Chapter 2 - The heart - VESPA PLATÓNIKA BGM 177

Deep insights

I am quite fortunate to have direct access to the bgm development team. The guys who brought the BGM 177 from the first prototype to the production-ready product are at my side with advice and practical help. A good starting point for Platónika's heart.
The entire SC team is driven by the enthusiasm for scooters. Many have been driving for decades and know what works best, why, how and for what purpose. In combination with 27 years of experience as one of the leading scooter shops, an unbeatable combination. Which flows directly into the bgm products.

The parts!

Wie der  BGM PRO 177 cylinderthat breathes life into the engine. Jamming, broken pistons or rings are a thing of the past thanks to the modern design and the ingenious concept:

Or its general BGM PRO BigBox TOURING (BBT),
Thanks to the classic look, one completely underestimates the performance of this system. Both the standard optics and the moderate sound make you almost forget that this is the reference system for the speakers.

Knowing that a few degrees can make all the difference, she comes BGM Pro Touring crankshaft  with appropriate timing. This means that the filling is correct over the entire speed range and the dreaded spitback from the carburetor is eliminated.

And the best thing is that the products are subject to constant further development and, if possible, improved. If you'd like to be kept up to date, don't miss our tutorials on the parts.

2 The Heart - Vespa Platónika by Scooter Center

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And last but not least
Rene Winkler from Scooter Center
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