We are convinced: The best we can give our customers is a good time on the scooter! This quality time is different for each of us: we have customers who use their scooters for their daily commute, others restore a rare classic car and benefit from our modern one Online-Shop our vast experience and knowledge. Some of our customers ride their scooters international racing series or go on a Vespa World Travel.

ALL YOU NEED - a good time with your scooter

Our wide range of products enables scooter riders all over the world to enjoy their beloved vehicle. The fast delivery, our practical product sets, exploded views and our instructions help customers to fix an upcoming repair themselves. The committed Scooter Center Team offers knowledgeable advice. We meet our customers on the many Events all over the world, which we sponsor or organize ourselves.

All Scooter Center Employees give everything every day to ensure that you have the best experience with your scooter! This implementation is reflected in the customer satisfaction of the Scooter Centers that the TÜV has determined.

High customer satisfaction with Scooter Center

Every day we also work to give our customers the best shopping experience and the best Scootershop to offer.
It starts with the selection of products and the development of our own brands, bgm and Moto Nostra. Goes through the further development of the online shop and the service, before and after the purchase.
In the largest German-speaking online community for Vespa and Lambretta, the “German Scooterforum”, we were always voted the best scooter shop in the surveys. Now TÜV Saarland has had customer satisfaction checked. And the result is extremely positive with 94% - 4,7 stars out of 5. So that gets the Scooter Center a TÜV seal as an award.

Scooter Center Support service team


TÜV Saarland logo

We scooter drivers know: the TÜV is an institution in Germany that you can rely on. The TÜV not only tests our scooters, cars, elevators and many more: TÜV Saarland measured customer satisfaction when making purchases via the online shop.


The Scooter Center

Scooter Center Chefs

The Scooter Center versorgt Scooter driver since 1992 all over the world with spare, tuning and accessory parts for scooters. With headquarters in Bergheim-Glessen, at the gates of Cologne, the location is strategically well chosen. With an optimal infrastructure of the Rhine metropolis, the airport and the main transshipment points of DHL and UPS, that is Scooter Center optimally networked.

From rare classics to modern scooters with brand new technology: scooters are our passion. And we share them with Scooter Center for over 27 years with our customers, fans and workshops all over the world.

As one of the largest suppliers of accessories, spare parts and tuning parts in Europe, we not only have well over 40.000 parts in stock at all times. Thanks to sophisticated logistics, they can also be delivered in record time - within Germany even overnight. With our uncomplicated Shop system and expert advice, we have established ourselves as a strong partner for dealers and scooter workshops. We are particularly proud of our own brands bgm and Moto Nostra. In them we express all of our experience and our high quality and design standards. No wonder that these coveted parts can now be found among scooter drivers around the world!

The Online Scootershop

The online shop of the Scooter Centers corresponds to the latest safety standards. We react quickly to customer opinions and needs and thus develop new concepts for our customers. the Scooter Center Shop just received one new updatethat focuses on the customer and their vehicles. So can he Scooter Center Customers can park their scooters in a virtual garage and from here they have quick access to all parts that fit the currently selected scooter via the new central navigation.

Comprehensive exploded views, detailed information on the scooter model and a modern search with product filter make it easier to find the products you need.

The Scootershop

TIP: bgm & Moto Nostra

Our own brands bgm and Moto Nostra:

bgm: It all started with shock absorbers. We started at the now a good 20 years ago Scooter Center, the first own damper in TÜV-certified premium quality to produce. This premium chassis soon became a real hit under the own brand "bgm". We understood: this is it! The resounding success motivated us to develop even more parts - and not to compromise on quality. Today, bgm is synonymous with durable materials, careful workmanship and a constantly growing selection among drivers and professional dealers around the world

Buy bgm parts here.
Moto Nostra: While bgm makes the hearts of all passionate mechanics beat faster, our second own brand Moto Nostra especially inspires the growing year after year Modern Vespa community. After all, who wants an off-the-shelf model? For the individual look - retro or modern - we have been developing parts with Moto Nostra for over five years that not only look strong, but can also be assembled in a few simple steps. And which are in no way inferior to the original parts or our bgm range in terms of quality.

Buy Moto Nostra here




Exploded view drawings for scooters

"The Scooter Center has no more exploded drawings "

Allegedly there are customers who think we no longer have any exploded drawings. That is of course not true - on the contrary: we have even expanded and further optimized the search for spare parts via these popular boards. Our Scootershop just got one Update and you can now find the exploded views where they belong: with the scooter model!

Here we introduce you to the new functions of the Explosion and the new vehicle side in the video:

New Shop Features: Explodes Scooter Center Scootersoops 2019

Try now here:

Exploded drawings for your scooter
Scootershop des Scooter Center has been optimized

Scootershop optimization 2019

Customer opinions and the exchange with our partners and customers is very important to us. After our major online shop relaunch last year, we are now stepping up and offering you a shop with further optimizations:

Straight to the new features in the Scooter Center Shop

Navigation: Your scooter quickly & easily in focus

The internal project name “Expresso-Navigation ”says it all: Just like the popular Italian espresso: black, quick, easy and super good!
The navigation at the top, at the top of the page, is the new central element of the Scooter Center Stores:

New: You can only now select the vehicle and then only products that fit your vehicle will be displayed.
You can find particularly popular vehicle groups above, all manufacturers alphabetically below. You can also find recently selected vehicles and scooters from your garage (see below) directly here.

In just 2 steps you can get to your vehicle model quickly and easily and in 1 or 2 additional steps to product categories with special parts for your scooter.

Tip 1: Search within the lists
You can also search within the lists and narrow it down with one entry, eg “PX” - instead of scrolling and then selecting.

Exception: The general categories such as tires, helmets, literature, tools etc. When you visit these categories, you leave the vehicle world again. And vice versa, you will not find any universal products such as helmets under a selected vehicle - and currently no tires either - please use the here Scooter tire finder

Vehicle info: a garage full of scooters!

The vehicle pages are also new. Once you have selected your vehicle, you will now find here (if we already have it) pictures, technical information and the model history. example Lambretta SX200

Tip: Park favorites in the virtual garage
Who wouldn't want a garage full of scooters? in the Scooter Center Shop you now have the opportunity to live your dream, at least virtually: create a free account and park vehicles that you regularly shop for in your personal garage. This allows you to create the model as a favorite for you and you don't have to select it from the list again the next time you visit.

Find scooter spare parts using exploded views

With the selection of your scooter you will now also get to the exploded view of your vehicle (if available). Here you can then select the panel for the vehicle area and visually find and select the spare parts and alternatives to it on the graphic. Alternatively, you can also find all exploded views and Exploded view drawings for carburetor spare parts also here: Scooter Center exploded

NEW: You will now find all products in an exploded view listed one below the other. This makes it easy to select neighboring products that are required directly.

Search: Especially for your scooter or everything?

With the selection of the vehicle described above, you immerse yourself in the world of your scooter. This also means that when you search, you will now only see parts for your vehicle. This individual product selection by vehicle makes shopping with us now clearer, faster and easier! You can also recognize an active vehicle filter by the information next to the search field. If you delete the filter here, you leave the vehicle world and can also search through the entire range.

Buy scooter parts without any obstacles

Of course, the shop is optimized for mobile devices and works on your smartphone or tablet. So you can shop anywhere and anytime without any obstacles. What is new, however, is that shopping is now even faster, easier and more fluid:

If you put a product in the shopping cart, this will be indicated directly next to the product and in the shopping cart with the quantity, we do without a separate note! In this example I have 11 Products in the shopping cart and one of them is the excellent bgm PRO cylinder MRB-Racetour, of which I have just added one.

When choosing the sender, you will receive information about the delivery time and the shipping costs, which will make your decision for the current delivery even easier.

Tip: Always look out for the new, green postage free icon!

You will notice that the buying process has also become leaner and easier.

All in all, further process optimizations ensure that you can still use your parts faster and more reliable receive! After all, you would rather sit on the scooter than in front of the screen with our shop!

Now the innovations in Scooter Center Try the shop




Scooter Center Rollershop update

 Scooter Center Shop Sale & New Products


We are constantly working on our online shop to offer you an even better shopping experience. Our direct online support has been available again for a few weeks.

We recently started moving our elaborately designed exploded more in focus and since today there are, for example, the two new categories:

Scooter Center Rollershop update


Scooter Center Shop sale – our scooter parts sale! Here you can get products from our Scootershop for a special price. From now on you will find our bargains here. Remnants, one-offs, discontinued models or just special offers. Here you can really save!

Go to the Scooter Center Sale


We offer you a selection of over 40.000 products in our scooter shop and new items are added almost every day. In this new category “NEW” you stay up to date with regard to new scooter parts. These are our newly added products or scooter parts that are marked as “new”.

Tip: In our Scooter Center Newsletter  we will also keep you up to date.

All new products


Scooter Center Shop responsive

Fully responsive for multi-device shopping pleasure

Finally yours Scooter Center The shop can also be used comfortably on the touchpad or smartphone / mobile phone. The new scooter shop is fully responsive. This means that it now shines with optimal display and usability for every device or size.

Try it out now:

Scooter Center Shop responsive

This is how we solved the search for spare parts for scooters

With our new shop we have completely optimized our popular exploded view drawings.


NEW since summer 2019, the new functions of the exploded view drawings!




Old version:

In this little video I will introduce you to the advantages and functions of the new spare parts search:

Find scooter spare parts using exploded views - the new one Scooter Center Shop

Overview of vehicles with exploded drawings

Here you can find all scooters that already have the Exlpos spare parts search facility:

Find scooter spare parts

Please select your vehicle model depending on the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can also use the search field:


To the exploded view of the vehicle selection

For vehicle models for which there are already exploded drawings, these are displayed next to the vehicle category. First select your scooter model from the main categories in the navigation bar:

  • Vespa, Lambretta,
  • modern vespa,
  • 50s scooter and
  • Maxiscooter from 125ccm


On the category page you will find the instructions for the exploded view in the header of the page, if this already exists for the vehicle.

On the overview page you can then choose the board with the assemblies that you need.


So that you can find all the spare parts you need across various assemblies quickly and easily, after selecting the first panel, you can use the menu on the left to access all the other panels for the vehicle model:

Exploded views are available for many models, we are working on more models. The offer is constantly being expanded!

Buy your scooter spare parts quickly, easily and safely at Scooter Center:

ALL YOU NEED Vespa shop

ALL YOU NEED - our new Vespa shop

In our new Scooter Center Online shop you can find a wide range of scooter spare parts, items for tuning, accessories, helmets, tools, riders gear and everything you need for the maintenance and repair of your scooter. Over 40,000 items, most of them already available or can be just ordered on request.

Worldwide shipping

Orders placed by 4:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays are dispatched on the same day.

Vespa shop

In our shop you can find a wide range of spare parts for many scooter models like classic Vespa, modern Vespa, Lambretta and automatic scooters until 100cc or from 125cc.

Today we would like to present you our Vespa shop. Please first select your scooter model and then filter the items you need.

Simple and fast: just place the mouse over the “Vespa” section and select the scooter model. If you have searched a vehicle before, this will be saved in “RECENT SEARCHES” and if you have a Scooter Center account you can even save your scooter models in the “MY VEHICLES” area.

Smallframe, Largeframe and Wideframe?

Here in our blog article we have grouped the classic Vespa models into three categories:

  • Wasp Smallframe
  • Wasp Largeframe
  • Wasp Wideframe

The main difference is represented by the size of their frame. Largeframe models have for instance a larger frame and are heavier in comparison with the Smallframe models.

Wasp Smallframe | SFWasp Largeframe PX, Rally Sprint, etc | LFWasp Wideframe GS, Rod model, etc | WF

Wasp Smallframe

The genuine small Vespa models are provided with a displacement of maximum 125cc, eg Vespa PK 125 or Vespa Primavera / ET3.

However, the term Smallframe usually indicates 50cc scooters. The frames of the Smallframe models are narrower and lighter. On the engine side there is only a flap to reach the spark plug and other parts.

Smallframe models include for instance the following vehicles:

  • Vespa V50
  • Vespa PK
  • Vespa Primavera

Vespa V50, V90, PV, ET3


Vespa PK automatic


Wasp Largeframe

Largeframe are Vespa models with the maximum power: 80-200cc and up to 12HP. The side panel on the engine side can be completely removed. Largeframe models include for instance:

  • Vespa PX
  • Rally
  • Sprint
  • VNB
  • T4, etc

Vespa P / PE / PX, T5, Cosa

Vespa rally, sprint, GT

Vespa GS160, SS180


Wasp Wideframe

The Wideframe Models are the Vespas from the early 50s: the very first models with large side panels and often with tube handlebar or headlight on the mudguard like in the rod models “Faro Basso”. All Vespas with a flap under the seat are the Wideframe models. The frames are large because of the wide engine mounting. Here some examples of this Vespa range:

  • Rod model ("Faro Basso"), tube handleable
  • Vespa T1 "Struzzo", T2, T3
  • Vespa GS1, GS2, GS3. ...

Vespa GS150, VL, VB

Vespa rod model / Faro Basso / tube handleable

ALL YOU NEED Vespa shop

ALL YOU NEED - Our new Vespa shop

In our new Scooter Center Online shop we offer spare parts, tuning, accessories, helmets, tools, clothing and everything for the care and maintenance of your scooter. We offer you well over 40.000 products. The majority can be delivered immediately overnight or will be ordered especially for you at short notice.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow

Ordered today - unpack tomorrow!

Orders placed by 16.00 p.m. leave our company on the same day.

Vespa shop

We offer you parts for a large number of scooter models. Classic Vespa, modern Vespa, Lambretta, 50's automatic scooter and maxi scooter from 125ccm.

Today we want you ours Vespa shop imagine. First select your model in the shop and then filter for the products you need.

Vespa Shop - order by vehicle

You can do this very easily in the shop using the navigation in the head of the page. Start by conveniently selecting your vehicle using the navigation. We support you: The last model you visited is saved, and if you have one Scooter Center Account you can also create favorites -> put in the garage.

Smallframe, Largeframe and Wideframe?

Here in the blog we have the vehicles again Smallframe, Largeframe and Wideframe sorted.

We differentiate between the classic Vespas

  • Wasp Smallframe
  • Wasp Largeframe
  • Wasp Wideframe

The main (external) difference lies, as the name suggests, in the frame.

Smallframe are the Vespas with the small frame.
Largeframe Models are larger in weight and dimensions.

Wasp Smallframe | SFWasp Largeframe PX, rally sprint etc. | LFWasp Wideframe GS, lamp below etc. | WF

Wasp Smallframe

The "small" Vespa models originally have a maximum displacement of 125 ccm. For example Vespa PK 125, or Vespa Primavera / ET3.

Most are with Smallframe but meant the 50 cc scooter. The framework of the Smallframe-Models are narrower and lighter. On the engine side there is only a flap to get to the spark plug and the like. Vespa Smallframe Models are e.g.

  • Vespa V50,
  • Vespa PK,
  • Vespa Primavera.

Vespa V50, V90, PV, ET3


Vespa PK automatic


Wasp Largeframe

Largeframe are the large Vespas, the models that were available with the highest performance in the delivery condition: 80 - 200 cc and up to 12 HP. The side hood ("cheek") on the engine side is always completely removable. Vespa Largeframe-Models are for example:

  • Vespa PX,
  • rally,
  • Sprint,
  • DSO,
  • T4, etc.)

Vespa P / PE / PX, T5, Cosa

Vespa rally, sprint, GT

Vespa GS160, SS180


Wasp Wideframe

These are the first Vespa models from the early 50s. The oldest models with the great, wide side panels and often with tubular handlebars or a lamp from the “Faro Basso” fender below. All Vespas have a flap under the seat Wideframe  Models. You have the wide frame because of the very wide motor traverse. Models of this type are for example:

  • Lamp below ("Faro Basso"), tubular handlebar
  • Vespa T1 "Struzzo", T2, T3
  • Vespa GS1, GS2, GS3. ...

Vespa GS150, VL, VB

Vespa lamp below / Faro Basso / tubular handlebar

Scooter Center Bonus program

The Scooter Center Shop - save now from the first euro

Our Scooter Center Shop is here. In addition to the apparent optical update, there is also a lot of interesting stuff under the hood. They are cool, for example Scooter Center Bonus points our program for our loyal customers:

Scooter Center Shop update

Your loyalty is now rewarded!

In our Scooter Center Shop you can now collect SC bonus points: with every purchase and from the first euro. You can collect the points or use them again for your next purchase and save directly! The bonus points are credited 14 days after sales. Redeemable from 100 points.

1 euro = 1 bonus point

You get 1 euro = 1 Bonus point credited to your customer account. You can see your current bonus point balance in your Scooter Center Online account . view

The SC-Bonus points you can have the purchase amount offset directly against the purchase amount for your next purchase. For every redeemed bonus point, 1 cent will be deducted from your bill.

Extra bonus points

Look forward to promotions in which you can collect extra SC bonus points.

Let's collect points in Scooter Center Shop

Please note:

  • You can only earn bonus points as an end customer in our Online-Shop and they will only be activated 14 days after the invoice has been issued.
  • Bonus points cannot be redeemed if you want to buy a voucher.
  • For items returned by you, the corresponding bonus points will be deducted from your account.
  • Bonus points do not expire.
New Scooter Center Shop

Our new one Scooter Center Shop

Today is an exciting day: In the morning ours will go new shop on-line. We worked on it for a long time. Everything will be nicer, faster, and even safer.

  • Bonus program: collect points from the first euro and redeem them with your next order!
  • Buy in a set and save with cheaper bundle prices
  • Many new spare parts via exploded views
  • Free postage from 149 euros to Germany

During the transition period it can take up to 24 hours for our new shop to appear on your browser. As long as the old system is still working reliably.

Takeover of your account - new password

We could transfer your customer account to the new shop. The wish lists are also retained. Of course, we had no access to your password. As soon as you can access the new shop, you can have a new password sent to you:


Create a new account

A pair of Scooter Center Shop account has many advantages:

  • Fast Shopping
  • Create wishlists
  • Save your user data and settings
  • Insight into your orders including shipment information
  • Manage your newsletter subscription

You do not have an account? Here you can get a new one Scooter Center Create shop account:


Get in touch with ours now Newsletter !

Have fun with our new shop: