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Would you like to know which parts are built into the Vespa Platónika?


1 The Wishlist - Project PLATÓNIKA Vespa px bgm 177

Only the best of the best, i.e. a multitude of specially developed products from the bgm brand. It would not have been easy for me to pick the best products, but luckily the technical department of the Scooter Centers actively supported here and created a never-ending list in painstaking detailed work in just a few hours.

The whole thing would have cost me months, because this is not just about him Cylinder -BGM PRO 177 cc, its general BGM Pro SportTouring bench or the Shock absorber -BGM PRO SC F1 SPORTbut really ALL parts, from the washer to the Chassis complete LML Star. Thanks to the wish list function of the Online Shops you can now see all parts that are built into the Platónika:

Platónika wish list

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