Stockach 2009 and 1-DBM run

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img_1322Stockach 2009

On the weekend of Pentecost, the annual first was again in Stockach (Bavaria / Bodensee) Quartermile - run to the DBM.

We were there with a few friends and after two night shifts we were in good spirits not to come back without empty hands. After 540km there was finally well-deserved: grilled meat and cold beer in addition the usual gasoline conversations. On the next nighter we swung a little bit of the dance floor but not for too long because we wanted to be fit.

The next day we had to drive about 20 minutes from the Rungelände to get to the track in an industrial area.

There were already numerous spectators and participants there, so was the new one Vespa catalog and Lambretta catalog out of stock quickly.

To our astonishment, there were really a lot of spectators from the region and afterwards there were even more than 1.000 people in total.

Our results:

Enzo 2nd place
Enzo finished 2nd in class 177 with a personal best of 15,54 seconds.

Torsten 3rd place
I drove a 14,47 sec. with the Rubbish Racer in the Lambretta class and was 3rd behind the two more than 50 HP strong Wrobellamys.
So I was the fastest TS1 and with the time I was also able to be satisfied, because I had easily interconnected.

In the evening there was a party after the award ceremony and another 540km to Cologne the next day. Done but happy….

There are more pictures in the Gallery.
Many thanks at this point to the Lake Scooters for the great events…. Gladly again ;)) ….

So much for Enzo and Torsten from Stockach ... cu all in Mindelheim


(For everyone who was in Stockach, we actually made a wonderful sticker and it should be distributed for free - unfortunately we forgot it in the hustle and bustle - everyone who wants to have it please send an email to - !)

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