Vespa Gentleman Giro start

Vespa Reise for donations to children's cancer foundations

Markus André Mayer originally wanted to go to one this year with a 1971 and 2,5 hp Vespa 50 25.000 km journey through 40 countries in Europe Visit over 200 local Vespa clubs. Together with the clubs he wants money for 40 national institutions in Fight cancer with children collect.

Due to Corona, this project has now been postponed a bit and Markus started a Germany edition at the weekend, or he is traveling to 2 months through 5 countries, among other things, it will also become ours Scooter Center OpenDay on August 28th be in Bergheim!

The Scooter Center is one of the main sponsors here and of course we built the engine for him for this tour and equipped the Vespa with a bgm PRO Vespa chassis.

Vespa Gentleman Giro Germany tour schedule

Planned tour route and stages with date

03.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Leonberg at Alvivo Start in Freiburg im Breisgau

July 04.07.2021th, XNUMX Freiburg Singen

July 05.07.2021th, XNUMX Singing Ravensburg

06.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Tettnang Zurich to Hockerty

07.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Zurich Lenzburg

July 08.07.2021th, XNUMX Lucerne Rohrschach

July 09.07.2021th, XNUMX Rohrschach Feldkirch

July 10.07.2021th, XNUMX Feldkirch Innsbruck

11.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Innsbruck Bruneck

July 12.07.2021th, XNUMX Bruneck Zell am See

July 13.07.2021th, XNUMX Zell am See Liezen

July 14.07.2021th, XNUMX Liezen Graz

July 15.07.2021, XNUMX Graz Vienna

July 16.07.2021, XNUMX Vienna Altlengbach

July 17.07.2021th, XNUMX Altlengbach Linz

July 18.07.2021, XNUMX Linz Eferding

19.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Ried im Innkreis Ingolstadt

July 20.07.2021th, XNUMX Ingolstadt Lauf an der Pegnitz

21.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Lauf an der Pegnitz Schwarzenbach

July 22.07.2021nd, XNUMX Schwarzenbach Ebermannstadt

July 23.07.2021, XNUMX Ebermannstadt Bamberg

July 24.07.2021th, XNUMX Bamberg Plauen

July 25.07.2021th, XNUMX Plauen Leipzig

July 26.07.2021th, XNUMX Leipzig Dresden

27.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Dresden Heidenau to Heidenau Reifen

28.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Radeberg Berlin

July 29.07.2021th, XNUMX Berlin Waren an der Müritz

30.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Waren an der Müritz Rostock

July 31.07.2021, XNUMX Rostock Lübeck

01.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Lübeck Kiel

August 02.08.2021nd, XNUMX Kiel Flensburg

August 03.08.2021rd, XNUMX Flensburg St.Peter Ording

August 04.08.2021th, XNUMX St Peter Ording Hamburg

05.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Hamburg Bremerhaven

06.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Bremerhaven Wulsbüttel

07.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Bremen Celle

08.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Celle Wolfsburg

09.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Braunschweig Hanover

10.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Hanover Bielefeld

August 11.08.2021th, XNUMX Bielefeld Oberhausen

August 12.08.2021th, XNUMX Oberhausen Essen

August 13.08.2021th, XNUMX Krefeld Frechen

14.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Bergheim Bonn

August 15.08.2021, XNUMX Aachen Luxembourg

16.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Luxembourg Kirn

17.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Kirn Mainz

August 18.08.2021, XNUMX Mainz Hofheim am Taunus

August 19.08.2021, XNUMX Aschaffenburg Heidelberg

20.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Heidelberg Linkenheim Hochstetten

21.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Linkenheim Hochstetten Leonberg

August 22.08.2021nd, XNUMX Leonberg Aich

August 23.08.2021, XNUMX Ulm Ingerkingen

24.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Ingerkingen Kempten

28.08.2021 Open Day SCOOTER CENTER

Successful start of the tour

Markus reports that the tour got off to a successful start on Saturday. He experienced the first two days like this:

Day 1 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After a nice evening with Vespisti Böblingen, the team from Alvivo and my dear Martina Gödert with good food in the boathouse Böblingen and a night in the hotel, a wonderful event was organized at the Alvivo company headquarters in bright sunshine, we enjoyed the Cafe von der Ape, grilled food Served by volleyball players and good vibes as well as great offers. 420 € were collected on site via patches and stickers and other donations and then a pack of great people on the Vespas accompanied me a long way towards Freiburg im Breisgau, where the VC Freiburg and the scooter friends Südbaden Brewing collective waiting for me. The weather had changed and shortly beforehand I had to go to the terrace of the Hex restaurant in Waldkirch in the rain suit where the landlord insisted on giving me 20 € of fuel. In Freiburg, through patch and sticker sales as well as sausages and generous rounding up, another 600 € came in the donation pot and at 2:30 at night I was able to fall into bed with a great result of more than 1000 € on the first day.

Day 2 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After a good breakfast, Wolle Wide Frame and Olaf Just accompanied me until shortly before Singen! A great ride in mixed weather through the wonderful Black Forest! The engine of SCOOTER CENTER performed exactly like the last 1.200 km without any problems and I was received in proper style by the Vespaclub Singen Hegau and escorted the last few meters to Singen, which attracted the attention of the gentlemanly outfit. A hot grill, cold beer and long and good conversations were waiting for us.

I would like to expressly thank EVERYONE who was there, organized, helped and sent along these 2 days. Of course, all proceeds and donations remain with the clubs, which will transfer them DIRECTLY and without deductions to the German Childhood Cancer Foundation in the coming days.

How does the donation actually work?

> Markus is often asked this question, his answer:

“How does it work with the donations and the trip and so at the Vespa Gentleman Giro and do you pay for my vacation ?!

An important and good question!

Of course, with your donations you will not pay for my trip, my overnight stays or anything else. Thanks to great sponsors, support from my family and also by sleeping on the couch, barbecuing at the clubs, etc., the donations flow 100% directly to the respective children's cancer foundation! "

Where do the donations come from?

Markus explains here in his words:
So, on the one hand, people simply donate directly to the campaign of the children's cancer foundation in your country (for example if the relay of the Vespa Gentleman Giro is handed over to them by another club)
In addition, in order to generate further donations, I have had stickers and patches produced on my own in advance, which I sell together with the club presidents at the events at the clubs. The production costs of 10 € stay with me and 2 € directly with the president of the respective club, who usually sends them to the children's cancer foundation the next day with the total donations of the club.

Clubs and private individuals also donated plaques, pins or other items for sale or auction. These are publicly auctioned during the year and only sent against postage, whereby the payment does not have to be sent to me but directly to the foundation.

It is not possible to give me cash donations and I will not accept any.

Exception: someone specifically and explicitly wants to give me fuel, oil or a meal. But there is a separate Gofundme account or my PayPal.
I hope this post clears up any questions or ambiguities regarding the Gentleman Giro - should anyone still want to know something, please send me a message.

My campaign is 100% transparent and I publish all donations known to me on a daily basis.

So again to take note: Donate 100% Children's Cancer Foundation

Travel costs: 40% sponsors, 30% support for my great family and 30% myself.

This means: 7 months to start, 2 months of travel and another 6 months for the coming year. So everyone can work out what it can cost (cost of living, loss of earnings, insurance, approval, equipment, pre-production of merchandise, postage, website, print material ......)

Vacation is somehow different ”


You can also support Markus directly:



Scooter Center Shop closed

Next SC Open Day on September 18, 2021


"The Scooter Center closes its store sale“That we would ever say that was inconceivable a few months ago, even unthinkable. The thought of it brings tears to our eyes. We have been selling scooter parts since 1992, personally, with passion and love for what we do.

For us, the store was much more than a business premises. At the same time, it was the perfect place to exchange ideas about the shared hobby, to get feedback and constructive criticism. But of course also a lot of praise, which we were happy about and which has always inspired us.

The last fifteen months with Corona have changed a lot. Home office workplaces have become just as standard as online meetings, minimum distances, hygiene regulations and protective measures.

Since the corona-related closure of the shop in November 2020, we have been working intensively on the possibility of enabling you to pick up the goods. So is ours CLICK & COLLECT developed. To compensate for the permanent closure of the store, this will be click&collect continue to offer and, above all, expand. We are currently working on pick-up options that are also outside of our business hours in order to be able to offer you greater flexibility than ever before.

We love the contact with you, our common hobby, the common laugh, talk shop and talk. So we look forward to the coming Open Day on Saturday September 18th. In addition, we have other special events in the pipeline so that we can continue to exchange ideas about the most beautiful hobby in the world.

Be curious what we will come up with for you.

Your Scooter Center Team



Scooter Center Classic Day 2020

Scooter Center Classic Day Update 03/20:

Unfortunately we have to postpone Classic Day. Realism has triumphed over our optimism. We'll definitely see you on our Classic Day in autumn. Then even bigger and better, we all have some catching up to do. So stay at home, isolate and watch out so that the ghost ends soon.

Stay healthy!

Scooter Center Classic Day 25 April 2020

We currently assume that this event can take place despite the coronavirus COVID-19.

Scooter Center Classic Day April 25.4.2020, XNUMX, Bergheim

A great day with friends at friends

Great Vespa and Lambretta scooters and nice people from near and far are waiting for you: scooter drivers.

In addition, there are again our free test bench runs, private parts stands and the large one Scooter Center Bargain market with returns, samples and B-goods.

The physical well-being is provided in liquid and solid form. So the best conditions for a day with friends at friends.

Speaking of friends: please share our event here: Facebook event

Scooter Center Classic Day on April 25, 2020 on Scooter Center in Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 1 in 50129 Bergheim-Glessen:

Registration for the private or commercial parts market

Classic day videos 2019

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

custom show

The Scooter Center Classicday takes place without a custom show. After our phenomenal location in Cologne broke away, we were looking for something comparable for a long time. Now we have a great solution. So we hope that to our legendary Scootershopefully more positive news will follow soon! Be curious.

Scooter Center Classic Day Vespa Lambretta

Vespa and Lambretta fans at Classic Day 2019

Maryzabel has your impressions described here very nicely – I don’t need to write much anymore and prefer to let the pictures do the talking. The weather was great, the exhibitors were great and so were our customers, visitors and friends! All in all a super great day:

Here is our video:

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

Photos Classic Day ´19

Maryzabel Classic Day Vespa Lambretta

Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

6. The big day has come!

Thanks to the restaurateurs, manufacturers, event organizers, partners, clubs and many participants who attended the Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 were present, I was lucky enough to learn more about highlights and rarities:

  • Getting to know the Twin Vespa with the two PX Malossi 244 engines and Christian personally, which is just as much fun as Christian's reason for building it: “too much space on the left and too little power on the right”
    Xtreme Vespa Tuning Twin Vespa PX 58HP Scooter Center Motorino Diavolo

  • The level of specialization that can be achieved with the classic beauties of the
    Hoffmann racing relay & factory hall the, the tubular handlebar model (Wideframe: Lampeunten, Faro Basso, ..) the Vespas of Piaggio and licensed buildings ACMA, Douglas, but especially those Hoffman Vespa, which were made in Germany by Hoffmann in the years 49 to 57, received in perfect condition and, above all, also drive !!
  • Testing from Raging Rhino, a magical support that keeps the scooter in place during transport - literally one of many “Crazy” solutions in a positive sense from Wolfgang /Crazy Monkey Development,
  • Scootering goes green: The renouncement of plastic (for packaging ;-)) and Franz's idea that every participant of the Alp Days will plant a tree in Zell am See.

What amazes me again and again and what you can see in the interviews that I did to you - If you manage to understand my “German” ... I have to say that the events in Germany were a great challenge for me and are. Because integrating myself into a group of native speakers, understanding technical details and humor, and that with my shyness, which makes me forget my knowledge of German, was clearly a major barrier.

But on Classic Day I somehow felt in “my flow”, I don't know if it's because I already speak a little more German (just a little more) or because it was a room in which I could be whoever was again I am: surrounded by scooters, engine noise, 2t smell, offers of super tempting spare parts, music and friends? Look for yourself:

Video Scooter Center Classic Day

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

Vespa & Lambrette forever!

I am glad that there is the myth of scootering with Vespa and Lambretta. Events like Classic Day and companies like that Scooter Centerthat supports the scene and with bgm and Moto Nostra produces and improves forgotten products and develops great new products, there will be scooters like Vespa and Lambretta for a long time to come!



Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

5. Experience Classic Day 2019 up close

There has been a special atmosphere in the SC offices since the arrival of a complete container with Vespas from Japan!

Wasp Smallframe for sale

Everyone is preparing for the Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 before. A meeting that, by the way, will be very exciting for me, not only because I'm the first from our club, the den Scooter Center Attended OpenDay, but because it will be the only event of its kind that I have ever attended.

Usually the events that I have attended and even organized have the Vespa community as a common denominator. But on that next open day on Saturday August 31st, everything revolves around the scooter!

Of course, the scene cannot be missing:

  • the music,
  • das Essen
  • and the friends

I am especially looking forward to friends I will meet again and new scooterists I would like to meet.

We will have international visits from Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg and England. But it will also be the scooters that will grab my attention. I'm looking forward to the performance that's on  Scooter Center Test bench is shown.


It's crazy what awaits me: scooter parts special sales, returns, B-goods. The used ones Smallframe Vespas from Japan in great condition. Lots of new products to touch and special offers. In addition, there are stands from manufacturers, organizers and partners and the private parts market for scooters and scooter parts, many of our customers and friends have cleaned out their garages and cellars and are selling at Scooter Center ClassicDay their best parts. The Vespa and Lambretta used market will be the perfect place to look for treasure!

I'm really excited because I have to get a new Vespa as a partner for my adventures. I will keep you up to date here, because this is just the beginning!



Scooter Center Classic Day 2019

Scooter Center Classic Day '19 - August 31, 2019

According to our successful start to the season, we now invite you to our legendary Classic Day on. We look forward to another great day with many friends!

The best entertainment and catering is provided and the Scooter Center The test bench is ready for your scooter.

Scooter Center Rollers to the parts market May 18, 2019

Parts market

Use the opportunity: bargains, remaining stock, returns, B-goods and remaining stock sales in Scooter Center Store. In addition, there is again a large private parts market where you can also sell yourself. Clear your workshop, basement and garage now and sell your best parts on the scooter parts market. The parts status is of course free of charge for you again!


Location: Scooter Center Uppercase



Scooter Center Classic Day 2018

Classic Day 2018 at Scooter Center: over 1,000 visitors - great weather, great event!

We have to confess it: we really had luck with the wather.

Thank you!

It was a great event - we'd like to thank all visitors for coming!
The first bargain hunters already came in the early morning to our huge parts market with remaining stock, b-stock and samples. Our coffee machine worked on full blast. Then, everything happened very quickly: the first clubs and single scooterists arrived with their Vespa and Lambretta scooters. And Scooter Center sometimes seemed to burst at the seams.


The atmosphere at the dynamometer was very fervent. Except for a couple of breathers, one by one, scooters had to show here what was behind their side panel. Alex and Uwe (despite hearing protection) can maybe still hear the sound of roaring scooters in their ears.

Genuine people

Over 1,000 visitors from near and far, eg from Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, celebrated with us our Classic Day 2018. Customers and partners and several scooter clubs enjoyed the company of like-minded scooter riders. Tasty sausage specialties, cold drinks and a delicious ice cream from the ice cream Ape van.


In our store there were special prices as well as the special sale of remaining stock, b-stock and samples. Furthermore, there were also private sellers offering their second-hand parts at our parts market.


You couldn't come to the event or you'd like to live through the event again? Here you will find a selection of pictures taken during the Classic Day. Videos will be posted later!


Scooter Center Classic Day 2018

Classic Day 2018: Over 1.000 visitors in the best weather on Scooter Center

Admittedly, we were really lucky with the weather. Just like with the french fries - they were just enough!

Thank you

It was an amazing day - thank you for so many happy visitors!
Early in the morning, the first bargain hunters came to our large parts market with remaining stock, B-goods and sample items. The big coffee machine was running at full speed. Then everything happened very quickly. Little by little, whole clubs and individual scooterists drove to us with Vespa and Lambretta scooters. So that Scooter Center  at times threatened to burst at the seams.


Our test bench ran even hotter. With the exception of a few breaks, one scooter after the other had to show what was under its side hood. Alex and Uwe probably still have the sound of scooter motors roaring in their ears today (despite hearing protection).

Real people

Over 1.000 visitors from near and far, including Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, celebrated Classic Day 2018 with us. Friends, customers and partners and various scooter clubs enjoyed the company of like-minded scooter drivers with delicious sausage specialties from the original Tatort snack bar. There were also chilled drinks and an incredibly good ice cream from the ice cream ape.


There were special prices in the store and the special sale of remaining stock, B-goods and sample items. In addition, private dealers offered their used parts on the parts market.


Couldn't be there, or are you looking forward to a memory from Saturday? Here we have a selection of photos from the event. We will deliver the video later!


Scooter Center Classic Day 2018

Scooter Center - our Classic Day 2018

On Saturday, 8th September we'll celebrate with you our Classic Day. We are happy to welcome all our customers!

  • private spare parts market
  • Scooter Center Discount on remaining stock and B-stock
  • free dynamometer tests
  • catering
  • many friendly scooter riders :-)

Come with your scooter!

Visit our Scooter Center store with a wide range of Moto Nostra and bgm items!

Scooter Center Open Day

Kurt Schumacher Str. 1, 50129 Bergheim-Glessen, Germany

Saturday 08/09/2018, 10:00am-4:00pm

Facebook event

Last but not least: of course we also have a grastronic offer for you! Tasty food at good price!

Come and visit us! We're waiting for you!

Crime scene Wurstbraterei Scooter Center Open Day 2018 Crime scene Wurstbraterei Scooter Center Open Day 2018

Flyer Scooter Center Open day 2018

Scooter Center Classic Day 2018


Scooter Center Classic Day 2018

Scooter Center El Classic Day 2018

Sabato 8 September siamo lieti di festeggiare con voi il nostro Classic Day e di dare il benvenuto a tutti i nostri clienti!

  • mercatino private di ricambi
  • discount Scooter Center Su rimanenze di magazzino and merce di seconda scelta
  • test su banco di prova for free
  • gastronomic offer
  • Tanti simpatici scooteristi :-)

Venite with the vostro scooter!

Venite a trovarci presso il nostro negozio Scooter Center e scoprite i numerosi articoli a marchio Moto Nostra e bgm.

Open Day Scooter Center

Kurt Schumacher Str. 1, 50129 Bergheim-Glessen, Germania

Sabato 08/09/2018, 10:00-16:00

Facebook event

Scooter Center pensa proprio a tutto: per voi anche una vasta offerta gastronomica con tante prelibatezze ea prezzi modici.

Venite a trovarci! By aspettiamo!

Crime scene Wurstbraterei Scooter Center Open Day 2018 Crime scene Wurstbraterei Scooter Center Open Day 2018

Flyer Scooter Center Open day 2018

Scooter Center Classic Day 2018


Scooter Center Classic Day 2018

Scene of the crime Scooter Center - our Classic Day 2018

In a week it will be ready: Am Saturday September 8th let's celebrate our legendary with you again Scooter Center Classic Day.


  • Lots of scooter parts: private parts market
  • Even more scooter parts: Scooter Center Discount with remaining stock and B-goods
  • Free test bench runs
  • Crime scene Wurstbraterei
  • Chilled drinks
  • Lots of nice scooter drivers :-)
Scooter Center Open day 2017

Best weather - come with your scooter!

The weather will be great again. We expect sun and temperatures of over 22 ° C +.

Celebrate with the Moto Nostra, bgm and the Scooter Center - Team right on Scooter Center Store in the
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 1 in 50129 Bergheim-Glessen directly at the gates of Cologne.

Joint approach / Corso from Aachen via Jülich / Elsdorf / Bergheim

The Vespa Club Aachen, for example, organizes a joint journey to us, with us there is free coffee for all participants.
VCA exit for the Open Day in Scooter Center Cologne.

All Vespa & Lambretta friends are cordially invited to take us overland to Bergheim. The speed is around 70 km / h.

The meeting point is at 10.00 a.m. at the Aral petrol station, Rue de Wattrelos in Eschweiler.
Then departure is punctually at 10.15 am with a short stop at 10.30 am in Aldenhoven at the McDonalds, whereupon we drive about 45 minutes to Bergheim via Jülich, Elsdorf. We will arrive around 11.15:XNUMX. More information about the tour here

Facebook event

Delicious food from the grill - come with your family!

The Scooter Center Classic Day is a family day. Either way! You meet a lot of friends, acquaintances and like-minded people. Bring your family and spend a pleasant day with friends.

We will provide delicious food again: Known from our Scooter Customshow, the original sausage roasting facility (known from the Cologne Tatort) is there and provides you with a delicious snack at very fair prices!

Crime scene Wurstbraterei Scooter Center Open Day 2018 Crime scene Wurstbraterei Scooter Center Open Day 2018

Flyer Scooter Center Open day 2018

Scooter Center Classic Day 2018


Scooter Center Classic Day 2018

Scooter Center Classic Day 2018 - notre journée des portes ouvertes

Le samedi, 8 September 2018, se tiendra notre Classic Day et nous serons heureux de vous y accueillir.

  • Stands private
  • Release of the products of the second choice and the promotion
  • Essayez gratuitement notre banc d'essai professionnel
  • Restoration: Tatort Wurstbraterei (saucisse grillée)
  • Buvette: boissons rafraîchissantes
  • Beaucoup de scooteristes sympas :-)

Venez nombreux en scooter!

La journée des portes ouvertes se tiendra devant notre boutique (address: Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 1, 50129 Bergheim-Glessen, Germany).

Event on Facebook

Comme sur notre Customshow, the stand “Wurstbraterei” (connu de la série télévisée policière Sur le lieu du crime) va vous offer de collation à un prix raisonnable.

Crime scene Wurstbraterei Scooter Center Open Day 2018 Crime scene Wurstbraterei Scooter Center Open Day 2018

Leaflet Scooter Center Open day 2018

Scooter Center Classic Day 2018


Scooter Center Classic Day 2018

Scene of the crime Scooter Center - our Classic Day 2018

On Saturday, September 8th, we will celebrate our Classic Day with you again. We look forward to all customers!

  • Private parts market
  • Scooter Center Discount with remaining stock and B-goods
  • Free test bench runs
  • Crime scene Wurstbraterei
  • Chilled drinks
  • Lots of nice scooter drivers :-)

Everyone comes by scooter!

Celebrate with Moto Nostra, bgm and the Scooter Center right on Scooter Center Store.
(Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 1, 50129 Bergheim-Glessen)

Facebook event

We will provide delicious food again: Known from our Scooter Customshow, the original sausage roasting facility (known from the Cologne Tatort) is there and provides you with a delicious snack at very fair prices!

Crime scene Wurstbraterei Scooter Center Open Day 2018 Crime scene Wurstbraterei Scooter Center Open Day 2018

Flyer Scooter Center Open day 2018

Scooter Center Classic Day 2018


25 years Scooter Center

After our custom show The next big event is coming up in May!
This year's OpenDay has a very special star: 25 years Scooter Center.

We are therefore especially looking forward to celebrating with you. Let yourself be surprised and stop by:
Facebook event:
Scooter Center Event calendar

Flyer Scooter Center Open Day 2017

Combine the Classic Days with a visit to the Scooter Center

This first weekend in August takes place just around the corner from Scooter Center a big classic car festival is taking place. The focus is actually on classic automobiles. For the 70th birthday of the Vespa there is a special this year. Great opportunity yours Purchasing in Scooter Center in Bergheim Glessen with a visit to the Vespa exhibition and the Vespa meeting there!

70 years of Vespa Schlß Dyck - visit the Scooter Center Vespa shop

70 years of Vespa Special

The 70th birthday of the Vespa is celebrated at the Classic Days at Schloss Dyck in Gevenbroich. The big anniversary on the topic of "70 years of VESPA" should not be missing on this classic weekend.

Special exhibition, scooter meeting and Vespa acrobatics

With a special exhibition, the organizers want to try to present an almost complete presentation of the VESPA history, and there will also be a scooter meeting.

Don't miss the acrobatics show when you visit VESPA Oldtimer Friends Munich.

With their Vespa acrobatics show the people of Munich offer a fascinating show. The driving demonstrations can be seen daily shortly before the special runs on the circuit.

Scooter Center Classic Day

That too Scooter Center organizes at least one a year Classic Day. Here you can find the video from the last event:

Info Classic Days Schloß Dyck:


CLASSIC DAY? 16 This is our open day for our Vespa and Lambretta customers. The event, which is popular with all scooter drivers, takes place directly on Scooter Center Store, in 50129 Bergheim-Glessen.

Classic Day 2016

Last Saturday found ours Scooter Center ClassicDay´16 for our Vespa and Lambretta friends instead.

The weather cooperated and several hundred customers found their way to the Scooter Center to Bergheim Glessen. We had, of course, cleaned and cleaned the shop, warehouse and offices beforehand in order to make the best impression on you here as well. I hope those present noticed :-).

It was an honor for us and again a super great day with you:
Lots of nice people, lots of bargains, lots of tin and a delicious snack, chilled drinks and a lot of pressure on the test bench.
Many thanks to René for the extremely tasteful musical accompaniment.

It's great that you came back so many - that's fun - we're already looking forward to the next ClassicDay!
Thank you from the whole Scooter Center -Team


Video Classic Day 2016


Photos ClassicDay 2016

Here you can find the best pictures from our Classic Day:

Scooter Center Classic Day 2016


This is our open day for our Vespa and Lambretta customers. The event, which is popular with all scooter drivers, takes place directly on Scooter Center Store, in 50129 Bergheim-Glessen.


Date: Saturday, 11.06.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX
Time: 10:00 p.m. - 16:00 p.m.


  • As always on Scooter Center Commercial property
  • Hot from the grill & cool from the counter
  • Free test bench runs
  • Bargains, remaining stock, B-goods
  • Private parts market
  • Fully suitable for families with a bouncy castle
  • A great afternoon with friends at friends
  • Lots of scooters - Lots of parts - Lots of nice people


Scooter Center the
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. Xnumx
50129 Bergheim-Glessen
PHONE: 02238-307430
WEB: -


For everyone who wants to have a private parts booth:

  1. the stand is of course free of charge
  2. please around 8:45 Be there and set up your stand - we will show you your place

We look forward to you!!


You can find it here Scooter Center Classic Day on facebook

VIDEO Classic Day 2015

FLYER Classic Day 2016

Scooter Center Classic Day 2016

Vespa + Lambretta Classic Day 11.06.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX


Classic day Vespa Lambretta video

Scooter Center Vespa & Lambretta Classic Day´15


Vespa Lambretta Classic Day 2015

Scooter Center Vespa and Lambretta ClassicDay´15

Thank you for the many participants in our ClassicDays'15. Above that Scooter Center there is still a haze of sweet two-stroke fragrance. You really took our dynamometer to the test, the queue of those waiting hardly seemed to end.

The weather held up, all the grilled sausages are gone, the refrigerator truck is empty and our rest ramp has become a lot smaller. That means you're full and happy - and many of you went home with great bargains. Also the 10% offer in the store and in the Scootershop was of course very well received.

We'll be even more next year private parts stocks on site - so please make a note in advance: ClassicDay´16 with a large Vespa and Lambretta parts market.

Anyone who has failed to get lots for the Lambretta to buy: Lots are also available directly on the Meet the Jetsons.

That was an all-round successful day. We are very happy to have such great and loyal customers!

Keep on scootering.


Pictures from ClassicDay