Vespa gearbox for the Wideframe Vespa V30-33, VM, VN, VL, VB1

At first glance, 900 euros seems like a lot of money for a Vespa gearbox. Even at second glance, the amount does not decrease, but the gear parts from our Italian friend Stefano Benelli rightly enjoy an excellent reputation and are worth every penny! They are essential if you want a reliable transmission that has been race tested.

Benelli Vespa tuning

So if you are looking for a high-end tuning transmission with reliable technology for your old Vespa, you will find it here! Hardened to an average of 60 HRC, the Benelli parts offer exactly the perfect balance of sufficient hardness and the necessary elasticity to permanently withstand the enormous loads in a racing engine.

Complete Vespa Wideframe Transmission

Stefano now also offers his experience and his vast specialist knowledge in the form of a complete gearbox for the Wideframe Models. This includes the four gear wheels, the auxiliary shaft, the auxiliary shaft axis and a gearshift cross with gearshift pin bushing.

You can find all the details here next to the product Benelli Wideframe Transmission

Shifting claw Vespa BGM6550

New Vespa gear shift claw from bgm PRO for Vespa 4-speed gearboxes

Vespa gear claw -BGM PRO- ROUND, 4 gear, H = 50mm


Vespa gear shift claw bgm PRO precision work from high quality material

The bgm PRO Vespa shifting claw BGM6550 is made of 15CrMo5 (SCM415) chrome-molybdenum steel and the additional tempering of the high-quality material gives the flanks of the shift claw a very high resistance to wear and tear. The flanks are very tightly tolerated compared to the switching claws that are mostly available on the market. This results in accurate guidance in the grooves of the main shaft, which effectively prevents the shifting claw from locking / tilting under load.

Order a Vespa gearshift claw

We have revised the setting for the four speed levels and now offer them following advantages:

GEAR 1-2

The locking profile of the first gear has been revised so that it can be inserted more easily. It is also possible to shift to second gear much faster. This is a nice feature, especially in racing, to keep the interruption in tractive power as short as possible.

GEAR 2-4

The locking profiles of the other gears have been revised so that the gears lock in much more precisely. The unpleasant jumping out of a gear under load, which is often a problem with already slightly worn transmission gears with conventional shift claws, is largely prevented. The BGM switching spring has a supporting effect. Their spring force is precisely matched and offers ideal conditions for a gearbox that can be shifted well with full engaging gears.

Suitable for Vespa PK gearboxes

The BGM Pro Vespa shift claw is made for the so-called PK transmission type. This is driven with the round type switching claw (length of 50mm (overall height)). Round type shift claw means that the pins that snap into the gear wheel are provided with a radius at the transition to the end of the arm.

Help: Identify the gearbox

The PK type can be recognized by the marking on the gear wheels. This always starts with a 42xx (= round switching claw with 50mm). The old type is identified by the number 37xx (= angular switching claw with 51mm)


The PK transmission version was already in the last years of construction of the

  • V50 (V5A1T from No. 69444),
  • V50 Special (V5B3T from No. 94315),
  • V550 Elestart (V5B4T from No. 1514) and the
  • PV125 (VMA2T from No. 150203) and
  • ET3 (VMB1T from No. 8161) used.


The development of a new Vespa shift dog

Racing tests

To develop the Vespa gear shift claw we did some tests. For example, we used a claw on several scooters for an entire racing season.
In some cases, the vehicles have also experienced several long-distance races and races as part of the ESC over the course of the season.

Here is the comparison between a new BGM Vespa gearshift claw from the current series (left) and a BGM gearshift claw from the test series, which was used over a year in two ESC classes and in long-distance races.


Permanently great switching behavior and low wear

The permanently good switching behavior and the low wear are of course partly due to the selection of the material and its compensation and partly to the precise guidance of the switching claw in the main shaft.

Precise manufacturing for this component is essential, but extremely complex. Some manufacturers on the market have therefore apparently decided to simply design the arms of the shift claw and thus the guides in the main shaft very generously - so the component no longer has to be manufactured so precisely in the end.

As a daunting example, we looked at a new, current Piaggio shift claw.

The surface quality of the original part is more than poor these days ...


The new bgm PRO Vespa shifting claw in comparison

On the left side again a BGM gearshift from the current series and on the right a new (!) Gearshift claw from the Piaggio bag

What is already indicated visually is revealed exactly when measuring.

Piaggio sets its own standards here ...

At 0.8mm, the backlash is clearly too big. Such a pawl inevitably leads to the gears jumping out under load.

The greater the backlash, the faster the shift dog can wear out. If the gap in the groove of the main shaft is too large, the shift pawl hits the main shaft with every load change and shifting process. The rather soft material of the simple shift claws suffers greatly from this load and wear increases further.

As a comparison, common Vespa shift claws available on the market have a backlash in the range of 0,4mm.
But here, too, there are outliers - even high-priced models from Italy stand out with around 0,7mm.

With the BGM switching claw, a meticulous tolerance of the backlash as small as possible held.

At just five hundredths, the backlash measures just as much as a human hair and the shift claw literally fits a hair's breadth perfectly into the main shaft.

Clean gear changes with the bgm PRO Vespa shift claw BGM6550

In conjunction with the Switching spring BGM PRO, crisp and precise gear changes are possible. The reinforced switch spring ensures that the switch balls lock securely into the setting.
The reinforced spring also prevents the gears from jumping out or the shift pawl from being pushed out of the engaged gear, even under load with increased gear play.

Order a Vespa gearshift claw

A perfect match:

The reinforced switch spring and a sentence new thrust blocks, together with the BGM PRO shift claw, ensure permanently safe gear changes.

Shift spring set -BGM PRO- V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK S, PK XL - reinforced
Article no. 3331530

Switching spring BGM PRO

Thrust block for shift claw -SCOOTER CENTER- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK S, PK XL article no. SC9000

High-quality thrust blocks made of high-strength 42CrMo4. Better and cheaper than the original.

Thrust block SC



Benelli gearbox for Vespa Smallframe

New BULL-6 Benelli gearbox for Vespa Smallframe

Announced for the start of the 2018 season: a new Benelli gearbox for Vespa Smallframe: We have already presented Stefano Benelli's Italian gear manufacturer here: Benelli gearbox Vespa

At the beginning of the 2018 season, Stefan will be a reinforced Benelli gearbox for Vespa Smallframe Bring engines to market.

Shift claw with 6 arms and new gear wheels

In which BULL-6 gearbox a specially designed shift claw and Benelli gear wheels are used.

The special one Vespa shift claw with six arms distributes the load over a larger area.



Clean shifting, less wear and tear - the 50PS + gearbox

With the new claw with 6 arms on the new one Benelli gearbox for Vespa Smallframe Stefano Benelli tells us that wear and tear decreases and switchability and transmission reliability increase significantly.
The transmission has already been extensively tested in Italy by drivers in the most powerful IDC classes.

Even engines that about the 50PS Look at the hurdle BULL-6 gearbox to keep under control.


Complete gear set with main shaft

Including the fully assembled gearbox reinforced main shaft comes in the well-known vote of the GPR and  BULL gearbox.

  • Aisle I: 12-58
  • Aisle II: 13-42
  • Aisle III: 15-38
  • Aisle IV: 17-37

The price for the complete BULL-6 transmission will be expected at € 980, - lie. You can ask for the new one Benelli gearbox for Vespa Smallframe then in yours Scooter Center Vespa Benelli shop:

Order your Benelli Vespa gearbox here
Gearbox -BENELLI type Bull- Vespa V50, V90, 50N, PV125, ET3, SS50, SS90, PK S, PK XL1, PK XL2, ETS - (12/58, 13/42, 15/38, 17/37 teeth)

Benelli gearbox Vespa

New Vespa tuning gearbox - Benelli gearbox Vespa New Benelli gearbox Vespa? Well, to be honest, the Benelli transmissions are not that new: STEFANO BENELLI has been infected with the Vespa virus since the 80s. In the motherland of Vespa there has always been Vespa tuning and motor sports such as drag races, circuit races and Vespa cross. As a passionate tuner, Stefano is in [...]

Gearbox -BENELLI type Bull- Vespa V50, V90, 50N, PV125, ET3, SS50, SS90, PK S, PK XL1, PK XL2, ETS - (12/58, 13/42, 15/38, 17/37 teeth)

New Vespa tuning gearbox - Benelli gearbox Vespa

New Benelli gearbox Vespa?

Well, to be honest, the Benelli transmissions are not that new: STEFANO BENELLI  has been infected with the Vespa virus since the 80s. In the motherland of Vespa there has always been Vespa tuning and motor sports such as drag races, circuit races and Vespa cross. As a passionate tuner, Stefano is active in the Vespa racing scene.

The history of the tuning possibilities of the Vespa transmission in Germany is quite clear. At first there were mostly far too long primary translations by the top dogs like DR, Polini, Malossi and Pinasco. Then there was the “short 200th gear” from a Vespa T4 for the PX 5, and the scooter was often given the right fender at the same time. The four-disc clutches with mostly too hard springs and pressure plates with ball bearings were soon replaced by the “Cosa clutch”, which bgm has continued to develop to this day as Superstrong clutch for many is THE Vespa clutch at all. Somewhere in between there was a Vespa PX 5-speed gearbox that was unfortunately not very durable.

At that time, the high-end Vespa tuning gearboxes from Benelli were already being used in Italy. Well-known tuning companies like ZIRRI or BFA / BFG have the gearboxes manufactured by Benelli. In Germany they are Vespa Benelli gearbox largely unknown and difficult to come by. That's changing now, that Scooter Center has added Stafano Benelli's Vespa gearboxes to its range.

Benelli Vespa gearbox for PX & Co in the scooter shop

Why a Benelli Vespa gearbox?

Building a powerful Vespa engine is no longer a problem thanks to the available selection of components.

Real displacement giants such as the M244 and M200 from Quattrini or the Malossi MHR 221 often shovel over 30Nm of torque to the rear wheel.

Thanks to the high torque, quite long primary reductions can be driven, which, in combination with a well-graded gearbox, create a very flexible motor.

Suitable transmissions from Stefano Benelli come from the vicinity of Parma / Italy, which, in terms of workmanship and the range of gradations, are a perfect match for engines with increased performance. the Benelli gearbox for Vespa have got through

  • top processing
  • Range of gradation,
  • Reliability and
  • precise manufacturing

in the established Italian racing series and shine like new even after a tough 24-hour race.

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Benelli transmission parts for Vespa Largeframe

Benelli Vespa gearbox for PX & Co in the scooter shop

For sporty engines in the LargeframeRange, offers Benelli reinforced secondary waves on. The “Drag Cluster” series is manufactured with a continuous toothing on the third and fourth gear and is delivered with its own gear wheel for the fourth gear.

This type of production means that an extremely robust tooth module can be selected, which makes the Benelli auxiliary shafts the first choice for highly stressed engines. The short and crisp secondary waves are on best combined with a longer primary.
The Primary reductions from bgm offer the advantage here that the module, as with the Benelli gearboxes, can be selected to be very stable.


Touring transmissions also available

Benelli gearbox Vespa for the Largeframe and Smallframe Engines Touring variants of the auxiliary shafts are also available from Benelli. Here the know-how is combined with carefully selected good workmanship and material selection. These auxiliary shafts can each be driven with the original transmission gradation and optionally shorten the jump from gear III to gear IV or the graduation between gear II, III and IV.

In order to find the right gear, or rather the right gear ratio, it makes sense to orientate yourself on the performance of an original engine, in the LF area of ​​the PX200. At a speed of approx. 100km / h, the motor of a PX200 rotates around 6000rpm and provides approx. 10PS on the bike.

If the fourth gear is now shorter in order to shorten the jump from gear III to gear IV, only a lower speed is achieved in gear IV at the same engine speed.

In order to increase the speed again at the same speed, it is advisable to extend the primary reduction again. In the end, the engine is again 6000km / h at about 100rpm, with the advantage that the jump from third to fourth gear is significantly shorter and the engine accelerates better in fourth gear. Another pleasant effect is that the longer primary drive means that gears I and II are no longer so aggressive in a more powerful engine, and the first and second gears can also be used more flexibly and in a controllable manner.

Here is a graphical comparison - PX200 original for Benelli auxiliary shaft short third + short fourth gear with a BGM primary.

The gear wheels on the main shaft are identical with 57-42-38 and 35 teeth.


Following the example above, the following combinations of auxiliary shafts and primary reductions are suitable:

Secondary shaft -BENELLI- Vespa PX 12-13-16-19 - short third gear, extra short fourth gear : Primary kit -BGM PRO, type Cosa2 / FL Primary gear BGM Pro 62Z Vespa PX Z24 / 62 (2,58)

Countershaft -BENELLI- Vespa PX 12-13-17-20 - short fourth gear : Primary kit -BGM PRO, type Cosa2 / FL Primary gear BGM Pro 63Z Vespa PX Z23 / 63 (2,74)


Benelli transmission parts for Vespa Smallframe

Benelli Vespa gearbox for V50, PK & Co in the scooter shop

The same also applies to the Benelli transmission of the Vespa Samllframe.

Various auxiliary shafts for touring and complete transmissions for racing use are available from Benelli.

For the long tour, the auxiliary shafts are available with a short fourth gear and a short third, short fourth gear.

The performance of an original Primavera 125 serves as an example. As in our example with the PX200, the too long jump from third to fourth gear is shortened and the final speed to be achieved is adjusted again with a suitable primary.

So here once with the original Primary 24-61 of the Primavera and a bgm primary 27-65 and the Secondary shaft with the short fourth gear.
You can clearly see that gears 1,2, 3 and 3 are a little longer and the jump from gear 4 to gear XNUMX is a little shorter. So the engine has a chance when shifting
From the point of view of the speed, it is then tackled when there is sufficient power available to continue to accelerate quickly immediately after the gear change.



Stefano Benelli also offers an extensive selection of components for the racetrack or sporty driving style.

Starting with Primary gears to change existing, straight-toothed primary drives 3.00 and 2.56, about their own Primary drives including reinforced repair kit, up to complete transmission solutions.

In particular is the reinforced main shaft to mention. The choice of materials and the tempering process result in an extremely resilient component.

In contrast to other Italian manufacturers, the Benelli drive shaft still has the usual taper in the shaft. This means that even sophisticated solutions in the area of ​​the coupling have sufficient distance from the main shaft. In other manufacturers, the main shafts are usually made unnecessarily thick, so that a Hartz4 coupling can touch the main shaft in extreme cases.

Benelli gearbox Vespa set Vespa Smallframe

The top solution is definitely the GPR or BULL gearbox.

The GPR Benelli gearbox Vespa comes without a main shaft and can be combined with a Piaggio main shaft.
Together with the main shaft the gear is then "BULL" bezeichnet.

The gradation of the gears remains identical with 12/58, 13/42, 15/38, 17/37 teeth. Depending on the performance of the engine, the transmission can be combined with a 2.60 BGM primary or with a 2.56 standard primary.

Compared to the original gearbox

1st gear 2st gear 3st gear 4st gear
Original PV125 / ET3 / PK 10/58 14/54 18/50 22/46
BENELLI GPR / BULL 12/58 13/42 15/38 17/37

Gearbox -BENELLI type GPR- Vespa V50, V90, 50N, PV125, ET3, SS50, SS90, PK S, PK XL1, PK XL2, ETS - (12/58, 13/42, 15/38, 17/37 teeth)

Article no. BE10000GPR

BENELLI gearbox Vespa GPR
The GPR version offered here is a special, closely spaced racing gearbox that was designed for maximum propulsion on the race track. The first three courses are longer than in series, the fourth gag is significantly shorter. The gear steps between each other are shortened from the second gear. This results in a sporty, narrowly stepped transmission that is only slightly shorter in terms of its overall reduction than a standard transmission (at 9000 rpm in fourth gear approx. 5 km / h). The much more stable gear wheels including the auxiliary shaft are therefore ideal for use in racing or for sporty drivers whose engine benefits from a closely stepped gearbox.

(12/58, 13/42, 15/38, 17/37 teeth)

The Benelli GPR gearbox forms a unit and cannot be combined with gear wheels from other manufacturers. It has a special kick starter pinion which is included.


Gearbox BENELLI BULL Vespa V50, V90, 50N, PV125, ET3, SS50, SS90, PK S, PK XL1, PK XL2, ETS - (12/58, 13/42, 15/38, 17/37 teeth)

Article no. BE10000RB

The complete Benelli Bull transmission consists of the GPR set, but also contains a reinforced version of the main shaft with shift claw, shift spring, shift balls, shoulder and circlips. The main shaft is delivered fully assembled and adjusted.

Benelli Vespa gearbox for PX & Co in the scooter shop





Vespa with electric motor

E-Vespa with gears from Stoffi

In pompous Stoffi presented his new project to us: A beautiful classic Vespa with an electric motor. This scooter is still in the beta phase and the first vehicle from our friend and dealer colleague from Austria.

Date 09.11.2016:

Meanwhile, Piaggio has on the Eicma 2016 also presented a new e-Vespa: the Vespa Eltrica.


In the case of Stoffis Vespa, this is a conversion kit that is built into the original Vespa engine. All you have to do is convert the small engine half. The large engine half is kept original, so it could also be retrofitted if necessary. But who wants that - driving the Electro Vespa is a lot of fun! Tank out, electric motor and batteries in, let's go.
With this Vespa 3 courses and Clutch as usual. But there is enough power available that you could confidently start off in third gear!

Video E-Vespa

The appearance of the Vespa remains

Stoffi is way ahead with its emission-free Vespa: The registration should be very simple and the appearance of the Vespa is completely preserved.
This is initially a test bike, but in our opinion it has already been very successful. It will be further optimized.
Stoffi also wants to mount a dummy exhaust to keep the look even closer to series production. Possibly. it will be one too Largeframe-Variants give the advantage here: even more space for batteries and thus greater range.

The Vespa will soon go into series production, and the conversion kit will also be available individually. You can get all classic spare parts for the Vespa in our Vespa shop.




The bgm PRO - couplings for Vespa, and also those for Lambretta, are among our top sellers!

The couplings are available complete and in various designs as well as all parts individually.

The latest components for Vespa Largeframe, are now the Clutch pinion for the 67 and 68 primary gear.

Clutch pinion -BGM PRO- Vespa Cosa2, PX (1995-), BGM Superstrong, Superstrong CR - (for 67/68 teeth primary gear, helical teeth)

Developed for enormous power and torque

The bgm PRO couplings were designed for the enormous powers and torques of today's engines. They are made from high-alloy steel (SCM415 / 15 CrMo 5) according to the highest manufacturing standards. The extremely high strength of the base material (up to 1100N / mm2, HRC 58-62) provides a reassuringly secure basis for the production of BGM pinions.

Manufacturing at the highest level

The production meets the high standard for transmission production by Honda. Each individual part receives a test report. BGM thus has a permanent quality assurance.

  • High quality material 15 CrMo 5
  • Precise production according to Honda standards
  • Continuous quality control
  • Can be used on COSA2 coupling types
  • Available with 20,21,22, 23, 23 and XNUMXT (XNUMXT = special pinion)
  • Suitable for the original primary of all 80-150ccm engines, as well as all Cosa models
  • Suitable for engines with retrofitted 67/68 tooth primary gear

A characteristic feature of the BGM pinion is its black color and the practical labeling stating the number of teeth the pinion itself has and which primary gear it is suitable for.

Longer translation without disassembling the engine?

The pinion with 23 teeth is particularly interesting. This was never original from the factory.
It is intended to extend the reduction of the 80-150ccm as much as possible. A 23/67 or 23/68 gear ratio can be used without opening the engine. Ideal for all drivers of large-capacity cylinders on, for example, original PX125 or Sprint 150 engines.It even fits into the Vespa Cosa models, as here, without exception, a (too short) reduction ratio of 21/68 was installed ex works.
Every PX125 driver who wants to drive a 177cc cylinder can install a suitably long gear ratio simply by exchanging the clutch. The reduction is extended by a whopping 15%, which corresponds roughly to the same increase in the top speed in km / h.

BGM clutch pinions are the perfect complement to the indestructible BGM Superstrong clutch.
All BGM Superstrong clutches with 20, 21, 22 and 23 teeth are equipped with this pinion ex works. It can be combined with all Cosa2 coupling types (recognizable by at least 8 spring positions).

Vespa clutches bgm Superstrong

Vespa clutches bgm Superstrong


Longer primary ratio for ever more power in Vespa engines

New performance and torque-focused engine concepts in the Vespa Largeframe Make the use of a segment longer primary translation almost inevitable.

A longer reduction stretches the available torque of your engine and the existing one Torque curve is more effective usable. This means that you can drive at the same speed at a lower speed or, conversely, you can do one higher top speed .

bgm PRO primary gears

Advantages of a bgm PRO longer primary for your tuned engine

  • more relaxed drivable
  • quieter transmission
  • lower fuel consumption
  • increases the top speed
  • With the short fourth gear, it even improves acceleration at higher speeds
  • greater durability due to the large overlap of the tooth flanks
  • lower speeds

Bisher the primary ratios available on the market were only available in a straight-toothed version. The resulting

  • clear running noise,
  • less overlap on the tooth flanks and
  • the fact that a subsequent change in the reduction can only be achieved again with increased effort,

reduce the benefit for everyday use.

NEW: Smoother running and more even power transmission with bgm PRO

The Primary gears BGM PRO are manufactured with helical teeth. The helical gearing offers in addition to one significantly smoother running a better and more even power transmission on the tooth flanks compared to a drive with straight teeth.

BGM6565 (2)

Tested quality from bgm PRO

The primary gears are based on per batch like our clutch pinions and gear wheels Dimensional accuracy, material quality and workmanship checked.

Wide range of possible combinations

We are currently the only manufacturer to offer reductions with helical gearing, which can be varied further with different clutch pinions.

The following variants are therefore possible:


Primary gear BGM BGM6564 Primary gear BGM BGM6565 *
Number of teeth 64 65
Clutch pinion BGM Cosa BGM6522S 22 2,91 2,95
Clutch pinion BGM Cosa BGM6523S 23 2,78 2,83
Clutch pinion BGM Cosa BGM6524S 24 2,67 2,71
* or original Piaggio


Vespa clutch pinion BGM PRO with 22 teeth

The Clutch pinion BGM PRO with 22 teeth However, it is a special form. The base circle and the tooth flanks of this pinion are optimized for use on a 65 and 64 primary gear. In the 22/65 variation, the BGM PRO offers coupling pinions a more stable and better coverage on the tooth flanks, as do, for example, Piaggio or Newfren pinions in this combination.

Fits immediately: bgm SUPERSTRONG clutch

Our BGM Superstrong Vespa clutch is already equipped with the appropriate pinions and can easily be installed on the BGM primary wheels.


Using the table, you can see how the reduction ratio changes with the various combinations. So you can give your engine the right gearbox for every occasion. Even with a 64-tooth primary gear that is suitable for long-distance journeys, thanks to the possible combination with a 22-tooth clutch pinion, an overall reduction can be produced that is shorter than that of an original PX200. You can then use different exhaust systems at any time. Either speed go! Or tractor style.

Vespa primary repair kit

For mounting the primary gears on the countershaft, we recommend our reinforced Primary repair kit BGM0195F44

The reinforced springs also permanently withstand significantly increased torque values.


Short fourth gear for Vespa

So far, the combination with 221/24 and one has been based on the torque-stressed Malossi Sport and Polini 64 engines short fourth gear proven.


By the short fourth gear, the gear jump from gear 3 to gear 4 is reduced by a healthy amount, so that with sufficient torque a good gear connection is always guaranteed and your scooter can pull through cleanly when shifting into fourth gear.

In the table below and the graph ** you can see how the difference works. With the longer reduction, you can already travel at a good speed for city or cross-country trips in the lower gears at a very low speed. In gear 4, the combination enables brisk travel at a reduced engine speed and the ability to reach a higher top speed.

24_64 graph



24_64 tab

** (At this point we would like to thank GSF member Motorhead for the Gear Calc!)


All in all, a longer primary makes your engine more durable

  • more relaxed drivable
  • increases the top speed and
  • With the short fourth gear, it even improves acceleration at higher speeds.


Vespa gear shims spacer shoulder ring

Distance Vespa transmission & distance Lambretta transmission

Here we show you how to properly distance the Vespa gearbox: Discuss the Vespa gearbox

To compensate for excessive backlash in the gearbox, you need shims of the appropriate thickness. We have these for Vespa and Lambretta engines high quality shoulder rings from bgm PRO included in our program.

The hardened and ground Compensating washers for spacing the gearbox generally have a tolerance of only + 0 / -0.04mm and are subjected to an extensive test in production per batch.


SI Faster Flow 004


Vespa gear shims / spacers / shoulder rings

Vespa Rally, Sprint, VNB etc.

Lovers of the elderly Vespa Largeframe Models like Vespa Rally, Sprint & Co can be pleased: the matching shoulder rings are in the range for these gears 2mm to 2,50mm finally available again thanks to bgm PRO.

As with the more stable Vespa PX Lusso variant, the shoulder rings have 4 lugs for locking. The knocking off of the individual nose is therefore no longer possible in the new design.


The shoulder rings for the older 3 and 4-speed gearboxes (recognizable by the fact that only one shoulder ring is required on the shift pin side), we have made for you in the standard dimensions.


Vespa PX Lusso and Vespa Smallframe

For the Vespa PX Lusso and Vespa Smallframe Transmission In addition to the standard sizes from 1,00mm to 1,40mm, we also offer the shoulder rings with 0,9mm. This dimension is often required for retrofitting the main shafts with other gear wheels in order to restore the correct play or if you want to use the stronger circlips according to DIN.


The bgm PRO shoulder rings are hardened and ground in parallel so that your gear unit reliably maintains the set play for a long time.


Gear spacer Vespa bgm PRO

bgm PRO shoulder rings

  • hardened and ground in parallel
  • Tolerance of only + 0 / -0.04mm
  • many strengths available
  • for clean shifting
  • and a durable transmission



Lambretta gear shims / spacers / shoulder rings

For the Lambretta gearbox, we can also offer you gear spacers in several strengths.



Gearbox shim -BGM PRO- Lambretta series 1-3




So you can easily disassociate your Vespa transmission

In order to adjust the play of the gear wheels on the main shaft, you need the corresponding Gear shims and for measuring the transmission, for example, this Feeler gauge in duplicate (2x) (!!)


It is best to start so that the gears will hold securely in the installed state and the transmission can be shifted cleanly into neutral in the first gear with a shoulder ring in the normal dimension 1,0mm.

BGM6020 004

If you start with too strong a shouldering under first gear, it could be that the gearshift cross is no longer free between the segments of the gear wheels and wants to thread into the gear wheels in neutral.

BGM6020 015

Therefore, it makes sense to first make the necessary compensation behind fourth gear to place.

BGM6020 002

Check gear play

You can now use the feeler gauges to check the play of the gear wheels.

The installation clearance should be in the area between 0,05mm and 0,15mm lie. In the case of gears that consist entirely of new parts, you can choose the game tighter, as all components are still getting used to each other.

BGM6020 006

Don't choose too little game

However, you shouldn't mean it too well and choose the game too narrow. In operation you achieve exactly the opposite. The hardened surfaces of the gear wheels and shoulder rings then tend to seize and so drastically increase the play within a short time.

If you are single Gear wheels If you want to swap from your gearbox, it is advisable to get one directly Set of shoulder rings to be ordered in the range 1,0mm to 1,3mm.
And if you're at it anyway, you also have a look at that Switch cross on. Don't skimp on Gear oil and use new things right away - and set the same new seals .

Good tool, suitable for your scooter, always makes work easier.

BGM6020 019

Gear spacer Vespa bgm PRO

bgm PRO shoulder rings

  • hardened and ground in parallel
  • Tolerance of only + 0 / -0.04mm
  • many strengths available
  • for clean shifting
  • and a durable transmission
Vespa gearshift cross

Vespa gearshift cross

The bgm PRO switch cross is the finest material for high demands.

Made from high quality 15CrMo5 (SCM415) chrome molybdenum steel.
This Vespa gearshift cross is very resistant, but offers elasticity to protect the gear flanks.

We are enthusiastic about the quality always guarantee consistently high Top quality.

Can be used for all types of stress, regardless of whether you are an everyday driver, Sunday driver, tourer or racer.

Gearshift cross -BGM PRO- "Vespa old"

Vespa gearshift cross PX Alt BGM6501A

Vespa PX old 80 ccm (V8X1T up to No. 100230), 125 ccm (VNX2T up to 232052), 150 ccm (VLX1T up to 624301), 200 ccm (VSX1T up to 315266), Rally180 (VSD1T) (from 26849), Rally200 (VSE1T) (from 4476), Sprint (from 1170240), Sprint Veloce (from 1693

Article no. BGM6501A

Buy Vespa PX Alt gearshift cross

Gearshift cross -BGM PRO- “Vespa Lusso”

Vespa gearshift cross PX Lussi BGM6501L

Vespa PX Lusso 80ccm (V8X1T from No. 100231), 125 ccm (VNX2T from No. 232053), 150 ccm (VLX1T from No. 624302), 200 ccm (VSX1T from No. 315267), T5 125cc, Cosa

Article no. BGM6501L

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Vespa Smallframe with more power

Around SmallframeThe potential of engines has increased significantly in recent years and appears to be growing steadily.

Power and torque values ​​of clearly over 35PS / 30Nm are found more and more frequently. As a result, other components are of course also stressed significantly more.

Vespa Sallframe Power

Primary springs need to be stronger

An important and highly stressed link between the crankshaft and the transmission is that Clutch and the primary drive. ThatThe weakest link in this chain are the feathers the shock absorption.

Reinforced bgm PRO springs for Vespa Smallframe Primarily buy here

All of the torque is transferred to the rear wheel through them. They ensure uniform power transmission to the gearbox and dampen the uneven running of the crank mechanism between the dead centers. Heavy crankshafts, centrifugal masses that are becoming lighter and lighter and heavy load changes not only in racing, shorten the difficult life of the original springs.

New reinforced springs from bgm PRO

Suitable for the BGM PRO primary repair kits BGM0190, BGM0192, MMW Hartz4/ 5 and of course the original primary repair kits, we have added reinforced springs to our range for you.

BGM0190F 002


More power with the new bgm PRO springs

Compared to a Piaggio spring, the BGM spring offers more spring force and, thanks to the selection of the spring wire, more travel.



Due to the greater possible travel and the increased spring rate, the gearbox and primary drive are protected from tooth breaking load peaks even under harsh operating conditions.

Since you cannot simply increase the dimensions significantly to increase the durability, due to the installation conditions, we have paid attention to good material and workmanship for the spring. Oteva is an extremely resistant spring steel that is used for high dynamic loads and is characterized, among other things, by its durability even under the influence of high temperatures with simultaneous high mechanical stress. To further increase the durability of the spring, the surface is shot-peened.


Spring BGM PRO BGM0190F for primary Vespa Samllframe

  • increased commute
  • increased spring force
  • original installation dimensions
  • Material selection and processing for increased durability
  • suitable in many primary drives


Reinforced bgm PRO springs for Vespa Smallframe Primarily buy here


Lambretta front sprocket - Sprocket

New front sprocket for Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP -

We can now offer you sprockets for your Lambretta from bgm PRO in very good material quality and “made in Germany”.

The pinions are going out high-strength, tempered steel in the gradations 16, 17, 18 and 19 teeth one piece of CNC made.

The dimensions correspond to the original from Innocenti, so that the chain line is correct. The pinions are labeled for easy identification. This means that even when installed, it is possible to see which gear reduction is pulling on the rear wheel without the hassle of counting.

Pinion Lambretta BGM8012R19

Available with 16,17, 18, 19 and XNUMX teeth



Pinion Lambretta BGM8012R19

Here are the common combinations of pinion, sprocket, matching chain and the position of the upper chain tensioner.

  • 15/46 - 80 - chain tensioner above
  • 16/46 - 81 - chain tensioner below
  • 17/46 - 81 - chain tensioner above
  • 18/46 - 82 - chain tensioner below
  • 19/46 - 82 - chain tensioner above
  • 16/47 - 81 - chain tensioner above
  • 17/47 - 82 - chain tensioner below
  • 18/47 - 82 - chain tensioner above
  • 19/47 - 83 - chain tensioner below

Lambretta chain

Lambretta chain


We can supply you with suitable chains Iris in the affordable price segment and from Heavy quality Iwis .

In addition to the special tools required, you will of course also need one to replace the chain or sprocket

new filling oil and Seals for the oil filler and drain plug, as well as the Gear cover.

When changing the oil, it is worth the gear cover directly with one sight glass - so that the oil level in the gearbox is under control at all times.

3330793 Lambretta gear oil screw





Clutch pinion -BGM PRO- Vespa PX, Vespa Cosa 2, with 23 teeth and 24 teeth

From now on we have new ones for you Vespa clutch pinion bgm PRO in program.

14.10.2014 059


The pinions meet the highest quality standards

We attached great importance to the selection of the material, the production and the final remuneration and testing of the pinions.


15.10.2014 020

Vespa pinion with 23 teeth and 24 teeth available


At the moment we can provide you with the pinions 23 teeth and 24 teeth, suitable for that Primary gear of the PX200 with 65 teeth.

BGM6524S (3)


So that the annoying counting of the teeth is no longer necessary and it is clear which primary gear the pinions fit on, we have provided our clutch pinions with clear identification.

Superstrong clutch with new pinions

Of course we have bgm Superstrong clutch 23 teeth and 24 teeth already upgraded with our new pinions.



Vespa gear ratio

In the graph below and the associated table, we have the possible variants of the translation shown.

The combination of the primary 24/65 and a short one fourth gear of the T5-125 with 36 teeth is particularly interesting for drivers of High torque
Engine concepts with BigBox exhaust systems and the Polini 221 and Malossi 221. With this translation can the top speed increases and
the gangway connection from gang3 to gang4 can be made crisper.

RED: 23/65 - gear 4 - 35 teeth // GREEN: 24/65 - gear 4 - 36 teeth


bgm 23 bgm 24

Tab bgm 24 bgm 24