Wasp Wideframe Rear shock absorber bgm PRO with TÜV

Rear shock absorber -BGM PRO SC / R1 SPORT, 385mm- Vespa Wideframe VM1, VM2, VN1, VN2, VB1, VL1, VL2, VL3, GS150 - black Item no. BGM7755B

Shock absorber for Vespa Wideframe behind

Tuning for Vespa Wideframe-Models (e.g. “Faro Basso” / “Lamp Down”, Vespa GS3 or ACMA) is becoming increasingly popular. The big Italian tuners now also offer tuning parts such as Wideframe-Cylinder on. So that you are safe on the road with your valuable Vespa, we have a Suspension which has received approval from TÜV-Rheinland:

BGM Pro SC SPORT shock absorber for Vespa Wideframe

The BGM Pro SC SPORT rear shock absorber for Vespa Wideframe fits Vespa models such as Vespa 125 VN1T / VN2T / ACMA / VL / VB1 / VD / VGL1 / Vespa GS ...


Rear shock absorber -BGM PRO SC / R1 SPORT, 385mm- Vespa Wideframe VM1, VM2, VN1, VN2, VB1, VL1, VL2, VL3, GS150 - black Item no. BGM7755B


- Sporty - Comfortable - Adjustable - With approval -

The bgm PRO shock absorbers come with factory pre-configured damping. Individual tuning: The spring preload (pre-load) of these rear Vespa shock absorbers is infinitely adjustable.

The shock absorber is immediately suitable as a direct replacement shock absorber for everyone Wideframemodels from 1955. Because up to and including model year 1954, the spring and shock absorber are separate at the rear. Do you want this early 125cc Wideframe-Vespa install our bgm shock absorber, you have to install the upper shock absorber mount of the later models. This Vespa shock absorber mount Wideframe of course also offer! Now you can also put the bgm PRO SC shock absorber in the Wideframeuse models before 1955. The damper is also supplied with two screw-in adapters (M8 and M9), these are suitable for each model. In addition, the strut can be adjusted in length in a range of 385-420mm.

Rear shock absorber -BGM PRO SC / R1 SPORT, 385mm- Vespa Wideframe VM1, VM2, VN1, VN2, VB1, VL1, VL2, VL3, GS150 - black Item no. BGM7755B



  • with KBA test mark / ABE (test demonstration required)
  • high-strength aluminum, CNC machined
  • hard anodized surfaces for optimal protection
  • sporty, harmonious damping technology
  • high quality components for a long service life
  • massive 12,5 mm piston rod
  • ready-to-install complete solution
  • Oldie-fair, discreetly restrained look
  • Including adapter for different shock absorber mounts above
  • Adjustable length (385-420mm)
Buy your new Vespa shock absorber with TÜV here


This BGM Pro SC SPORT Coilover suspension for Vespa Wideframe convinces with its harmonious basic set-up. Intended for sporty driving on the road, the predefined specific damper setting and spring rate is an optimal balance between sportiness and suitability for everyday use.


With the BGM Pro SC SPORT shock absorber, the otherwise typical scooter immersion during braking, as well as the rolling movements around the longitudinal axis when accelerating strongly, is reduced. This results in an unadulterated directness. Together with significantly sportier handling, driving becomes a very safe and enjoyable affair.


For pure enjoyment without regrets, the BGM Pro SC SPORT shock absorbers naturally have a KBA test mark and approval for driving enjoyment without regrets.


The technical features of the Vespa SPORT series shock absorbers have been inherited from their big brother, the BGM Pro SC COMPETITION shock absorber. The Vespa SPORT shock absorber has the same massive 12,5mm piston rod as the high-strength and corrosion-resistant aluminum body.
This was also hard anodized and is delivered in a noble matt black.


Sporty, comfortable Vespa shock absorber with approval and an unrivaled price / performance ratio!

ACMA Vespa with bgm PRO Sport rear shock absorber

     vespawideframe-shock absorber_black

  • Suspension
    • shock absorber
  • Wasp
    • 125 (VN1T)
    • 125 (VN2T)
    • 150 (VB1T)
    • 150 (VL1T)
    • 150 (VL2T)
    • GS 150 (VS1T)
    • GS 150 (VS2T)
    • 150GS (VS3T) GS3
    • 150GS (VS4T) GS3
    • 150GS (VS51T) GS3


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