Scooter season start in Cologne

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Vespa scooter season start in Cologne

Vespa scooter season start in Cologne

Scooter season start in Cologne - Sponsored by Scooter Center

The Prengel Scooter Club invites you to the Vespa / Lambretta Kickdown 24 on April 2013, 2013.

Vespa and Lambretta - friends meet and spend the whole day together - until well into the next morning.

Start: Rollers from Cologne
The start of the scooter season in Cologne begins with the meeting point at 14 p.m. at the Mediapark. From there you go on a 3-hour scooter tour around Cologne. You're coloring a Vespa Smallframe with 50ccm? The seasonal motor scooter is of course suitable for Fuffi. Few traffic lights and lots and lots of free travel make the tour an experience.

Motor scooter - scavenger hunt for Vespa & Co.
At the same time there will also be a scooter scavenger hunt through Cologne - on a voyage of discovery through Cologne on a Vespa.

Meeting point 18:00 p.m. Odonia - at least now it's getting wild
Fair entrance fees:
"Smalframe package for 5 euros" so you can chill until the allnighter (party):
Including supporting program

  • Fun fames,
  • Scavenger Hunt Award Ceremony,
  • soulful music
  • counter
  • Griull
  • chat,
  • Watch the scooter

Or directly the "Largeframe-Package for 10 euros ”and be part of the spectacular Nighter. Including patch of the event.

If you start “cautiously” and then want to party until Sunday, just make a booking and get the other ribbon at the entrance.

Scooters can be parked on the enclosed area.

At Nighter there is soul, ska, rock'n roll from various DJs, one or the other surprise program, inside and outside counters - it's going to be wild!


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