Vespa 50SS for sale

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Vespa 50SS for sale

Rare Vespa 50SS Smallframe for sale

We currently have special interesting Vespa Smallframe with round handlebar for sale: Three Vespa V50 SS, originally made in Taiwan from the company "Taiwan Vespa Co. Ltd.".



Very rare Vespa models!

Even if the Taiwanese Vespa SS doesn't do much with the rare ones Smallframe SuperSprint models from Italy has in common, it really is interesting and in our latitudes very rare Vespa!

Bild_3_Vespa_50SS-for-sale Bild_4_Vespa_50SS-for-sale


The special features of these Vespa models:

It falls straight away Links eye, which is slightly larger than a Primavera steering head. It has something of a shrunken Rally 200 steering head, but the proportions fit perfectly with the rest of the way original Vespa Smallframe frame (So ​​unfortunately nothing with a nice narrow SS leg shield ...)

The headlights has a diameter of 140mm, but due to the flat stainless steel trim ring does not appear as big as a PX or Rally headlight of the same size. There are no test marks on the headlight except for a "NL" in a circle.

The plastic Light and turn signal switch resemble those of the PX old, the speedometer is identical in size to the Primavera, ET3 or Rally Tacho, but is made of gray plastic and is labeled "Taiwan Vespa Co. Ltd.".

The angular one Fender nipple, the Vespa emblem on the leg shield and the clutch and brake levers are painted or coated black. the Rubber doormat on the frame tunnel is not executed as in the Rally and Primavera or ET3, but in square "knobs" as in the old Vespa PX.

Likewise, the remembers Bench to a Vespa PX old bench in small, the closed ones Four-hole rims have a light green metallic paint.

A Ignition lock is located directly to the right of the fuel tap, in the Tool compartment under the bench is the 12 volt voltage regulator for the 12 volt PK ignition installed. When you remove the tool compartment, you can see the flasher relay for the two of them underneath Handlebar end indicators.

And now finally to what the Smallframe to the "SS" - above the original ET3 rear light emblazoned on a prominent place the lettering "Vespa 50 SS“In chrome on black.


The prefix of the chassis number is V5SA2T.

Vespa for sale

If you are interested in getting such a rare treasure:
We currently have two Vespa 50SS for sale as restoration objects.
Including proof of customs clearance and invoice from the Scooter Center including 19% VAT, the good pieces should cost € 2000 in silver or € 1500 in white.

If you are interested, contact us at:

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