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Hello scooterist, next Saturday (September 18.09.2010, XNUMX) let's organize the 3. SCOOTER CENTER Classic Day, We are looking forward to your visit!

The SCOOTER CENTER Team was on the Austrovespa, here were almost 1.000 Vespas at the start. You can find the report, the video and the photos in the SCOOTER CENTER News blog.

Here are the current products for September, which you can of course see live with us ...

LML - complete motors and motor housings

PX 125/150 membrane available

LML engines

Motor housing PX 150

The advantages of this new motor housing are obvious:

  • New engines, fresh from the factory
  • Diaphragm inlet over both halves
  • 3-channel motor
  • Complete with studs

Perfect if you want to give your Vespa PX or oldie a faster engine and do not want to convert the original engine or if the original engine has simply been used up.

The membrane inlet can be expanded and powerful thick membrane nozzle drive or you built the original LML membrane reported 24 SI carburettor.

Exhaust S&S V2009 PX200

Complete engine PX 150

We also offer ready-to-install complete motors for quick replacement. The engines are delivered including exhaust, CDI and kick starter.

Set with new bgm ignition.

To simplify the connection to the Vespa, we deliver the engines with a new BGM ignition base plate. Here we offer 2 variants,

1. Complete engine for Vespa PX Lusso
with additional bgm ignition (9021012) 5 cable (PX from 1985)

2. Complete engine for Vespa PX old
with additional bgm ignition (9021011) 7 cable (PX to 1984)

S&S silencer

Pole wheel PX / PK finely balanced

- Lightweight fan wheel for Vespa PX FINE BALANCED-

Pole wheel -VESPA- modified for Vespa PK XL, Vespa PX (1650g) - finely balanced
The finely balanced fan wheel is supplied ready for installation for installation on PX and PK XL engines with electronic ignition.

During assembly, make sure that the correct of the two existing grooves is used (suitable for PK and PX). The best way to do this is to compare the position of the keyway to the customer for the pickup on your old fan wheel with the new one.
We recommend flashing off the ignition to be on the safe side.

The advantages of the fan wheel are:

  • Fine balanced in a German specialist company
  • better acceleration
  • higher performance
  • more toxic throttle response
  • lower load on the crankshaft due to lower weight and perfect balancing

Warning not suitable for Polini 207 - read more

Light PK pole wheel for PX

Digital speedometer

The digital multifunctional instruments from Koso are now also available for the VESPA. So far available for Rally / Sprint and Vespa PX old:

Cylinder covers chrome & stainless steel parts for Vespa

blingbling Vespa chrome parts

Chrome & stainless steel engine cowling parts for Vespa

Cylinder hoods

Cylinder covers chrome & stainless steel parts for Vespa

Shift peg covers

Shift peg covers chrome & stainless steel parts for Vespa

Carburetor pan cover

Carburetor pan cover chrome & stainless steel parts for Vespa

Fan wheel covers

Fan wheel covers chrome & stainless steel parts for Vespa

Step board sets

Stainless steel chrome and stainless steel parts for Vespa

Schwalbe Weatherman 3.50-10

- Super all-weather tires

Scooters not only drive on Fehmarn and Lake Constance, Germany's places with the most hours of sunshine. That is why Schwalbe developed the Weatherman. A tire specially designed for changeable and also cool weather. Its profile is optimized in the following points:

  • Block profile in the middle of the tread for the most stable straight-line stability, low rolling resistance, high rolling comfort and maximum service life.
  • Slats on the tire shoulder provide additional cornering grip - even in bad weather. You literally bite your way into the asphalt.

Benefiting from the first-time use of silica, which gives the tire rubber in this mixture, in addition to wet adhesion, very special mileage.
With these properties, the Schwalbe Weatherman is ideal for extended scooter tours through different climate zones in all wind and weather.

Schwalbe Weatherman 3.50-10

Lambretta parts

Short stainless steel running boards

- Lambretta series 3-

Rear footboard set -LAMBRETTA short / curved- LI (series 3), LIS, SX, TV (series 3), DL, GP - stainless steel

If you want or have to use shorter running boards on your Lambretta, e.g. because of your exhaust, you no longer need to lend a hand:

We now have shortened running boards in our range at a very attractive price. Ready for assembly and in bling bling - stainless steel!

This means that your original running boards are also retained.

Short stainless steel running boards

New Lambretta AF pole wheel

- Medium weight -

The new pole wheel from AF RAYSPEED for the electronic ignition of the Lambretta GP / DL steps with its 1.950g im medium weight to:

It is much easier than

New Lambretta AF pole wheel

Lambrette small parts

Chiselspeed exhaust

- Medium weight -

Exhaust -CHISELSPEED ADS1- Lambretta series 1-3

Good build quality and good fit. Similar to the Taffspeed systems. However, made from thinner sheet metal.

Offers a remarkable achievement at the bottom and high torque. Can therefore be translated for a long time and thus enables high travel speeds.

Chiselspeed exhaust

SCOOTER CENTER Catalog mislaid?

Here you find all SCOOTER CENTER Catalogs for online browsing and download.

We are already one step further with the new one Automatic catalog. The current price and availability are displayed here and with one click you are immediately at the product in the online shop.

We are working on it and will probably gradually implement all catalogs like this:
How do you like the catalogs?
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Control block -MB DEVELOPMENTS V2.0-

2nd international scooter cup Nürburgring

2nd international scooter cup Nürburgring

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