Test stand fun 2017

Am 28 January 2017 it's that time again!
In beautiful Styria (Unterlungitz 109, 8230 Sankt Johann in der Heide) the popular and well-known PRÜFSTANDSGAUDI 2017 will be held again.

The strongest scooters in Europe

The strongest scooters from an international starting field such as Austria, Germany, South Tyrol, Italy and many others compete in various ccm classes. Screwdrivers of all categories and levels of expansion have the opportunity to put their skills and abilities to the test!

Vespa, Lambretta and automatic scooters

Like ours Scooter Custom Show not only Vespas meet. Automatic scooters and Lambrettas are also compared. In view of the different engines for one or the other enthusiast a certainly great fair.

Class division:

up to 138ccm
231- high end
Automatic class up to 300ccm all brands

there will also be special cups, for example. for the strongest SF cast iron cylinder etc.
There is an unusual trophy for the most powerful scooter on the day.


Registration & procedure

Please send your registration with your name, roller cylinder and ccm to
Rooms at the Kirchenwirt are reserved in advance, please reserve in person as soon as possible


Schedule for the test fun on January 28.01.17th, XNUMX:
09:00 Registration and admission
10: 00-12: 00 races
12: 00-12: 30 lunch break
12.30-17: 00 races or other races
19:00 p.m. Lucky Haven raffle and trophy award
afterwards party party party with open end

Scooters, tuning, passion, doing good

Whether the passion for tuning and the love for Vespa and Co, there is one special feature in the center of this event. The Union "SFR - School Forest Racing “organizes this event not only to provide a stage for all fanatics, but also uses the opportunity to meet one financial support for families in need to enable. Therefore, in the course of this event, a Charity raffle organized, whereby all the money this raffle brings in through the sale of tickets will again be made available to a needy family this year.

The Scooter Center 2017 didn't miss the opportunity to support the test stand fun with great prizes in kind.

We look forward to seeing you there great charity event!
Until then!
SFR - School Forest Racing

Vespa GTS Malossi tuning

Vespa GTS on the test bench with Malossi Tuning

Some tuning measures were carried out on the Vespa GTS by Bernd (customer), both visually and technically:

Engine: Vespa GTS with Malossi Tuning

Everything from Malossi was installed on the engine, from the cylinder, cylinder head, clutch, variator and gearbox. So the GTS has real pressure from below, that There is an increase in performance across the entire engine speed range on, and thanks to the Malossi Forcemaster2, the rev limiter is reduced by 1.000 rpm. raised, measured on this vehicle 10.500 rpm.

The 4 different setting maps of the Malossi Forcemaster2, depending on the expansion stage, also have the option of changing the injection quantity + -20% at min / medium / max.

  • Curve 0: original cylinder, original camshaft, original cylinder head and Malossi exhaust with DB killer
  • Curve 1: original cylinder, original camshaft, Malossi cylinder head and Malossi exhaust with DB killer
  • Curve 2: Malossi cylinder, original camshaft, Malossi cylinder head and original exhaust
  • Curve 3: Malossi cylinder, original camshaft, Malossi cylinder head and Malossi exhaust with DB killer

Built-in Malossi tuning for Vespa GTS

The following parts from the Scooter Center Vespa shop:

  • 7675562 Malossi cylinder set 282ccm³ V4, Ø = 75,5mm incl. Malossi V4 head
  • 7675672 Malossi injection module "Forcemaster2"
  • M6714844 Malossi secondary gear Z22 / 45 straight teeth
  • M5111885 Malossi Multivar with 3x14gr. + 3x15gr. roll
  • M6113027 Malossi Kevlar strap
  • M5211821 + M2911326 Malossi Delta clutch with Malossi springs red
  • 7674943RG Remus RSC stainless steel with a large dB eater

Performance + 5PS & +31 km / h

Performance diagram Vespa GTS

Data according to performance diagram

VMAX to limiter 134,9 km/h 166 km/h
SPEED LIMITER 9.500 rpm. 10.500 rpm.


So that the Vespa not only makes top marks and accelerates extremely well, but also comes to a safe stop, we will soon be able to find a suitable adapter for the Brembo 4 piston caliper offer. The following is already available:

Front brake caliper, left -BREMBO, 4-piston, Ø = 30 / 34mm, (P4 30 / 34C) - Titan Style

Article no. 3332085

Front brake caliper, left -BREMBO, 4-piston, Ø = 30 / 34mm, (P4 30 / 34C) - Titan Style article no. 3332085

Front brake caliper, left -BREMBO, 4-piston, Ø = 30 / 34mm, (P4 30 / 34C) - Titan Style
Article no. 3332085

Test Pinasco cylinder Vespa Wideframe

Wasp Wideframe Tuning

The Vespa Wideframe-Models are enjoying increasing popularity.

In addition to more and more replacement parts, there is also vigorous development in the area of ​​increasing performance.
So far, existing cast iron cylinders have been rebuilt in order to wrest a little more performance from them with a lot of effort.

New Pinasco Faro Basso cylinder

Pinasco will soon be offering an aluminum cylinder 160ccm for the old Vespa engines with 3 stud bolts.

Our loyal customer Andreas Nagy, who has always been a great friend of these somewhat special Vespa models, deals very carefully with increasing the performance of the Wideframes and works closely with Pinasco in this area.

With a Prototype of the 160cc V2 cylinder he visited us on our dynamometer.

Caliper bracket 007

Secret prototype of the new Vespa cylinder

Caliper bracket 009

We would have liked to have taken an even closer look at the 160 Pinasco.
The prototype of this cylinder was unfortunately hidden under the cooling hood.

Caliper bracket 006

Wasp Wideframe racing exhaust

On our Scooter Center We tested some exhaust systems with Andreas on the P4 test bench. Of course, there is also a bgm PRO BigBox Touring exhaust for the PX models, where we have modified the suspension so that it fits onto the Wideframe fits.


Pinasco BBT Vespa test bench performance diagram Wideframe

Pinasco Vespa test bench performance diagram Wideframe Cylinder prototype

10PS and 100 km / h

Secure; In the age of a Malossi MHR, with which more than 35HP can be achieved almost playfully on a PX, the 10 horses of this Pinasco racing cylinder are not exactly breathtaking. However, you should also look at the original “performance” of the Wideframecall s to your memory! Originally with around 5HP, a maximum of 70km / h was possible on a flat stretch.

With now 10PSthat on Tugging 8 inch small rear wheel, and a suitable primary reduction, are mileage of over 100km / h possible, as can be found on an original PX200, for example.

We are curious to see the potential with which Pinasco will send the cylinder into the race.

Of course, you can find out about the latest news here, from us at Scooter Center Blogging!


Wasp Smallframe Polini Evo 133

Wasp Smallframe with Polini cylinder over 20HP


Today our customer John was again with his Vespa Smallframe on our Scooter Center Test bench.

Where can I find a few more horsepower in my Vespa engine? John

More power for the Vespa

During his last visit, he asked us what changes he could still make to his engine in order to find a little more power.

After we had briefly discussed what its current setup looks like, we were actually able to give some pointers through which more top performance can be obtained.


Motor setup

Basically, the engine is equipped with a Polini Evo cylinder, a 54 bgm crankshaft. The 30th Mikuni TMX carburetor is attached to an MRP suction device. The very best prerequisites to become a clear Ü20 unit.

With an additional processing of the outlet and the conversion of the Polini membrane to 2 flaps, the following result comes out:


Polini Evo 133 Vespa Smallframe on the test stand Polini Evo 133, L&S Franz, Polini Membrane, MRP

With Kytronic even better

Due to the larger outlet area, the exhaust can work much better. The small loss at 6500rpm is unfortunately due to the missing Kytronic. In the current state (red curve), a standard PK ignition system provides a ZZP of 18 ° before TDC. their service. With the Kytronic it is certainly possible to shift the red curve back to the left at 200 rpm, in the direction of the performance that starts earlier.

But all in all a nice number - have fun with it on the street!




Vespa 235cc

35PS and 34NM to start with

Vespa 235cc

About 235ccm on one CNC motor housing are also more of an exception to the test for us.

Few enthusiasts dare to take on such a financial and mechanical challenge. The outwardly rather inconspicuous, silver Vespa PX, hides the technical eye-catcher under the right hood.


27.06.2014 007

The engine, carved out of solid aluminum, is manufactured with a sufficiently large membrane intake manifold.

The crankcase is filled by a 38 Keihin Airstriker in a very short and direct way.

27.06.2014 002

Gearbox is designed for over 50HP

The valuable filling from the crankcase is then transported into a Simonini cylinder borrowed from aircraft engine construction during the flushing process. The 70mm bore results in 235ccm on this engine!

The gearbox of this Vespa PX200, actually 235, is of course not off the shelf either. The company KR-Automation has reached into buttons and developed a very elaborately manufactured Vespa gearbox that can withstand a power of over 50HP over the long term.

Here are the inner values

Simoninii 235

At the moment “only” 35HP and 34Nm are pulling on the main shaft.

However, as the owner credibly assured us, this will be further optimized and we will soon meet again on the test bench to look for more horses.

We are very curious!



Scooter Center Open Day Classic Day

Scooter Center Open Day / Classic Day 2010

Classic Day # 3 at SCOOTER CENTER lured Vespa & Lambretta- Driver to Bergheim-Glessen.

Many thanks to the many visitors to our Open Day for Vespa & Lambretta customers.
Many thanks also to all private parts sellers: there are some bargains that have wandered over the wallpapering tables!

In the best weather: great sunshine and pleasant temperatures, the petrol talks over grilled sausage and Kölsch were even better.

The highest performance has a Vespa with a Malossi 210 converted to water cooling and a DevilInside head 34,8 PS scored!

We are already looking forward to Classic Day # 4!


Thanks to the fantastic weather, it is not entirely clear whether it is the end of the season or the start. BUT

read more

It's that time again: On Saturday, 18.09.2010 we open from 10:00 am - 16:00 pm our gates for all lovers of the classic Vespa & Lambretta scooters.


  • free test bench runs on the SCOOTER CENTER P4 dynamometer,
  • Special offers,
  • Remaining stock & bargains: we also clear our returns, samples, test pieces and used parts and promise as usual: Great prices and lots of bargains.
  • A parts market for everyone: everyone who wants to free their garage / basement of unnecessary ballast is cordially invited to sell their parts at the SCK Classic Day.
  • stylish scooter clothes from the Lambretta boutique
  • The physical well-being is taken care of: (Reissdorf Kölsch) and Roland wants to make the grill glow
  • Petrol talks and socializing

Weatherproof event
If it rains, we will set up the stalls in the warehouse as always and haggle there. We are looking forward to a cozy Saturday and are already curious who will deliver the highest performance on the P4 this time.

The SCK Classic Day # 3 is also on Facebook

SCK dynamometer at VCVD Vespa meeting in Düsseldorf.

Saturday morning, Alex and I meet at 8:00 am SCOOTER CENTER. We are a well-rehearsed team and at 09:15 am we have everything we need for the performance measurements at the scooter meeting. So we make our way across the Rhine to Düsseldorf - Eller zum Vespa meeting of Vespa clubs Düsseldorf.

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