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Keihin Airstriker

- 35mm, 38mm, 41mm -

Keihin stands for Best quality.

Super responsiveness during load changes - this is what the Airstriker series from Keihin stands for.

The SCOOTER CENTER Keihin has been in the range for ages, now we have also added the 35, 38 and 41 (!!) carburettors to our range. Click here for the Keihin carburetors.

For engines that can't get enough, we have a really fat carburetor: the .41 Keihin PWK PRO, a factory-drilled .38 with a noble finish.

Keihin carburetor

Variator -POLINI High-Speed-Kit-

- for 50cc Piaggio engines -

Variator -POLINI High-Speed-Kit- Piaggio 50ccm (until 1998, long housing)

This is the new one Vario weapon by Polini. This hi-speed kit impresses with its super quality

For better power transmission, there are high-speed kits with optimized counter springs that prevent the V-belt from slipping. The Evo-Slider ensures that the springs do not twist.

Complete and ready-to-install Variomarik kit. Including V-belts, weights, counter springs and small parts.

Roller ramp
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