Silentblock Vespa - new sets for Vespa PK

Silent block Vespa silent rubber

Load-optimized asymmetrical silent blocks from bgm PRO

It remains to be seen whether you need different stockings for your left and right foot. One thing is certain: you need different silent blocks in the engine for right (heavy engine side) and left (lighter exhaust side).

We have these tweaked Vespa silent blocks developed and have been offering these for a long time Wasp Largeframe and Smallframe and also Lambretta on. The bgm PRO is new Silent block set for Vespa PK.

bgm PRO silent rubbers

  • more driving comfort
  • high directional stability
  • high steering precision
  • high rigidity

The bgm PRO silent rubbers improve the driving behavior through a much more precise guidance of the motor in the frame. the reinforced rubbers have asymmetrical degrees of hardness. Therefore, despite the tighter suspension, the driving comfort obtained.

With the reinforced bgm motor silent rubbers supplied in pairs, the chassis gains directional stability, steering precision and rigidity. The assembly is simple and is ideal, for example, in the course of an engine overhaul.

More information about the bgm Pro silent blocks for Vespa

Replace the Vespa silent block

Easy construction

Vespa PX 200, V50, PV125 ET3, PK

Have inserted rubbers. Remove the old rubbers from the housing (lever out).
Push the new BGM PRO rubbers back into the housing with a little talcum powder.

Vespa PX80-150, Sprint, VBB, etc.

These models use rubber pressed ex works.
Drill / flex off the caulked axle ends here. Remove the tube and rubbers from the housing.
Push the new BGM PRO rubbers back into the housing with a little talcum powder.


Mount the silent rubbers dry, do not grease / oil. Use talcum powder for easier assembly.

Please note

The rubbers are to be installed in a direction-specific manner.

  • Left in the direction of travel: red color marking
  • Right in the direction of travel: Green color marking

Silent block set engine -BGM PRO- Vespa Small- and Largeframe