We've salvaged some NOS* treasures for you again! Including extremely rare parts such as the ignition lock on the shifter of German Vespa Sprint models with a key. Also there are great style-defining legends of the 80's, such as the rear light grille and colorful plastic levers from Utah.
Just browse around and see if there might be something for you.

*Here we present you so-called NOS goods, which we were able to secure for you, for example, from stock purchases or business closures.
These are new items from the original manufacturer, which are often better than replicas produced today.
As a rule, the goods always show traces of long storage, be it due to corrosion, scratches or simply dust.
If you are willing to refurbish such a product, you will receive a high product quality for little money. Please note that this product is only available in small quantities and is often sold out quickly. Only while stocks last.

XNUMX. Cookies


headlights -SIEM 'Torino' Ø=115/120mm (glass/outside)


Vespa GS150 / GS3, GS160 / GS4 (VSB1T), VB1T, also suitable for VBB1T (71001-), VNB3-6T, GL150 (VGLB1T 37269-) 

headlights-TRIOM (NOS) Ø=146mm yellow lens


Headlight -TRIOM (NOS) Ø=146mm yellow lens 

Blinker – REAR RIGHT TRIOM – Orange


Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200, T5 125cc

headlight connector (round) -PIAGGIO


Vespa PK XL/XL2 – Ba20d Bilux 35/35W

headlight connector -PIAGGIO (trioma)


Vespa PX Lusso


 7674543B Headlight trim ring -BIEMME (NOS) Ø=105/115mm (glass/outside)

Vespa VL1 to VL2 (No. 48300)

Rear light lens -SIEM


Vespa V50 S, V50 N, V50 L

Taillight -SIEM 


Vespa V50 Elestart (V5A3T), V50 N Special (V5A1T, V5A2T)

light switch Battery models – without kill switch


Vespa VBA1T (-76050), GL150 (VGLA1T, -15860), VBB1T, VNB4T, GL150 (VLA1T), Super125 (VNC1T), Super150 (VBC1T), GT125/GTR125 (VNL2T), Sprint150 Veloce (VLB1T), PV125 (VMA2T ) 


Ignition lock – Turn signal switch -SIEM/GRABOR


Vespa Sprint, GL150 (VLA1T, German models 1963-1964)

turn signal switch
CEV 188


Vespa V50 S, SR50, V50 R, V90, SS90, Nuova 125, PV125, ET3, Super, GS150 / GS3, GS160 / GS4 (VSB1T), Sprint, Rally180 (VSD1T), Rally200 (VSE1T) - also suitable for USA models

Brake Light Switch -BIEMME angled sheet metal closer


Vespa Wideframe/Largeframe (1946-1958) V98, V1T-V15T-V30-33T, VM1T, VM2T, VN1T, VN2T, VU1T, VL1-3T, GS150 (VS1-3T), VB1T, GL150 (VGL1T), VNA1T, VNA2T


ignition PIAGGIO/DUCATI base plate (contact ignition, 5 cables, 12V, AC)



 Vespa PX - P125X, P150X, with voltage regulator, with battery, with 4-fold indicator system, 2x yellow cable

Ignition lock -SIEM


Gilera Giubileo 98-125-175-200

clutch linings -FDM


Vespa GS150 / GS3 VS1T

Brake lever + clutch lever (set)



Vespa Sport, PX -1997, T5, TX, T5 Classic, PK S, XL
666SM180 black

UTAH  - Plastic 
VESPA Sport -Vespa PX -1997, T5, TX, T5 Classic, PK S, XL

666UF117 white
666UF118 Red
666VP123 Yellow

Cable box Engine -PIAGGIO


Vespa 125 VNB6T, Super, GT125 (VNL2T), GTR125 (VNL2T), TS125 (VNL3T), Sprint150 (VLB1T), Sprint Veloce, Rally180 (VSD1T)

Motor cable box -GPM Italy (NOS) – black


Vespa VNB6T, VBB2T (from 216489), GL150 (VLA1T) (VLA1T from 070722), Super, GT125 (VNL2T), GTR125 (VNL2T), Sprint150 (VLB1T), Sprint Veloce, Rally180 (VSD1T)

Exhaust -SITO Sport B goods


Vespa V50, 50N, 50S, 50L, 50R, 50 Special, V50 Elestart, PV125

Rare Vespa chrome accessories original from the 60's

Individualizing your Vespa and giving it a personal touch is a seemingly everlasting zeitgeist that surrounds every Vespa like an aura. Italian companies began developing special accessories early on and marketing them very successfully.
A particularly popular, but also expensive, special accessory was the chromed aluminum horn cover. The look of Vespa VBB and Co., which was already looking a bit old-fashioned in the late sixties, could be given a much more modern look with the help of these add-on parts. The world was in a spirit of optimism, the first flight to the moon, rocket technology, nothing seemed out of reach. Style icons like the Chevrolet Impalla inspired many designers and playful chrome tail fins were more than en vogue.

Vigano picked up on this trend and offered a particularly nice piece of individuality for retrofitting with the horn cascade shown here. Formally replicating a mini-format radiator grille, the horn could be concealed, similar to the contemporary Lambretta models. Translucent plastic may not be anything out of the ordinary today, but on the Vigano Kasakde it resulted in the desired very modern, almost futuristic style, which fully met the taste of the time aka 'Thunderbirds are Go'.


We were able to get hold of the cascades in small numbers from a warehouse clearance. These are well-preserved, new/unused horn covers that show signs of ageing/storage. The chrome has some scratches or is slightly tarnished. We offer the cascades in an A and B grade.
The A-ware is in good condition but also has minor flaws
The B-stock has some traces of oxidation or heavier scratches:

Scope of delivery and fastening

The cascade is delivered with a retaining plate and colored rubber profile.
The retaining plate is screwed to the original attachment points of the horn.
The plastic parts are also screwed to the cascade and can therefore be removed for cleaning.

These goods are sold by us as so-called NOS (New old stock = new item that has been stored for a long time) marked. While stocks last.

Speedometer Vespa Primavera ET3 NOS -PIAGGIO (NOS) kmh / mph- Vespa ET3 (VMB1T), PV125 (VMA2T), Sprint150 (VLB1T), Rally180 (VSD1T), Vespa Rally200 (VSE1T), - 120km / h - 75mph (white dial , black / red digits) Piaggio article no .: 1210515

Our find of the year? Original Vespa ET3 speedometer

Original Vespa ET3 speedometer? We could hardly believe our luck when we discovered the boxes at an old supplier colleague's in a corner of his warehouse. This ingenious find is an original Vespa Piaggio speedometer from old stock - New Old Stock -> NOS.

The original Vespa ET3 speedometer from Italy Veglia Borletti dates back to the good old Vespa days. After we dusted the boxes, the contents turned out to be absolutely perfect - without any signs of storage, as if fresh from production - but certainly 30 years old or older.

Of course, this original speedometer impresses with a quality and a finish that none of the many repro speedometers from all over the world has ever come close to.

Of course, only a limited number available:

Now strike: Vespa ET3 speedometer NOS

Spare parts handlebar tacho ET3

Exploded view of Vespa (Piaggio) 125 ET3 (VMB1T) handlebar

All spare parts for your Vespa ET3 you can also find it conveniently in ours Exploded view drawings Vespa (Piaggio) 125 ET3 (VMB1T)

and in ours Vespa ET3 shop


Speedometer -PIAGGIO (NOS) kmh / mph- Vespa ET3 (VMB1T), PV125 (VMA2T), Sprint150 (VLB1T), Rally180 (VSD1T), Vespa Rally200 (VSE1T), - 120km / h - 75mph (white dial, black / red Digits)


Vespa & Lambretta gold rush atmosphere in Milan

Who doesn't know the stories of Vespa and Lambretta spare parts dealers who unfortunately went bankrupt at some point?
In their halls, NOS (New Old Stock) treasures are said to be piled up to the ceiling. And these parts are just waiting to be discovered by us! We thought.




So we contacted our old friend Claudio and at short notice we managed to get access to one forgotten warehouse full of Vespa and Lambretta parts, outside of Milan, too.




Tons of old scooter parts in Milan

When we entered the halls, we caught our breath! Tons of NOS parts piled up over 2 floors to the ceiling and were just waiting to be discovered by us.




Vespa and Lambretta treasures

After our initial enthusiasm came disillusionment. How should we find the real Vespa and Lambretta treasures between all the APE and Piaggio Caio, SI and Bravo moped parts? Together with Claudio we studied old, dusty lists and tried the inventory management of the 60s - an index card system. And lo and behold, there they were, the old treasures of old new parts for Vespa and Lambretta.






Looking for rare Vespa and Lambretta parts

The search with the "merchandise management" turned out to be a bit difficult. So we grabbed an old trolley and walked the aisles shelf by shelf. Compartment by compartment fought our way through layers of dust that were centimeter thick.




With oily hands and full of dust, but happy, we loaded our VW bus full of rare Vespa and Lambretta parts and made our way home.

In its annual special about the highlights of the scooter scene, the Italian scooter magazine "Scooter Magazine" a feature over 6 pages about ours NOS dragster "Marita" published.