Vespa GTS 500 La Mutata in Scooter Center

Vespa GTS Tuning extreme: GTS 500

The La Mutata GTS 500 we have already presented them here: La Mutata

Björn was with us last week with the two La Mutata models and Ulf, the boss himself, insisted on testing the 500cc monster. He himself was on the road with a maximum of half the displacement on classic Lambretta and Vespa scooters Performance and driving comfort impressed!

Is the brake even more impressed than by the blatant acceleration? Ulf seemed from the braking performance BREMBO P2 to be particularly enthusiastic! But see for yourself:

Vespa GTS 500 cc test "La Mutata" GTS500 test drive Scooter Center

VESPA GTS300 vs GTS500

What is the top speed and acceleration of the 500 compared to the current Vespa GTS 300 hpe?

Marc of Scooteria and Björn compare them 500 GTS La Mutata Cruiser familiar with the GTS 300 hpe. Here the test of the Vespa Gts 500 La Mutata with a speed comparison with the Vespa Gts 300 hpe.  

The acceleration from 0-100 km / h and the pulling behavior from 80-120 km / h were also tested.

The result of the speed test was quite clear. Have fun with the video!

VESPA GTS 300 vs. VESPA GTS 500 - Speed ​​Test

Vespa tutorial video

Instructions and tutorial videos for your Vespa PX

In the next week we start with ours Vespa tutorial videos, a series from the Vespa Platónika bgm177 project from Scooter Center.

  • How do I install a Vespa cylinder?
  • How do I measure the pinch gap cylinder / piston / cylinder head?
  • How is a carburetor assembled?
  • Tips for cylinder studs on a Vespa!
  • How is a Vespa clutch fitted?
  • How do I install a new gearbox in my Vespa PX?
  • ...
New Vespa PX tutorials by Scooter Center inspired by the Platónika's project

Vespa Platonika (Platonika)

Platónika is the name of the scooter. A Vespa PX that we use with new parts from the Scooter Center Create a completely new warehouse. Of course we use our best BGM parts. Benefit from our know-how, get lots of tips and take a look behind the scenes.
Follow the project here in Scooter Centerblog:

Would you like to know which parts are built into the Vespa Platónika?


1 The Wishlist - Project PLATÓNIKA Vespa px bgm 177

Only the best of the best, i.e. a multitude of specially developed products from the bgm brand. It would not have been easy for me to pick the best products, but luckily the technical department of the Scooter Centers actively supported here and created a never-ending list in painstaking detailed work in just a few hours.

The whole thing would have cost me months, because this is not just about him Cylinder -BGM PRO 177 cc, its general BGM Pro SportTouring bench or the Shock absorber -BGM PRO SC F1 SPORTbut really ALL parts, from the washer to the Chassis complete LML Star. Thanks to the wish list function of the Online Shops you can now see all parts that are built into the Platónika:

Platónika wish list

Tip: Create wishlists and share them with your friends so that they can choose gifts to give you for Christmas this year.




Hello I'm Maryzabel and I do part of the Scooter Center team. In the SC Newsblog I will show you my adventures here and give you a look behind the scenes.

How do build a complete Vespa from scratch


1 The Wishlist - Project PLATÓNIKA Vespa px bgm 177

To build a complete scooter from single components is not an easy task and you need a source, or a shop in this case, with a strong search function and good data base.

Luckily there is a list with the components to complete the Frame LML Star listed on product page of the shop:, this helped us to create ours, with the specialties of BGM and Motonostra.

You can see the Platónika's wishlist here, with its hundreds of parts

Platonic Wishlist

The wishlist in the shop is also the perfect Trojan horse to share your wishes for Christmas, as it can be simply sent out by mail.

For the engine treatment I asked the SC technicians for their advice for the perfect touring engine that is reliable, powerful, a pleasure to ride and also not too thirsty.

And they helped me to add the other parts to my list that already contained the Cylinders - BGM PRO 177/187cc, The  Seat-BGM PRO SportTouring and the Shock absorber -BGM PRO SC F1 SPORT.








Cinema event for Vespa fans

Vespa drivers and our customers know: Hardly anything has moved the emotions and minds of different generations from the 50s and 60s until today as they did VESPA!

vespa fever movie in the cinema

The Vespa - much more than just a cheap means of transport

Originally, the Vespa was intended as a cheap means of transport with weather protection for work and everyday life after the war. But of course it became a cult object for many. In the 1950s a scooter euphoria broke out in Europe ... and to this day she finds her fans around the globe. These lovers take care of that Scooter Center since 1991 with Spare parts and accessories for the Vespa in the Vespa shop.

Vespa exhibition

Become the most beautiful Vespa scooter on the 21. March 2015 on SCOOTERSHOW'15 in the AbenteuerHallenKalk in Cologne. 2 weeks before this big scooter exhibition, on the 8. March 2015 at 11: 30 Scooter riders, Vespa riders, sooterboys and scooter girls, Vespisti, scooters meetrists and Vespa lovers of all stripes to the Kölschen FilmMatinee in the legendary Südstadt cinema ODEON.

vespa fever odeon theater ko? ln

Vespa fever - the movie

In 1989, Hanno Brühl and Peter Roos retraced this Vespa phenomenon in cinematic images and embarked on an exciting one “Scooter trip” in the post-war period and deal with the history of the VESPA, the legendary Italian icon.

As part of the "Peter Kaiser Special" (40 years of cameraman at WDR), the Odeon shows in addition to the film "Vespa fever" also a second film under the title "Places of happiness ”. Celebrities and non-celebrities including Elke Heidenreich, Rio Reiser or Dirk Bach) give an impression of where they feel particularly comfortable.

Come with your Vespa!

Come in style with your Vespa and enjoy the film with other Vespisti! Both films for the price of 7,50 EUR


The movies

Vespa fever

Book: Peter Roos
Director: Hanno Brühl
Camera: Peter Kaiser
WDR 1989

Places of happiness

Book: Bärbel Maiwurm / Peter Roos
Director: Hanno Brühl
Camera: Peter Kaiser
WDR 1990


Sunday March 08th
Time: 11:30
ODEON movie theater

Severinstrasse 81

50678 Cologne

Tickets: € 7,50 / T: 0221 313110

Tickets at the box office for € 7,50, by email at or by phone daily from 16 p.m.

[youtube] dTYH7XsH7aI [/ youtube]

This is the video of the Scooter Center Vespa & Lambretta Classic Day 2013.
The Classic Day '13 took place with us again on Scooter Center Store in Bergheim-Glessen near Cologne.

We were very happy about the many visitors, customers and friends!

Many came by scooter despite the weather forecast. An event is only as good as its guests - and we had the best! We liked it so much - we could spend another Classic Day with you next weekend.



Vespalogy - Because we Love Vespa!

This is how this great video “Vespalogy” from France ends. Cool animations with perfectly fitting sound. We love Vespa too - and this Vespa video auh!

VESPALOGY from supercarburant on Vimeo.

Have fun with the Vespalogy Vespa video

Animation: Nomoon
Music: supercarburant

The entire SCOOTER CENTER Team would like to thank all participants, dealers and visitors of the SCOOTER CENTER custom show Scootershow 2011.

Over 1.500 visitors saw more than 120 international custom scooters. We have again given away 31 great trophies to even more great customizers.

Here are the pictures:
Scootershow Facebook page

SCOOTER CENTER Youtube video
RTL - TV report (only online until March 28th)





bgm Vespa - shock absorbers at Frank's Vespa garage

Frank's Vespa garage regularly brings you interesting videos about Vespa. You can subscribe to the videos via Youtube and iTunes.

The current video is also lovingly prepared and, among other things, deals with the bgm - shock absorber for Vespa. Look in here:
read more

The first video for the custom show at the weekend is ready:

[youtube] Gf6aWj5mnB8 [/ youtube]

Vespa races at the Nürburgring

Classic Race at the Nürburgring scooter race

Last weekend the 19th run of the “Cologne Course” from MSC Porz took place.

We from SCOOTER CENTER TEAM were again represented in large numbers.

After the final preparations and joint inviting of all the equipment and the racing scooters on Saturday morning, it was finally around 14:30 p.m. towards the ring. Once there, we met many familiar faces. The large CONTINENTAL TENT, the grill, the racing scooters etc. were quickly unloaded and set up.

Nürburgring Classic Scooter Race 2009 Scooter race on the Nürburgring

After the technical acceptance, transponder assembly and the legendary driver briefing, the final preparations were made on the scooters.

Luckily got that SCOOTER CENTER TEAM still the box no. 25. So the very rainy Saturday evening with a barbecue under the tent, music and the typical gasoline conversations was a complete success for those present from the Classic Scooter racing scene.

It wouldn't be the ring if it weren't for rain and sun on a weekend, an old Nürburgring rabbit once told me. The same thing happened on Sunday at 8:00 a.m. with the first coffee it was still quite humid and punctually at 10:00 a.m. for training it was nice and dry.

Almost all of our 12 scooters got through more or less well, but even our “T-Roller” was still used.

Fortunately, a lot of spectators came to the ring. Many familiar faces from the scooter scene were present. Overall, drivers from all parts of Germany but also from AT, GB, BE, FR and even Canada were represented.

Vespa races at the Nürburgring

Scooter Center successful and with a lot of fun at the start

At about 14:00 the start finally took place, the one with a
- 2nd place in regularity,
- the fastest "girl scooter" and
- with 12 scooters from 70 starters, on our part
was generally very satisfactory. We are already looking forward to the next race.

Greetings to all contributors - see you soon and get well soon to start number 6.


Torsten Wengeler

Here are the photos from the weekend now PHOTOS

There is already a first video, but there is more to come ...

[youtube] _4cXS7rRhPQ [/ youtube]

We proudly present: The official SCOOTERSHOW Scooter Custom Show Video

[youtube] N97_yO2XopQ [/ youtube]

A nice Lambretta video:

[youtube] MyLS4lCoIlU [/ youtube]
[youtube]7R-fDP50L6Q[/youtube] [youtube]WAl7VcRT44g[/youtube]