO tires in the CLASSIC version up to 150km/h and the SPORT version up to 180km / h.

New scooter tires for Vespa, Lambretta & Co. from bgm - Made in Germany

Vespa brochure Smallframe Specials

Good news for the new year! For all classic Vespa lovers we have just published the new Scooter Center Specials brochure for the Vespa Smallframe, so in English!

Scooter Center Vespa specials Smallframe Leaflets 1 | 2019

As printed version ...

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... or downloadable as PDF

Can't wait to read the new brochure? click on the button below to download the brochure in PDF format. By clicking on the part numbers you'll be redirected to the product page in our online shop!

Download the new brochure here!

Pictures of the Smallframe Specials brochure

Click here to view the brochure Smallframe Special 2019
Wasp Smallframe Special catalog flyer 2019

Wasp Smallframe Specials / catalog / flyer

Our year starts well. We have released a new delicacy for all classic Vespa fans: That Scooter Center Specials for Vespa Smallframe:

Scooter Center Vespa specials Smallframe Leaflets 1 | 2019

In your Scooter Center Package

Available soon! You will soon find the special in yours Scooter Center Package with Vespa Smallframe-Share, just add it to your order for free:

Download as PDF

You can't wait Here you can download the SC Specials Vespa Smallfame as a PDF. The article numbers are clickable, so you get directly to the product in the Scooter Center Shop!

Download here now and watch it immediately


Gallery Smallframe Special


You can find all pages here:

Now look at all pages here


On offer: this engine casing for Vespa smallframe is very high in demand

We were lucky to coincidentally get hold of a few of these legendary LML SE engine casings.

Available in two versions: with e-start preparation and without e-start.

Much larger transfer ports by default

The LML SE engine casing is actually comparable to the engine casing of a Vespa PK125XL2. With only one difference: the transfer ports are much bigger than in the Piaggio engine casing.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 020

Replacement or perfect base for tuning

Easily spotted: Both ducts at the sides offer plenty of space for further amendments, which makes it easier to fit strong racing cylinders.

We demonstrated this with a Parmakit SP09:

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 011

You can see that there is space for further amendments of the cylinder base: Parmakit-base gaskets on the LML SE - smallframe.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 014

You will only have to invest a little time to perfectly fit such a cylinder to the transfer ports - unlike with a popular engine casing by Piaggio.

3-stud intake

The SE engine casing has 3 intake studs.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 004

The sealing surface of the rotary valve with its 42mm length is rather large, which makes the engine casing an interesting option as rotary valve for performance oriented engine concepts.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 003

Stable bearing seats - allow better crankshafts

You will find the bearing seat and the oil sump for the NBI needle bearing on the ignition side, as usual for PK XL 125. So you can directly use a stable PK-ETS crankshaft with 25mm bearing seat.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 016

The engine casings were developed for the gear selector fork of an XL2 with “one cable system”.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 005

Would you like to fit the casing in a Vespa with the usual 2-gear change cable system? You will need a conversion set.
Thanks to its precise machine production in small batches, shifting gears is more precise, which is the big advantage of this solution. The choice of high quality materials also prevents wear.

SE125 engine casing by LML India. The engine casing of the Indian LML Sensation 125 is a 99% true copy of the casing in a Vespa PK125 XL2. New Piaggio engine casings made in Italy haven't been available for years. An engine casing by LML is therefore a very good alternative.
The casings are NOS products, sometimes rust film on metal parts.

PK125 XL2 / PK125 ETS

The engine casing can be used as a 1: 1 replacement for PK125 XL2 and PK125 ETS.
Delivered with an adapter to attach gear change cables.


  • Type of engine casing: PK125 XL2
  • Type of crankshaft: PK 125XL2 / PK125 ETS (24 / 25mm cone)
  • Bearing seat ignition side: Ø = 38mm (PX needle bearing)
  • Type of gear change cable: 1 rigid cable as for PK XL2
  • Intake: long rotary valve surface (42mm)
  • Intake: 3 hours
  • Transfer port: bigger than in serial production

Fitting smallframe crankshafts

Rotary valves

These crankshafts fit (rotary valve, from 125cc):

Reed valve

Crankshafts for engines with reed intake and higher engine displacement:


Bearing sets and gaskets

A fitting ball bearing set comes with flywheel side NBI bearing.

Oil seals and gasket sets are also the same as for the Piaggio ETS version.


Gear box oil for Vespa

SAE30 - gearbox oil for Vespa engines
BGM PRO STREET gearbox oil SAE30 * - API GL3
Traditional monograde oil as stipulated by Piaggio for all classic Vespas. Perfectly covers all ordinary load conditions and is ideal for any engine, be it mass produced or high end tuning.

  • Mildly alloyed, perfect fit for oil bath clutches
  • Lubricant film with good adhesion, pressure resistant
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Anti wear

Vespa gear oil

ADVICE: Wear workshop gloves

bgm gloves

Fine knit gloves BGM protection

The bgm PROtection fine knit gloves are the right choice for the workshop and your toolbox. They are 100% nylon fine knit for a perfect fit and high wear comfort. The breathable back of the hand gives a good climate. The inside hand and fingers are protected against dirt and oil with a PU coating. The gloves fit like a second skin and the feel of the surface isn't restricted in any way.

  • 100% polyamide black
  • Black PU coating
  • EN388, Cat. 4 abrasion resistance
  • EN388, Cat. 1 cut resistance
  • EN388, Cat. 3 tear propagation load
  • EN388, Cat. 1 puncture force
  • Fine knit, seamless
  • Perfect fit
  • Protected against dirt
  • Feel of the surface isn't restricted
  • washable
  • Paired in polybag

More Power for Vespa Smallframe

The potential of Smallframe engines have been increasing during the past years and seem to increase even further.

Today you can find levels of performance and torque above 35HP / 30Nm more often. This, in turn, puts more sprain on other parts.

Vespa Sallframe Power

Springs for primary drive have to be stronger

Clutch and primary drive are crucial and highly strained links between crankshaft and drive. its weakest part are the springs of the jolt damping.

Buy reinforced BGM PRO springs for Vespa Smallframe here
These transmit the entire torque to the rear wheel, guarantee a symmetrical power transmission to the gearbox and smoothen the asymmetric flow of the crank drive between the dead centers. Not only in racing heavy crankshafts, lighter flywheels and immense load alterations shorts the tough life of the original springs.

New reinforced springs by BGM PRO

We added reinforced springs to our stock for you. These fit the BGM PRO repair kits BGM0190, BGM0192, MMW Hartz4/ 5 and they also fit the Original primary drive repair kits.

BGM0190F 002

The new BGM PRO springs provide more power

Comparing our springs to a Piaggio spring, you will see that the BGM spring is more elastic and the spring wire offers a larger deviation.


A larger possible deviation and a higher spring constant protect the primary drive of sharp breaking parts, even in the toughest conditions.

Due to fitting conditions you cannot simply enlarge the spring to enhance its life span. Therefore we paid attention to use good material. Oteva is a highly robust spring steel, which is used for extremely dynamic loads. Its distinguishing characteristic is its durability at high temperatures during extreme mechanical use. Its surface is shot peened to further enhance durability.


BGM PRO BGM0190F spring for primary drive Vespa Smallframe

  • larger deviation
  • higher elasticity
  • original scales
  • material and processing for longer durability
  • fits many primary drives
Buy reinforced BGM PRO springs for Vespa Smallframe primary drive here