Distancing the Vespa gearbox - very easy - instructions

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So you can easily disassociate your Vespa transmission

In order to adjust the play of the gear wheels on the main shaft, you need the corresponding Gear shims and for measuring the transmission, for example, this Feeler gauge in duplicate (2x) (!!)


It is best to start so that the gears will hold securely in the installed state and the transmission can be shifted cleanly into neutral in first gear with a shoulder ring of normal size 1,0mm.

BGM6020 004

If you start with too strong a shouldering under first gear, it could be that the gearshift cross is no longer free between the segments of the gear wheels and wants to thread into the gear wheels in neutral.

BGM6020 015

Therefore, it makes sense to first make the necessary compensation behind fourth gear to place.

BGM6020 002

Check gear play

You can now use the feeler gauges to check the play of the gear wheels.

The installation clearance should be in the range between 0,05mm and 0,15mm lie. In the case of gears that consist entirely of new parts, you can choose the game tighter, as all components are still getting used to each other.

BGM6020 006

Don't choose too little game

However, you shouldn't mean it too well and choose the game too narrow. In operation you achieve exactly the opposite. The hardened surfaces of the gear wheels and shoulder rings then tend to seize and so drastically increase the play within a short time.

If you are single Gear wheels If you want to swap from your gearbox, it is advisable to get one directly Set of shoulder rings in the range of 1,0mm to 1,3mm to be ordered.
And if you're at it anyway, you also have a look at that Switch cross on. Don't skimp on Gear oil and immediately use something new – and equate new seals .

Good tool, suitable for your scooter, always makes work easier.

BGM6020 019

Gear spacer Vespa bgm PRO

bgm PRO shoulder rings

  • hardened and ground in parallel
  • Tolerance of only + 0 / -0.04mm
  • many strengths available
  • for clean shifting
  • and a durable transmission
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